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Hellgate: London


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WARNING: This game has mature content. As OCR is now being pegged as a family site, I ward the immature and easily offended from viewing this thread. Otherwise, proceed happily. :3

Since there is apparently no thread for this, my lurking status comes to a jolly end.



It is a PCRPG by Flagship Studios, a developer made up of the cadre of the former Blizzard North, popularly known for the excellent Diablo series.

I have been participating in the beta for the last 2 days, and my initial impressions are anticipatory of a great release.

Screenshots ahoy!


My engineer fighting in 1st person


3rd person, Etc


My summoner in FP, with two summons, fire elemental(left) and Carnagor(right)


Summoner fighting in 1st

The game is set to be released nine days, and counting.

This game is going to be 50 USD, 60 for the Collector's Edition. You can still pre-order through select retailers via their main site, guaranteeing you a copy at the day of launch, giving you a beta access key, and a special in-game item.

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Only 4 images per post? I've been away longer than I thought.


More fighting in 1st, notice zombie bitch on left trying to fellate my firedart


Burn, heretic!


Minimap slightly obscuring my Carnagor in rage mode (large dark demon), who is about to kidney-swipe a zombie


Badass weapon 1 of ???

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Wait, isn't it Wirt's peg leg?

Blizzard has the rights to Diablo, including, believe it or not the character "Wirt." I guess Flagship wanted to poke fun at Blizzard, so they have a similar character, who gives you the leg.

Can't wait for this game. We need to do an OCR league.

Yeah, guilds can only be created by elite subscribers, who pay a monthly fee of 9.99 to access elite content. It's not as bad as it sounds, the game is still free to play, but subscribers get more content, like the creation of guilds. Anyone, however, can join a guild.

I have to try the full game before I'd make any such financial commitment

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Hey, the D2 one lasted, but D2 just doesn't have that much content... we beat all the way up to the ubers.

Also, HGL has a demo. I just tried it and the game is exactly what I expected. Awesome 1st/3rd person demon/undead killing action RPG. The Diablo influences are incredibly obvious, but welcomed. Even on my new computer (2gb RAM, e6600 core 2 duo, 10k RPM hard drive) I had a low framerate... probably need a new video card.

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Game is hella pretty in DX10, though i was getting about 20fps at 1680 x 1050 with everything cranked the hell up. I actually didn't try out DX9 performance. Pretty good so far, just haven't had time to play it enough.

Also, this was the beta, not the demo, so i was playing online with everything, all classes.

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I hate Flagship for not doing it for Mac too. Especially since they have a history in Blizzard and Diablo, that actually was for mac too..


i guess since macs can now use intel they found no reason to go through the painstaking process of porting it to the mac.

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Mac development would not make make sense for a relatively small developer like FSS. Also, Mac is pretty much 99% workstation.

Sad but true. But I think Hellgate could really work on mac. Partially because more and more people are buying macs and that mac-users love blizzard and diablo. so there's a market

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In all the other games and game forums I've been on, I've just been posting "Fuck this shit, I'm going to London." without really explaining what it means. It references the banner ad found on PA, which I find entertaining enough:


I -loved- the beta. I happen to have off work wednesday, so me and my brother are powering through normal mode and starting 'elite hardcore' mode characters, so if anyone finds themselves hankering for some EH action or maybe some palladium, we might be able to lend a hand!

I'll have to live on the demo until then. But me and LittleRichard?


We beat it naked.

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