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Join OC ReMix in supporting the following charities this holiday season


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Today I personally made $50 donations to each of the following charities:

These donations were made with my own money, in the name of OverClocked ReMix, and not using any funds donated by visitors or generated through shirt sales, which go directly towards site operational and promotional costs.

Each of these charities is doing something different and worthwhile. As most if not all of you are gamers, you may already be familiar with Penny Arcade's charity Child's Play, which donates video games, toys, and cash to sick kids. The Cancer Research Institute is a BBB-accredited charity dedicated to researching immunology and other ways of preventing and treating cancer. The Hunger Project fights hunger not by simply providing food, but by working to improve conditions that prevent its being distributed and made available to those in need. Doctors Without Borders provides medical care around the world in situations where it is either unavailable or unaffordable.

All four of these charities are doing something different to help people in need. All of them except for Child's Play are independently accredited, and all do an excellent job of making sure your money goes where you think its going, avoiding bureaucracy or indirection. Donating to any or all of them is a great way of sharing and giving a little back to society, on a local, national, and international level. Details about deductibility and other logistics involved in donating can be found on each charity's respective website.

I encourage you to donate anything, no matter how small, to one or more of these entities. My personal finances are actually pretty strapped right now after paying thousands to repair damage to the side of my house, but once a year, I can afford doing something like this, especially when I'm confident that each charity represents legitimate, intelligent aid or research to, quite simply, improve the world.

We're not going to track anything officially or have a donation-o-meter or anything like that, but - if you'd like - please post in this thread and share information about what you donated and why.


David W. Lloyd

President & Founder, OverClocked ReMix



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i generally donate a ton of time over the christmas and thanksgiving seasons at local area hospitals and nursing homes, playing in the general areas and stuff like that. the people at those places rarely see anyone other than their doctors and nurses, and maybe a family member once and a while. it's a really fun time just playing random tunes on piano, guitar, sax, or whatever i happen to have around to use. the people are all really appreciative, too.

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Thanks for setting this up, DJP. I was planning on donating money to charities this year anyway and you gave us some good choices here. I ended up donating to Doctors without Borders. It's remarkable how much you can help with just a small donation (they tell you on their website what each donation increment provides), so I'd urge everyone to contribute what they can. Volunteering time to local places is in no way less of a donation either.

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