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  1. Man, I really love the classic SF2 source tunes. Solid track you've put together here. Larry makes a good point about the repetitive beat work. That's my top issue personally for sure. I was saying in judge chat earlier that it would be super easy to vary up the beat pattern, for example going half-time with a more complex pattern with all the synths behind would be pretty sweet IMO. This could be personal preference, but I felt like the lead had too much portamento with all the pitch bending between notes. I would scale that back a bit, though it's a minor issue for sure. Ending wasn't great, but it works. I hate to go against this one because it's firing on 90% of all cylinders. Like Larry, simply applying more variation on the core pattern or a change-up here or there would be enough for my nod. NO (borderline) (resubmit)
  2. *NO* LED Storm 'Sted Lorm'

    Can't help but echo Larry's crits here. This plays it very close the writing and structure of the original track. The sound palette is pretty cool for sure, but also pretty same-y to the original sounds. Core beat definitely got very repetitive over time and lacked meaningful variation beyond the occasional fill or short change-ups. It doesn't really help that the snare & kick tones were pretty basic as well. This would need significant development on the arrangement side to personalize it more and set it apart from the original. Fun listen, but not really right for OCR. NO
  3. *NO* Undertale 'Sins'

    Excellent votes & points above by Nuts & DA. This is a good base here, but lots of room to fill things out more. I'm not sure the extended break starting at 1:45 is working here. It's mainly subtractive in nature (using elements from before, but less of them) and doesn't really introduce anything new to keep things interesting. As mentioned, drums could use a bit more presence up front - not major, but a staple of the DnB style. Would've liked to hear more meaningful variation on the core 10-note pattern. Still, some great ideas and cool synths on display here. It needs more development in arrangement and some contrasting writing/synths would certainly help as well. Great start, keep going! NO resubmit, please Edit: "I am a remixer and" "And what? That's It? I'm a remixer and here's a million dollars? Oh, wait, I get it! They got him!"
  4. OCR03360 - *YES* Sonic Adventure 2 'Chao Cave Rave'

    Gario really summed up my thoughts well. Thing sound a bit sparse at times and some of the transitions could be stronger. I could opt for less "fairy noises", but not a dealbreaker. Overall production is pretty solid and the arrangement varies enough to keep me interested. YES
  5. OCR Twitch Streamers

    For some reason, I can no longer quote posts in this thread. I've updated the first post for you, Smellyghost.
  6. Super Mario RPG!

    Oh snap I actually finished a song.
  7. Yeah, not much to add on the arrangement call here. This is a great cover, but as mentioned, it unfortunately doesn't jive with the OCR arrangement philosoph.y Production wise, man, that kick has a lot of presence here (almost too much?). Would like the lead guitar to have a bit more presence in the forefront of the mix. It's definitely clearly audible, but still feels like it could be more prominent. Would love to hear something from you that's more interpretive as this is a really cool track for sure. NO
  8. Very strong writing here. I'm liking the complexity in the arrangement and adaption of the original tunes. Great transitions, dynamics, instrument interplay, and oh did I mention writing? Production-wise, this is really solid work. Minor nitpick, the brass (espfrench horns) sound a bit too dry/exposed during some their more prominent lines. I'm hearing the same resonant in the trombones as Kris, but agreed that it's also very minor. I can't really think of any others, geez. Great stuff. YES
  9. *NO* Mega Man 3 'Title Theme (Uplifting Trance Mix)'

    Lots of great points already brought up here. First 1:50 was essentially a generic trance intro with no source usage. Same with the outro minute or so. I get this is a trance-specific thing, but less repetition would be welcome. Oddly, when we do arrive at the full melody on piano, the volume on it suddenly drops significantly. With so much delay on it and the low volume, it becomes sort of a jumble in the background, rather than the clear melodic line the whole intro has been building to. Same issue at 3:40 with the B section from the original. 4:07 transition is really awkward. The hit comes in a early, which is really jarring when you're listening to the preceding melody line. The first part of the melody is on the correct beat, but the second half is then a beat off from the tempo. I'm not sure if these are due to sequencing errors or are intentional, but I don't think it's working here. Balance-wise, the kick and sustained notes are really drowning out the melodic lines. Also, this track is mastered really hot. Once 4:35 rolls around, everything is competing for space due to so many loud elements that the track becomes very cluttered. As mentioned, I'd like to hear more variation & personalization on the melody lines from the original used here. Besides the partial usage during the intro/outroand the off-beat 2nd half of the melody used sometimes, the melody lines are all used verbatum from the original. It's a good start and has some great ideas, but issues with both arrangement and production need to be addressed to reach the bar. NO resubmit, please
  10. *NO* Final Fantasy 7 'Chasing the Masamune'

    Very cool intro. Once the beat kicks in, it actually felt a bit subdued energy-wise from the intro. Source connections are quite clear throughout with heavy use of the melodies from the OST. Overall, the mix sounds pretty dull tone-wise. There isn't a lot of high end presence in general for each of the elements. The beat (esp snare) sounds muffled and doesn't have a lot of energy behind it. Several sections (like 3:14 especially) sound cluttered despite not being particularly loud. Beyond the fact there are several elements in play, there's a lot of reverb and sustained notes which make the whole thing sound indistinct. May be personal preference, but some of the lead writing felt needlessly complex - like notes were added between the phrases for the sake of being different/personalized rather than for musicality. Note: not positive, but sounded like some possible wrong notes on the resolving chord(1:57, 2:06, 2:16, etc) between the chords and more prominent instruments. May want to double check those. I'd recommend someEQ work to give some upper-end presence to elements that need to cut through. Also, another mixing/compression/mastering pass in general to get weaker elements like the drums to have better presence in the mix. It's a great start and lots of potential here. NO resubmit, please
  11. *NO* Mother 1, 3 & 2 'Home'

    yeah, I'm pretty much 100% on board with Emu's vote as well. Overall, the sounds are mixed pretty dry and there's very little in the way of humanization or dynamics in the sequencing. Some cool arrangement ideas on display here, but this one would need a significant production overhaul to reach the bar in that regards. NO
  12. Is Absynth 5 worth getting?

    I'd agree with the exception of a really good sale on specific components if the whole suite is out of price range. I picked up Massive quite a while back pretty cheap during some holiday sale.
  13. *NO* Jurassic Park (SNES) 'Trapasaurus'

    Nodding my head at the above votes here. I won't beat a dead horse here on the volume levels/distortion here, but that's the biggest and more prominent issue on the track. Gario realyhas given a treasure trove of good prouction advice so be sure to read his analysis carefully I will add that writing on the transitions around 1:00 and just before 2:00 felt odd and didn't bridge contrasting sections well. The synth lead in around :40 wasn't quite on point either as it doesn't really sync up with the rest of the elements. Make sure you connect the dots on the A,B,C etc sections so they flow smoothly and logically. Ending was pretty sudden and didn't feel like it resolved the track well. There are some reallycool ideas and interesting sounds on display here, but quite a bit of work on the production side is needed to get this to its full potential. NO resubmit, please
  14. *NO* Secret of Mana 'Fear of the Heavens (Plusol Mix)'

    Great points made above here. Levels were pretty hot here and need to be pulled back - especially in the freqs Nuts #2 mentioned, since they're pushing the envelope here andcausing distortion in places. Def feeling the repetition comments as well. Some of the non-electronicsounds really rigidly sequenced here (piano/string backing parts. Not much to add beyond that. Good start, but more work needed. NO resubmit, please
  15. *NO* Shovel Knight 'Poison Flowers'

    Yeah, definitely on the same page as my fellow J's above. There are some cool elements and synths in play here. Overall, though, the mix sounds really empty, especiallyonce it gets going with the dirty wubs. The arrangement feels overly simplistic and too dependent on the extended wub breakdowns. I'll add that the general sound levels are quite low, which makes me think you may be new to mastering compression and mixing in general. Just want to say don't be discouraged. I'd definitely recommend spending some time on the WIP boards to get some more realtime feedback on your work to help improve these types of issues. NO