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  1. I haven't even played the game, but man the Torvus Bog arrangement of Brinstar gives me the feels. I had some issues with the way the synth elements were presented here, but it took me a few listens to articulate it here beyond just saying synths were basic: The synthwork here doesn't feel nuanced at all. Elements generally enter in, play in a consistent volume & pattern, then drop out/new items enter in. In a vacuum, I think the synth tones can each work (why I didn't want to crit them specifically), but they need some TLC to add interest and have a better interplay together in the form of effects, fades, velocity changes, tasteful reverb/delay, etc. The cutting dubstep bass synth doesn't gel with the others and feels like it sticks out. Pushing it back with aforementioned effect work could help. Kick is too subby IMO, which is taking up a lot more sonic space than it may sound like. You can tell this because at 2:44 there's some compression ducking going on which I don't think is intentional. Lowering the almost inaudible bass sub frequencies on it and perhaps layering on a kick sound that compliments it well may give it better presence without the clashing frequencies. Won't go into the repetition issue as that's already been sufficiently explained for 2:46. Solid start here, but there's room for improvement NO resubmit, please
  2. Not much to add to the NO votes above. The arrangement has solid connection to the original, and though it follows generally the same structure, has a lot in the way of added elements, modulations, and additional writing. I really like the synth work, the beat has a lot of good energy. There are plenty of varied parts, breakdowns, etc to keep the listener engaged with the piece. The only real complaint for me (as the others) is the mixing. There's a lot of fighting for space here, especially in the louder sections. I'll try to breakdown some specifics here: -Off the bat, the vocal pads sound a bit too loud, which sounds like it contributes to clutter when the beat kicks in. -:31 Bass synths are taking a lot of space in the low end, which sounds like it's competing with the bass-heavy kick. The backing pads are also very loud. You may be able to get away with this with side-chaining between kick and bass/pads, which would probably sound awesome, actually. -1:45 while not cluttered, the plucky bass synth just sounds arbitrarily loud and in your face. It really marginalizes the other elements in the following section(s) because of this. This continues on for until 2:30. I'll also mention that 2:32 sounds like a rehash of :46 without anything different until leading up to the transition at 3:00. It's not a big deal, but wouldn't mind hearing something to differentiate the two sections better. Minor nitpick: ending fadeout of the sfx sounded a bit too quick. Could let it stretch a bit longer if you wanted. Fixing up the mixing would make this a pass for me, but consider the side-chain idea to see if you like what pops out. It's a great track, keep at it :). NO resubmit, please
  3. I also was really digging the first minute of this. Liking the beat and the elements behind, though somewhat basic in design, were clicking with me. With so many elements in play with a lot of reverb, the mix gets crowded pretty quick and parts start stepping on each other (good example is 1:30 before the break; 2:30 with the big stabs on top of the piano; 3:12 with piercing strings, music box, piano, and lower strings). By the end of the 3:12 section, I'm feeling some ear fatigue with so many reverbed parts in play at once for so long. Humanization is an issue as well. The piano, strings, & plucked lead could use variation on velocities at the vary least so they're not so robotic. I will acknowledge that given the context of the style, this piece isn't going for the organic/realistic approach, but it will still be enhanced by better sequencing for those elements. Arrangement-wise, this relies a lot on the connection of the repeated backing pattern to the original track. I hear what you're doing with interpreting the melody is well, but it felt like it was pushed a little too far away from the original, like at 1:42. I'll admit, it's possible I'm missing some connections in places or melodic writing behind the reverb wall. But if not, you may want to make some of the melody connections a bit more clear to the OST. Also gonna mention the repetitive nature of the drums in both the slower and fast section. Even if you're using a loop, there are ways to slice it up to rearrange for variation in most cases. Good start here for sure, keep at it! NO resubmit, please
  4. Yup, very much in agreement with the above J's. The distorted rhythm guitars are taking up a huge amount of room, especially in the low end, which is making the whole mix crowded whenever it has sustained/fast repeating notes. Pause duration at 2:06 sounded a bit out to tempo with me, but I guess it could be intentional. Lead is really busy throughout a good chunk of the mix, which over the course of listening starts to get a bit tiring, honestly. Really, this applies to the sounds used in the mix as a whole because there's not much contrast in tone for all the of the instruments for the majority of the track. It's not a dealbreaker, but I'd like to hear more variation on writing, synths, tones, or any of the above to keep the mix fresh and avoid listener fatigue. Arrangement work is pretty straightforward, but with enough personalization for me to be comfortable with the level of interpretation, especially as the mix progresses. Definitely would like to hear this with the mixing cleaned up and possibly some better contrast in the writing to keep the listener interested. NO resubmit, please
  5. Ahh Command & Conquer. My first online multiplayer experience. And by online I mean dialing out friend's Pretty in your face right off the bat. Definitely captures the C&C vibe - it's never in question what is being remixed here with lots of source usage throughout. Overall, production is pretty solid. Things do start to get cluttered in the bridge-type sections 1:15 & 1:54 with the heavy rhythm guitars competing with the sustained notes and lead for space. This gets compounded with the sequenced synths that also come in at 2:13, though this was a short section in the overall track. Personally, I would've traded a bit of volume from the rhythm guitars to try and achieve a bit more power and clarity of the drums. Overall, despite some mixing issues, solid powerful stuff here. Great job. YES
  6. Honestly, 1:25 felt like a bit of a let down after the big build. Returning to the same basic core beat pattern here really sucked the energy out of the section IMO. Overall, the core beat is repetitive throughout much of the track, with an occasional extra hit thrown in or the drums just suddenly dropping out. The double-time was a welcome change, but it soon regresses back to the core beat again after the buildup. Overall mix is pretty clear, though I felt like the song had a general dull tone to it. Like the high end of the mix is toned down a bit too much. Minor nitpick there for me, though. Nice incorporation of the original into your mix. The use of the original melody feels pretty laid-back and unpretentious, but I like it for this mix. 2:25 felt like it's retreading what we've already heard near the beginning of the track. The section at 3:07 also is very similar to an earlier section, with the same elements in play, but different lead writing. I think there's room for more development to keep things more fresh as the track progresses. Definitely hearing the inspiration from VR in this track on the harmonized synth chords and even the beatwork in places. I've also taken inspiration from other tracks as well, but I always try to diversify myself much more than this to attempt a similar "feel" but never to the point where the listener would be tempted to say "hey he lifted this writing" from the original. I'll acknowledge there's a hefty amount of personal opinion in this and to be fair, this is by no means a copy of the VR track. Still, I'd recommend being very careful in how you incorporate your inspirations into your own music. This is a good solid base you've put together here. Ultimately, I think this could be a go with more varied/exciting beat work and some more development in the writing. On a personal level, I'd like a bit more "space" between what's your writing and what's from VR's Lunar as well. NO resubmit please
  7. Good start to the piece. Liking the level of arrangement here - nice attention to detail and lots of various part-writing. Need to be careful at times as due to some part-writing complexity, it's hard to figure out what to focus on at times as the listener, like at 1:36 & 2:33. Sometimes the lead melody gets lost behind the rest. As mentioned, samples may not be the best, but they work. I think the brass in particular has some issues carrying lead part writing effectively due to slow attacks on samples and articulations not quite matching up. In general, some parts feel exposed in the mix, which doesn't help the realism. Personally, I'm a bit liberal on the reverb to gloss over my weak sample set. I'm not necessarily suggesting that here, but it's really difficult to achieve realism with loud instruments sticking out at times. Rubato at 1:14 & 1:28 felt a bit forced. I know it's hard to sequence that effectively, so I'm not faulting you - just pointing it out. Not a big deal, but I also wasn't 100% sure what spacing the orchestra is occupying. For example, the solo flute manages to rise prominently at times over the whole orchestra (which, as a former flute player, would be pretty difficult as only a small percentage of your air actually goes through the instrument. Higher, more piercing notes may make it though). 2:19 definitely feels problematic. The lead trombone(?) sounds like it's stepping on top of it's own notes and sounds off when juxtaposed with the backing parts. The sequencing on this section sounds like it needs another pass to get the part writing to gel better and have cleaner note runs if possible (again, due to legato samples on fast note runs). A similar issue happens in the 2:00 ish section with writing preceding it with the messy sounding solo horn, but it's not as prominent. Overall, I'm liking what you've done here. There's really nice arrangement. Some production tightening up would do the job for me. NO resubmit, please
  8. Gonna keep it short here. Listening to the remix, the foundational elements is based upon direct sampling of the original without (IMO) meaningful enough arrangement variation away from the original usage. Sure, it's sliced up a bit and things are moved/grooved differently, but overall it feels like an evolution/progression from the original, rather than an OC ReMix arrangement. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I feel like we used to be more restrictive on direct sampling and this would've been no override. I remember personally having to cut original sampling used in just the intros of one of my tracks years ago to make sure it was super limited. Could be that mine was verbatim (though effected) vs. this, which is a bit more arranged, I don't know. I'll also agree with the repetition comments as well. It's part of the old electro-genre, and I understand that, but I there's still room for additional variation within the track here. As stands, this makes me think of the old late 90's live DJ mixes that were intentionally extended/repeated for a long period of time beyond what the original tracks featured for the live dance audience (and not necessarily for listeners at home). Not necessarily a deal-breaker alone, but a point for improvement. It's a cool track for sure, but to me it's not to the point of fitting OCR's criteria for arrangement. NO
  9. Hey, my first vote since baby leave! Clean-sounding production here. Source connections are pretty clear off the bat. Liking the bass writing after 1:00. Transition at 1:28 didn't necessarily feel drastic to me, but did come off as a bit weak. Drums felt a bit plodding to me, though it's hard to have specific recommendations to help them. Maybe they were a little too pinned to the 2 & 4 beat (between fills), so they didn't drive as much as they could. Ultimately, while not fully cohesive, the juxtaposition between both sources wasn't extreme enough to bring it under the bar for me. Production is clear and arrangement connections are good. Imma YES
  10. I feel like I've judged multiple tracks with this same source in the past year or so. Seems to be a popular one? A bit depressing for my taste, but then again, I've never played the game. Anyway! Definitely feeling Gario's & MW votes above. Right off the bat, this is very cover-ish on the piano, with some backing elements and a bit of rearrangement thrown in. He makes a good point as well about getting everything in the same sonic space. If you can't route each item to the same reverb (for example, due to built-in verb on the samples or something), then you'll have to put some additional effort to unify the spacing on the various elements. Good start here, but would need more development, arrangement expansion and the aforementioned production love to be a pass from me. NO resubmit, please
  11. Understood, just kidding around not srs bzns!
  12. @Meteo Xavier if you do end up getting it, let us know how it is. I've been seriously considering it for a while but wanted to wait until I actually et a tablet (vs iphone)..
  13. Pretty OST choices. Like the opening with the acoustic guitar. Beautiful playing. Somewhat conservative for the first main section of the song, but I wouldn't go as far to call it a straight cover. There's not a ton of variation on the melody, but quite a bit more going on the backing parts to differentiate this mix from the OST. Agreed on the copy-pasta crits previously mentioned above. :58 could've used some variation from the previous material and the ending felt a bit lazy with the rehash. Production overall sounds pretty solid. I didn't even notice the hiss until Larry pointed it out, so it's not a big deal to me. This is close with a bit more arrangement development it should be golden. MindWanderer hazing +1? NO resubmit, please
  14. Sim City is an OST of utter nostalga for me. I really need to do some remixin on it. Catchy start to the mix. Probably could've had a more developed intro, but what's here works. Liking the groove. Mixing felt a bit odd to me - like some of the leads were sitting in a weird mid-range distance in the mix, rather than upfront. Minor nitpick, though. Super good arrangement work on this short source. Very creative take on the original that expands it enough to warrant the full mix treatment. It sort of sounds like a TV show theme from the 70's. Another minor issue: ending clip or static effect cuts suddenly at the end. I agree with Gario that some more dynamic contrast in the mix would be nice as it keeps a relatively flat energy level. However, overall, it's a solid mix and fun listen. YES
  15. I can see both sides on this one. Nice, though short, arrangement. Some sequencing issues present with realism (mostly in strings as mentioned). It gets more exposed in places like :40 - :49 with the short note runs and cutoffs. I get you're going for the abrupt note cutoffs, but it may be a bit too stark. Lengthening the tails a tad could help a lot. Soundscape sounds a bit muddy. EQ in some higher register instruments could come down in the 200-500 range to cut down a bit of the clutter. Minor issue, though I thought I'd mention it. Like I said, it's short, but does have development and good writing. I'd like to hear more arrangement work, but it's not necessary for getting above the bar. I'd like to hear another pass on some production detail work with realism and if possible getting a bit more clarity out of the mixing. NO resubmit, please