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Pixietricks on *Best of 2007* compilation @ RadioMystic


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A few months ago, ReMixer & judge Jill Goldin (aka pixietricks) was added into rotation at radioMystic, a popular net radio station specializing in new age music. She was also made a featured artist on the site with a front page spotlight.

Now, the station has brought her under the spotlight again; her original song "Hajime" (stream it at her MySpace) has been selected as one of their Best Tracks of 2007! Only twenty-three songs were selected in total from the entire year, especially impressive considering radioMystic's rotation includes new age stars as Enya, Loreena McKennitt, David Arkenstone, and Enigma. The top tracks were selected both by the staff of radioMystic as well as favorites from listeners, and you can listen to the 2-hour podcast with all of them at this page (artists are not listed in any particular order.)

Once again, congratulations, Jill!! :< :< :<

ps. Keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming album release "Origins", which will contain the full-quality version of Hajime as well as lots of other awesome tracks.

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for some reason i thought this was Pixietrick's *Best of 2007* picks; like a thread where she had a top 10 list of her own or something. I guess that's what I get for stopping reading halfway through.

Congrats, it's a nice song.

I thought that too! :D

But hey, this is equally awesome, congratulations.

..you owe us a best of 2007 thread pixie..

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