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  1. Man, dat smooth guitar lead. Minute or so in I was ready to give this one a stamp of approval. Then some nagging issues crop up that are giving me pause. I know it's been mentioned but I'll sign off on the flimsy kick remark. The drums overall aren't super strong tone-wise, but the kick in particular is oddly almost non-present. Toms have a similar tone issue when they play on the fills (and it sounds weird to me when they do because of it). They both sound like high-pitched indistinct thud/click sounds rather than having any meat to them. I don't have as much issue with the low end vs. high end issue (though it could be balanced better) as I do with the cluttered mix in the busier parts. Areas to focus on for this would be 1:30 & 6:25. I like the arrangement a lot and I never felt it overstayed its welcome.I can definitely understand the yes votes here and could see it being posted as is. If I was the artist personally, though, I'd like to have the opportunity to tighten things up first. NO (borderline)
  2. Hey, you can go ahead and add me on the first post if it's still being updated: Nutritious#1973 I don't get to play a whole lot (this is basically the only thing I DO play when I have a few minutes before bed :)), but I'd be happy to hit a few quick plays or something once in a while. I've been diamond the last couple seasons, but stopped playing Comp when they changed the rank decay to 7 matches a week. Since it's pretty much impossible for me to do that on a weekly basis, I'll never rank past 3K anyway.
  3. I'm really digging how this opens up with nice groove established and bass. Sounds used in general are a bit of a mixed bag. I like the kit, bass is a bit uninteresting but works, like the plucky synth. However, in contrast the leads sound bland and flat, tone-wise. Man 1:30 the lead comes up so loud out of nowhere. It's really overpowering everything else to the point where it sounds like a sequencing mistake (duplicated layers or something). 2:30 plucks are pretty loud in relation to the rest of the track as well, though only briefly. 3:00 has some more over-loud elements that sound like they're causing overcompression or distortion artifacts. Personally, I'd probably hold the mix up for these balancing issues alone due to how prominent they are. Arrangement is varied enough to keep me interested, though I'd like to hear some more variety in the backing parts like the bass. Overall, the mixing & balance needs to be addressed. I'd also like to hear lead synths that are more nuanced and interesting. Good stuff here, though, keep at it NO resubmit, please
  4. Yeah, echoing crits on the strings being too exposed/in your face with a pretty fakey tone. The flute that briefly enters in has the same problems, though it isn't nearly featured as much as the strings. Mixing bothered me as well. It doesn't feel like everything is occupying the same space and the mix in general has a distant/lossy sound to it. It's hard to articulate exact causes with something like this without being hands on with the mix, but in general it feels like elements should be coming through with more clarity but still balanced and gelling together sonically. I like the arrangement a lot. Really liking the drum work featured here as well. With some tightening up on the production side I could definitely be on board. NO resubmit, please
  5. I haven't even played the game, but man the Torvus Bog arrangement of Brinstar gives me the feels. I had some issues with the way the synth elements were presented here, but it took me a few listens to articulate it here beyond just saying synths were basic: The synthwork here doesn't feel nuanced at all. Elements generally enter in, play in a consistent volume & pattern, then drop out/new items enter in. In a vacuum, I think the synth tones can each work (why I didn't want to crit them specifically), but they need some TLC to add interest and have a better interplay together in the form of effects, fades, velocity changes, tasteful reverb/delay, etc. The cutting dubstep bass synth doesn't gel with the others and feels like it sticks out. Pushing it back with aforementioned effect work could help. Kick is too subby IMO, which is taking up a lot more sonic space than it may sound like. You can tell this because at 2:44 there's some compression ducking going on which I don't think is intentional. Lowering the almost inaudible bass sub frequencies on it and perhaps layering on a kick sound that compliments it well may give it better presence without the clashing frequencies. Won't go into the repetition issue as that's already been sufficiently explained for 2:46. Solid start here, but there's room for improvement NO resubmit, please
  6. Not much to add to the NO votes above. The arrangement has solid connection to the original, and though it follows generally the same structure, has a lot in the way of added elements, modulations, and additional writing. I really like the synth work, the beat has a lot of good energy. There are plenty of varied parts, breakdowns, etc to keep the listener engaged with the piece. The only real complaint for me (as the others) is the mixing. There's a lot of fighting for space here, especially in the louder sections. I'll try to breakdown some specifics here: -Off the bat, the vocal pads sound a bit too loud, which sounds like it contributes to clutter when the beat kicks in. -:31 Bass synths are taking a lot of space in the low end, which sounds like it's competing with the bass-heavy kick. The backing pads are also very loud. You may be able to get away with this with side-chaining between kick and bass/pads, which would probably sound awesome, actually. -1:45 while not cluttered, the plucky bass synth just sounds arbitrarily loud and in your face. It really marginalizes the other elements in the following section(s) because of this. This continues on for until 2:30. I'll also mention that 2:32 sounds like a rehash of :46 without anything different until leading up to the transition at 3:00. It's not a big deal, but wouldn't mind hearing something to differentiate the two sections better. Minor nitpick: ending fadeout of the sfx sounded a bit too quick. Could let it stretch a bit longer if you wanted. Fixing up the mixing would make this a pass for me, but consider the side-chain idea to see if you like what pops out. It's a great track, keep at it :). NO resubmit, please
  7. Short and sweet vote: Nice orchesration & arrangement work - feels like a cohesive piece for the most part, though the different sources are pretty distinct in their use. As mentioned, mastering sounds low and the bird chirps are too upfront and loud. While I'd like both of these addressed, and perhaps they can if passed, they're not dealbreakers for me personally. YES
  8. I also was really digging the first minute of this. Liking the beat and the elements behind, though somewhat basic in design, were clicking with me. With so many elements in play with a lot of reverb, the mix gets crowded pretty quick and parts start stepping on each other (good example is 1:30 before the break; 2:30 with the big stabs on top of the piano; 3:12 with piercing strings, music box, piano, and lower strings). By the end of the 3:12 section, I'm feeling some ear fatigue with so many reverbed parts in play at once for so long. Humanization is an issue as well. The piano, strings, & plucked lead could use variation on velocities at the vary least so they're not so robotic. I will acknowledge that given the context of the style, this piece isn't going for the organic/realistic approach, but it will still be enhanced by better sequencing for those elements. Arrangement-wise, this relies a lot on the connection of the repeated backing pattern to the original track. I hear what you're doing with interpreting the melody is well, but it felt like it was pushed a little too far away from the original, like at 1:42. I'll admit, it's possible I'm missing some connections in places or melodic writing behind the reverb wall. But if not, you may want to make some of the melody connections a bit more clear to the OST. Also gonna mention the repetitive nature of the drums in both the slower and fast section. Even if you're using a loop, there are ways to slice it up to rearrange for variation in most cases. Good start here for sure, keep at it! NO resubmit, please
  9. Sweet intro. Sets the stage nicely. I'm not sold on that static effect though - it sounds a bit too drastic when it comes in and instantly pulls me out of the track. Liking the low synth undertones beneath the orchestra. Not gonna beat dead string horse, but I do agree with the above crits on them. A little more focus on humanizing and some reverb adjustments could make them blend better. 1:43 sounds like either overcompression or clipping distortion. Happens to a lesser extent in other places with big transition hits. Watch those levels. Arrangement is clear and creative. No qualms there. Very cool track. It has some production issues that could be tightened up, but good listen overall. YES
  10. Gonna keep it short. I do hear the balance & foreground vs background points made above. I think the woodwinds could be eq'd down a bit in the 2khz range and you'd have quite a bit more clarity with multiple parts playing together. There are some notes and phrases that stick out too loudly on some of the leads, but those are relatively few and far between. That said, the arrangement sounds on point. Lots of creativity and interesting partwriting on display here. Production could be tightened up, but I think this one gets by on the strengths it has on display. YES
  11. Yup, very much in agreement with the above J's. The distorted rhythm guitars are taking up a huge amount of room, especially in the low end, which is making the whole mix crowded whenever it has sustained/fast repeating notes. Pause duration at 2:06 sounded a bit out to tempo with me, but I guess it could be intentional. Lead is really busy throughout a good chunk of the mix, which over the course of listening starts to get a bit tiring, honestly. Really, this applies to the sounds used in the mix as a whole because there's not much contrast in tone for all the of the instruments for the majority of the track. It's not a dealbreaker, but I'd like to hear more variation on writing, synths, tones, or any of the above to keep the mix fresh and avoid listener fatigue. Arrangement work is pretty straightforward, but with enough personalization for me to be comfortable with the level of interpretation, especially as the mix progresses. Definitely would like to hear this with the mixing cleaned up and possibly some better contrast in the writing to keep the listener interested. NO resubmit, please
  12. Ahh Command & Conquer. My first online multiplayer experience. And by online I mean dialing out friend's Pretty in your face right off the bat. Definitely captures the C&C vibe - it's never in question what is being remixed here with lots of source usage throughout. Overall, production is pretty solid. Things do start to get cluttered in the bridge-type sections 1:15 & 1:54 with the heavy rhythm guitars competing with the sustained notes and lead for space. This gets compounded with the sequenced synths that also come in at 2:13, though this was a short section in the overall track. Personally, I would've traded a bit of volume from the rhythm guitars to try and achieve a bit more power and clarity of the drums. Overall, despite some mixing issues, solid powerful stuff here. Great job. YES
  13. Honestly, 1:25 felt like a bit of a let down after the big build. Returning to the same basic core beat pattern here really sucked the energy out of the section IMO. Overall, the core beat is repetitive throughout much of the track, with an occasional extra hit thrown in or the drums just suddenly dropping out. The double-time was a welcome change, but it soon regresses back to the core beat again after the buildup. Overall mix is pretty clear, though I felt like the song had a general dull tone to it. Like the high end of the mix is toned down a bit too much. Minor nitpick there for me, though. Nice incorporation of the original into your mix. The use of the original melody feels pretty laid-back and unpretentious, but I like it for this mix. 2:25 felt like it's retreading what we've already heard near the beginning of the track. The section at 3:07 also is very similar to an earlier section, with the same elements in play, but different lead writing. I think there's room for more development to keep things more fresh as the track progresses. Definitely hearing the inspiration from VR in this track on the harmonized synth chords and even the beatwork in places. I've also taken inspiration from other tracks as well, but I always try to diversify myself much more than this to attempt a similar "feel" but never to the point where the listener would be tempted to say "hey he lifted this writing" from the original. I'll acknowledge there's a hefty amount of personal opinion in this and to be fair, this is by no means a copy of the VR track. Still, I'd recommend being very careful in how you incorporate your inspirations into your own music. This is a good solid base you've put together here. Ultimately, I think this could be a go with more varied/exciting beat work and some more development in the writing. On a personal level, I'd like a bit more "space" between what's your writing and what's from VR's Lunar as well. NO resubmit please
  14. (V2 judgement) Tough call here. I'm hearing the aforementioned clashing note combinations as well. Not a huge deal, but I can imagine it could get annoying on repeated listens (it actually is now because I'm looping it...). That shouldn't be a tough fix. Track cuts off way before the last note ends, so that needs to be fixed up. Overall, the track felt hot in the high EQ range and a bit undefined in the mid-low/lows. The synth leads especially have some frequencies that could be tamed with some narrow EQ cuts in the 4K-ish range. Repetition in the beat didn't bother me as much as Larry, but I would agree there is some for additional variation. I think this is pretty good as-is, but there are several easy fixes that could be put in place that would make me more enthusiastic about it. I can see it either way, but for me NO resubmit, please
  15. Good start to the piece. Liking the level of arrangement here - nice attention to detail and lots of various part-writing. Need to be careful at times as due to some part-writing complexity, it's hard to figure out what to focus on at times as the listener, like at 1:36 & 2:33. Sometimes the lead melody gets lost behind the rest. As mentioned, samples may not be the best, but they work. I think the brass in particular has some issues carrying lead part writing effectively due to slow attacks on samples and articulations not quite matching up. In general, some parts feel exposed in the mix, which doesn't help the realism. Personally, I'm a bit liberal on the reverb to gloss over my weak sample set. I'm not necessarily suggesting that here, but it's really difficult to achieve realism with loud instruments sticking out at times. Rubato at 1:14 & 1:28 felt a bit forced. I know it's hard to sequence that effectively, so I'm not faulting you - just pointing it out. Not a big deal, but I also wasn't 100% sure what spacing the orchestra is occupying. For example, the solo flute manages to rise prominently at times over the whole orchestra (which, as a former flute player, would be pretty difficult as only a small percentage of your air actually goes through the instrument. Higher, more piercing notes may make it though). 2:19 definitely feels problematic. The lead trombone(?) sounds like it's stepping on top of it's own notes and sounds off when juxtaposed with the backing parts. The sequencing on this section sounds like it needs another pass to get the part writing to gel better and have cleaner note runs if possible (again, due to legato samples on fast note runs). A similar issue happens in the 2:00 ish section with writing preceding it with the messy sounding solo horn, but it's not as prominent. Overall, I'm liking what you've done here. There's really nice arrangement. Some production tightening up would do the job for me. NO resubmit, please