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OCRCL - January 2008 Chess Tournament


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- JANUARY 2008 -

Time to revitalize the monthly tournament!


Make a post in this thread, stating your AIM screen name, by Thursday, January 24th @ 11:59 pm EST. You will be added to one of the tournament's three divisions within 3 days of registration.

You may play anyone in a scheduled game once you are added to a division.


The tournament consists of two phases, League and Bracket.

During the League Phase, each player may play everyone in their division TWICE (as white AND black), and everyone outside of their division ONCE.

The inter-divisional color scheme has a rock-paper-scissors relationship.

Players in the ROCK DIVISION play as white against players in the SCISSORS DIVISION, who play as black.

Players in the PAPER DIVISION play as white against players in the ROCK DIVISION, who play as black.

Players in the SCISSORS DIVISION play as white against players in the PAPER DIVISION, who play as black.

The League Phase will end on Thursday, January 31st @ 11:59 pm EST.

At this time, the Bracket Phase will begin, with the THREE DIVISION CHAMPIONS and THREE WILD CARDS in a six-player bracket.

The format follows pre-realignment NFL playoffs (1990-2001), so if you're looking for an example, that's it.

The two highest-seeded division winners will get byes in the first round of the bracket.

The lowest-seeded division winner and highest seeded wild card will get choice of color.


Each game must be played on a mutually available and relatively stable chess server.

Use clocks with a 10-minute initial time, 15-second increment, and report all results directly to the thread (with colors noted, please).



WIN = 1 point.

DRAW = ½ point.

LOSS = ¼ point.

If you do not play a scheduled game, you will not get points.

Players in a smaller division get a free ¼ point.Rankings criteria are as follows:

1) Most points.

2) Most wins.

3) Most draws.

4) Most losses.

5-7) Criteria 1-3 in games vs. the tied opponents.

8-11) Criteria 1-3 gauged against opponent strength.

12) Rock-Paper-Scissors (the game, not the divisions).


Most of this stuff is pretty simple for the newcomers. If you have questions, send me an IM or post in this thread.

I will post the standings near the end of the thread throughout the tournament, as usual.


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I did not decide on the playoff match formats because I'm not entirely sure what I want. Here are the options:

Higher seed ALWAYS chooses color in Game 1, and the colors always switch.

1) First to lead wins (one game or more)

2) First to 1½ points + lead wins (two games or more)

3) High seed needs 1½ points to win, Low seed needs 2 points to win. (two or three games)

Vote on 1, 2, or 3.

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Hm, this bit confuses me a little. How can you have equal points, wins, and draws without having equal losses as well?

I be thinking ahead!

If you are in a smaller division, you will be given an extra ¼ point for having one less available game than others.
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As people join, the effect of the bye will continue to move the standings around a bit. Don't worry, the quarter-point you get won't be locked in until after registration is over.

The "current seeding" little number you see is gone until after registration is complete.

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We have 15. This is what I wanted and planned for, in terms of recruitment. This doesn't mean that I don't want any more, far from it, but it means that we have something here. It reminds me now, finally, of NFL days gone past, which is kinda what I was going for.

Everyone has 18 games now. Let's do it!


I queenforked Koi! It was a hilariumgame.

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METZGERISM (6:50:51 AM): I think I'd rather have the commies than the Osamas

MAngers99 (6:50:56 AM): Well, it's not like it doesn't exist. I mean, Russia is still there

METZGERISM (6:51:09 AM): yeah but it's Putin

METZGERISM (6:51:15 AM): he's all 5'6" and shit

MAngers99 (6:51:20 AM): lol

METZGERISM (6:51:41 AM): it's all he can do to keep Kasparov from 1. e4++'ing his ass

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