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  1. Yeah, gonna echo the comments on production here. Despite trying to be energetic, all of the elements are just kind of melding together somewhat distantly in the soundfield. Nothing really is able to cut through the mix, making the mix as a whole sound dull (lack of clarity, not "boring"). Drums lacked any sort of punch to them that would be a staple of the DnB genre. The counter melody sounded off-key with respect to the rest of the track, so not sure that's gonna work here. Arrangement sounds pretty conservative with some liberties taken in the rhythm and backing work. Would really like to hear more variety in the writing here as we really get a lot of that detuned backing synth pattern. Solid for a first try, but quite a ways to go on reaching the bar. Good luck to you and keep at it. NO
  2. The yin-yang of the Ansari brothers on perfect display
  3. Yup, pretty much in agreement with Gario here. Arrangement is very much on the conservative side and we're looking for more personalization in arrangement. Also, some elements weren't quite clicking production-wise. The piano tone is sounds tiny (especially when joined by other elements) and would be better served with a sample with more meat and body to it. The guitar sample wasn't really pushing the realism boundary at all with the strumming sounding robotic without much variation in tone or velocity. That's partly both samples and sequencing. Very impressive work for your first music software creation - sure beats what I put out when I first started. Good luck to you and keep at it! NO
  4. PAX West 2016 September 2-5, 2016 Seattle, WA - Washington State Convention Center OC ReMix: Video Game Music Community/Lovers of Greatness! Friday, September 2nd, 11:00 AM, Chicken Theatre Oh snap, son! OverClocked ReMix is finally back at PAX West from a 3-year hiatus in beautiful Seattle. We'll be selling t-shirts, swag, and bringing physical albums. Attending: Arrow DarkeSword Nutritious
  5. Wow, that really sucks. Hanzo is my strongest pick right now, but he's not exactly OP or anything right now.
  6. Added & welcome
  7. I was surprised yesterday evening to find this guy outside my front door. Especially glad I was able to catch him after a few attempts with both berries and Great Balls.
  8. I'm not a pokemon guy (I think I've played one of the games before), but my friends kept talking about this last week, so I went ahead and got it. Quite a fun video game that actually makes you want to go get exercise, who knew? Anyway, I've made it up to level 12 and have put together a decent little stable so for. Unfortunately, the gyms around me are starting to be populated by super-high players (one has a 1400+ CP pokemon stationed there), while my best range from 450-680. I'm never going to be hardcore enough to take on stuff like that, likely. So, it turns out the capturing mechanic is actually slightly more complicated than that. The color of the ring indicates capturing difficulty (green-easy to red-really hard). Several factors go into whether or not the capture is successful: the quality of throw, the type of pokeball used, and whether or not a razz berry was used. Nice or Excellent throws will increase your odds of a capture on tougher targets (curve ball throws may as well but I don't know for sure). Feeding them a berry first will increase the success rate of your next hit. Using a better quality ball will cause the ring color to become easier. If your capture doesn't work, it'll pop back out and may try to escape. Usually, you'd have several attempts, though. As far as throwing, I've read the developer said to throw when the ring is at it's smallest, but I'm almost certain at this point the idea is to get the colored ring to match the grey ring at it's widest (meaning you'd throw right at the moment the ring closes in the middle to try to time it).
  9. Added to the first post. Keep 'em coming, guys
  10. Very much nodding my head at Gario's vote. The rough, distorted acoustic drums feel out of place against the clean, reverbed synths to the point of them feeling a bit tacked on. Production isn't bad overall, though DA makes a good point about things getting cluttered when more elements kick in. May want to cut back on the reverb/delay a bit and/or look at the panned synth (see below). As mentioned, the structure is similar, but theres quite a bit of creative writing and additive elements here. The aesthetic is also of the same vein as the original (a soundtrack which I loved). I'm gonna also say the biggest issue for me is the amount of repetition in a track this length. There's definitely room to expand here with more ideas and fleshing things out further. Minor point, the rapid panning on the delayed synth is distracting on headphones. Finally, the lack of bass presence here is also hurting this one. The short, occasional bass synth stabs just aren't doing the job of pinning down the low-end of the mix. Good start for sure, but not yet to the bar IMO. NO resubmit, please
  11. So my brother just gave me his extra Overwatch account and I'm just getting into the game. Other than him walking me through 3 or so of the characters, I don't know much about what heroes to choose for which maps and situations and what not. I'm liking Hanzo because I was a big fan of the huntsman in TF2, so that's a natural fit. I like Lucio as well, though his damage output is unfortunately/understandably super low. The biggest problem I'm having right now is that he was and is (with his main account) playing with a lot of competitive-level players, so the MMR on this is absurdly high. I guess if I lose enough it'll eventually come down to a reasonable level. It makes it difficult, though, to try new characters I know nothing about since the competition is pretty cutthroat. Anyway, I'll try to get my battle tags posted in case anyone wants to play, though I'm pretty much only on late and not for a huge amount of time.
  12. As far as OCR panels, we've done it a couple of times in the past (2011 & 2013). We're hoping we can go this year as well, but it's still TBD at this point.
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty much in agreement with what's already said. There's lots of clutter here from the instruments competing for space. The amount of reverb is also adding to the issue. The instruments used themselves are pretty basic and the sequencing is also pretty rigid. It's not conveying the realism I think you're going for here. Arrangement has some cool ideas. For example, I liked the idea of transitioning to the Zelda 1 Dungeon, though it felt like it was a breakdown that stuck around for too long, rather than transitioning back into a more energetic section. I don't want you to be discouraged here, as it sounds like you may be just starting with remixing, but I think it would be beneficial at this point to spend some time on the WIP boards to get more immediate feedback and refine your craft. Personally, at this point, I always recommend people not get too attached to a single song, but keep trying new ideas and tracks to improve. Good luck to you and hope we hear from you again. NO
  14. Very cool mix here. I don't think I've heard anything quite like it. In general, the mixing isn't super clear, so some instruments (some horns, choir) sound obscured while instruments with a lot of high end presence (plucked instruments) come forward much more clearly. Personally, I wouldn't have panned things like the plucking guitar so wide, but it's not a big deal. While the arrangement follows pretty closely to the OST in terms of structure and melody, there are loads of supporting parts and additive personalization throughout. Jive makes a good point about lack of low end instruments, but honestly this doesn't bother me. To me, that, combined with the somewhat murky mixing quality and loose performances give this whole thing a 60's/70's-live-recorded vibe to me and I love it. I really liked how you integrated the percussion here. It kept the energy in the back without being overpowering. The two parts referenced by Gario really didn't bother me (they actually follow the part-writing in the OST as far as I can hear, but maybe I'm just not hearing what he's hearing). Those samples are definitely the groan from the OST, so they'd need to be taken out prior to posting. YES (conditional on removal of SFX)
  15. Man, I really love the classic SF2 source tunes. Solid track you've put together here. Larry makes a good point about the repetitive beat work. That's my top issue personally for sure. I was saying in judge chat earlier that it would be super easy to vary up the beat pattern, for example going half-time with a more complex pattern with all the synths behind would be pretty sweet IMO. This could be personal preference, but I felt like the lead had too much portamento with all the pitch bending between notes. I would scale that back a bit, though it's a minor issue for sure. Ending wasn't great, but it works. I hate to go against this one because it's firing on 90% of all cylinders. Like Larry, simply applying more variation on the core pattern or a change-up here or there would be enough for my nod. NO (borderline) (resubmit)