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  1. Yeah, I'm pretty much in agreement with MW's comments above, but will try to give some additional thoughts. The intro starts out pretty interesting to set the mood. However, beyond that, the track is never able to click together. The kick sounds more like a muffled, reverbed bass drum than an electronic click, so it never cuts through and sounds out of place. I'm not big on hoover bass synths (that's the name for those, right??), but I know they can work in certain contexts, so not sure how to advise you there. The rest of the sounds, in general, sound sort of "out of the box" both with their tones and some of the effects used on them and don't work to compliment each other. I'll also second that with pushing the volume levels, the track starts getting overcompressed and distorted at times. It sounds like you're probably somewhat new to remixing, so I wanted to share a few tips that really helped me starting out: 1. Don't give up 2. *** Don't get too attached to a particular idea or remix attempt at the start - lay stuff aside and try something new. This will allow you to get more experience under your belt rather than spinning your wheels on a single song. 3. Spend some quality time on the WIP board - not only putting your songs out, but listening and analyzing other songs as well. What makes them work. You've clearly got some interesting ideas and a grasp on the basics of music making. Now it's time to hone your craft. NO
  2. Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    Ideally, I think, we'd like to avoid adding too much additional administrative-type items for staff to have to continually maintain. I feel like we'd be better spending more time on moar music & artist promotion than going back and forth with enabling ads. Also, I took it as $25 for global ads on (EDIT: not including unskippables), so waiting for times to get tight (which hopefully they don't) before turning them on seems like it would be a case of too little too late. But yeah, personally I never had an issue with enabling them on mixes in the first place - especially considering the funds fully go to, as ad revenue always has gone to, maintaining & promoting the site itself.
  3. First off, I'm in agreement on the loudness on the mastering. This track is pushing the levels pretty hard and does suffer (though not to a major degree) from overcompression and loss of clarity as a result. It's not a big enough issue from me to NO in and of itself, but simply dropping the volume to a bit more reasonable level should be an easy fix. Instruments like strings(?) at :36 sound really shrill, probably because the tone is getting crowded by other elements that are vying for space. The piano there is quite loud, but still has a mid-heavy tone. Probably could drop volume and bit and scoop some of the mids and boost some highs to let it cut without having to take up so much space and be so loud to be audible. I didn't find the transitions as much of an issue as some of the others. I intentionally listened to this prior to listening to the sources as I wanted to gauge the song's cohesiveness without knowing where one source ends and the next begins. There are a few places where they were a little weak and some others that were more abrupt, but it never felt like it pulled me out of the track. There is room for improvement here for sure (and I know you can do it, Andrew, you're a boss at arrangement ) On the positive side, there's loads of excellent writing and performances on showcase here. The song grabs the listener right off the bat and stays interesting throughout. I think with tweaks to levels and some transition adjustments this is an easy pass. NO (borderline) resubmit
  4. I didn't hear the first sub on this, but what I'm hearing now is fantastic. Performances are excellent. Parts are very well balanced in the soundfield with good use of tasteful panning to widen things out a bit. Source usage was both clear and creative. Minor gripe, I wasn't a big fan of the way the broken record effect cuts the audio at the beginning. I totally understand it's an intentional effect and style choice, it's just that many audio cuts kinda threw me a bit on the intro. I'll second the trimming of silence (I let John know about it). Great approach, great song. YES
  5. I remember first hearing the original, and while it's meant as the sad/emotional piece, I always felt it was subpar compared to the main theme in this regard. The mood you've brought here Regarding this mix, I like the approach here a lot. Guitar sounds fantastic. Performance is solid and I like the tone a lot. One crit from me would be I'd like to hear more textural contrast between sections, instead of the constant "ooh" pads that play throughout. Drums help in this regard when they arrive. If you'd let the backing drop or change to something more subdued, it'll allow sections like the dueling guitars be even more effective and pronounced when the supporting parts come back in to join it. While it's my biggest issue with the piece, it's not a big issue overall to me, per-se. For arrangement, the source usage is never in doubt for most of the mix. It starts getting into more original territory around 4:40, but it's already established the connections prior, while still bringing plenty of creativity. Ending was quite nicely handled as well - complete with SoM-style groans. Love it. YES
  6. Heh, two 4 on the floor dance mixes of Fear Factory on the panel right now I think Gario and MW captured most of my thoughts on this with the crowding and vanilla-ish sounds used. I'll also add that despite the crowding, the overall levels and impact felt understated for the genre to me. I think with better mixing, this could be pushed to be a bit more in-your-face classic dance power. I also wasn't a big fan of the lead at 1:11, the somewhat slow attack/releases cause overlap and the tone is a bit meh to be, but fortunately it has a very short part in the mix. The lead at 1:58 was better tone-wise, but feels too tiny & centered compared to the more lush, reverbed backing instruments and heavier beats. Hmm, I didn't really even notice it the first time around, but there's another lead synth which is buried behind the other parts at 4:21. Both because of mixing issues and understated tone, it can't cut through everything else. This section in general is the weakest for me as it's supposed to be the big payoff for the track, but is cluttered and imbalanced (lead vs backing). Arrangement had clear execution on the original themes while creatively adapting and expanding parts throughout. Was nice and varied as well to keep it interesting throughout. I know I'm in the minority here, but with the mixing and the leads having significant issues in my mind, I'm not feeling like this one is quite ready to go. I was on the fence until the 4:20-5:20 section (the climax of the mix as mentioned before), which pushed it into resub territory for me. I won't mind if it gets the nod, so don't mind me if I'm just the curmudgeonly old man judge on this one. NO resub, please
  7. Not much to add to what's been said. Beautiful and emotive writing. I do wish there was more to the middle third of the track, arrangement wise, because let's face it - Terra's been done to death. Still, the presentation is nice and well fleshed out. Production wise, I agree Rebecca's been upping her game of late. Kudos for that. Being nitpicky: -the 1:00-1:15 section sounded like the timing was off between glock and other instruments, though I suspect it was intentional. It just sounds like a mistake, rather than intentional delay. -The cymbal crashes sound a bit dry/centered/up front for normally being situated behind the orchestra. The sample's not the greatest either (dull tone and same-y for various velocity levels) and it plays a lot in the last minute or so of the track. Can't unhear it now ;). Overall, solid stuff. YEPS
  8. *NO* Chrono Trigger 'Chrono's Fight Dance'

    Off the bat, the tracks sounds really cluttered and washed out - probably due to the "watery" effects and various instruments playing. Beyond that, I'm having a little trouble listening through this one, because there's a very high pitched ringing that keeps fading in and out of the track and it's really piercing on my headphones. It's in the very high 14Khz+ range probably and it's killing my ability to listen to this in a normal volume level. I THOUGHT it was coming from the arpreggiated synth, but when it finally cut off near the end, it kept going (maybe it's the sweep synth, or possibly hats, I honestly don't know) . I'm not sure why others aren't hearing this (it might be the frequency response on these headphones), but it really needs to be fixed. I agree with the crits regarding bass synth/beats overpowering the other elements. That's probably part of the reason I had trouble nailing down what was causing the high pitched ringing, because elements like the arp synth & others get buried when the track gets going full bore. It's hard to tell from lower volume, but beyond the high pitched issue, the EQ balancing in general felt off to me - like too much in the mid-low range, missing mid high/high on some instruments (but obviously not missing the super-highs). I agree with repetition remarks as well. There are elements that play on repeat for long stretches of the mix, like the sweep pad, arp synths, core beat pattern. With some fixes and tweaks I could see this one rolling through for sure. Concept is solid and the arrangement is nicely handled with the battle 1 theme obvious throughout. NO Resubmit, please
  9. Ok, last post on this one. Finished it out and also tried out the FL Visualizer plugin for the first time. Thing is stupid fun to use and results came out pretty good!
  10. Some tweaks and first mastering pass complete. Pretty much finished, though I need to re-render to fix the initial note cut-off and do some EQ tweaks. EDIT: Now with remix title Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I know it's an oft-used pattern, but it's the core of the classic dnb rhythm, sans the 16th notes that lead into the second snare. I do try and give enough fill variation to keep it interesting.
  11. The votes above really echo my thoughts on the piece, so I'll try to keep it relatively brief when rehashing stuff already mentioned. Dry strings need some 'verb. Doesn't have to be much, no need to over do it. Also, I'm not sure how the performers would do a pizzicato glissando like they do at 1:21 & 5:33. (But hey maybe it's possible...somehow? Just trying to visualize string players doing some sort of sweep-picking with their fingers is a bit humorous to me ) The change at 1:55 was SO stark it was super unexpected and a bit jarring to me. That doesn't mean it can't work, but transition could be more effective in introducing it. The volume jump for this compared to the initial section also doesn't help and could use a bit of normalization between both parts. The ending transition to piano was also sudden, but it doesn't jump out as much, probably because we've heard that type of tone/energy already. Still, it could be more effective than just a sudden drop to piano. The dance part sounded oddly EQ'd to my ears. It sounded like it was missing high end on several (if not pretty much all) the parts. It was most noticeable for me on the drums and bass synth. It causes everything to have a dull tone. Also, it's very busy in these sections, so cutting out some frequencies from supporting parts could reduce some sonic clutter. That said, the writing in this section was fun and had a ton of energy. I really dig what you've done with it, I just want to hear a more cohesive track in general with a few production fixes. NO resubmit, please
  12. *NO* Sonic Adventure 'Big Fish' *RESUB*

    Man what's with the weird bendy lead on the OST? Anyway, it's my first time listening to this song, so here goes. Off the bat, writing on the organ already feels overly simplistic and repetitive. It's omni-presence throughout the song, lack of dynamics, and tendency dwell on chorded whole notes (or sometimes half-notes) the entire song makes it feel like it's way overstaying its welcome. There is a lot more you could do with the writing patterns (and giving it a break when appropriate) to make it more interesting for the listener. 2:48-2:57 breakdown felt underdeveloped and a bit underwhelming after the track builds a bit up to it. I think it could be much more effective by going beyond instrument drop offs and a few tom hits. Drum tone sounds good, but the wide panning between the kit pieces while the track overall sounds like it's going for more of a throwback style throws me off a bit - though I view this as a personal nitpick. Nice variation on the drum writing to keep it fresh throughout. Note: have you considered trying a more classic pattern on the drums, like kick on 1 & 3.5 and snare on 2, 2.5, & 4? Seems like it would fit better with the style than some of the more modern-sounding writing that sometimes appears here. 1:30 started feeling like the track was starting to click with me with the added rhythm guitars making it feel more fully-realized after the block chords + lead. I honestly wish it wouldn't have taken this long to get to a section that felt sufficiently developed & more interesting to me. Note, sounds like some flubs/clashing notes in the lead notes at :38, :58, & 1:18 that clash with backing chords. I can hear the arguments on both sides above. I've listened to this track a couple of extra times beyond what I'd normally do for a vote to make sure I'm sufficiently comfortable with my vote on it. I'm not ready to pass it as-is, but I don't think it's far. With some further writing (like organ) and a bit more development to prevent the track from feeling "samey" for long stretches I'd be ready to give it a go. NO resubmit, please
  13. Thanks, I appreciate it. New version: Almost done, but still unmastered and needs some polish in transitions, needs ending, synth solo is placeholder etc.
  14. Edit3, final: Remix Video: OST: Been getting back into streaming my composing process and thought I'd share the track I'm currently working on. Still pretty rough in stuff like transitions & writing and it's completely unmastered. Also, if you want to see previous sessions or watch it being made live, you can tune in at
  15. OCR Twitch Streamers