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  1. Pretty much co-signing with the comments above. Cool cover, but not interpretive enough for what OCR is aiming for. I'll add :30 (and 1:15 later) sounded like the tempo got lost and felt messy. May want to metronome for parts when the beat drops out to make sure you stay on beat. Great guitar chops on display and well produced fo sho. Would love to hear more from you. NO
  2. This is some serious dedication.
  3. Good points made by Chimp above, which I find basically agreeing with here. I will add a few other thoughts: Liking the various instruments being used here. Violin lead at the start has a thin tone and is panned pretty far left. Centering it up and trying to get a bit more body to it would help. It doesn't have the most realistic attack between each note, but I think it can work. I will agree the synths sound out of place among the very organic background track. Not to say that lead synths can't work in this context, but I'd agree that replacing it with something less flang-y/warbly and more straightforward could help. Would like to hear more development on the arrangement side as this follows closely with both melodic writing and with similar backing instrumentation as the original. Cool atmosphere here and I like the approach. This doesn't feel too far away. NO resubmit, please
  4. Off the bat, sounds like a rendering issue with the initial note cutoff. I've hit this with FL studio before and it can be avoided by moving out the entire song a beat or so on the timeline. From the beginning, the piano is sounding really rigid. Very in-your-face intensity on many of the instruments. The backing pads are pretty loud, the EP synths are pretty loud (there's some resonance in the 2khz range on the early bell synth). Later, the saw lead also layers on, so the soundfield ends up getting cluttered. Try and see if you can rebalance to push some of the supporting parts to the background so there's not as much competition for space. Scaling back some of the reverb could help in this regard as well. Really like the groove once the drums come in, unfortunately it doesn't stick around long in either case. This is the point where the song felt like it was gaining steam, but soon drops for a breakdown 8 bars in or so. Felt like beat sections could've been developed further and with some variation on the core drum pattern. Vocal synth at 1:25 has a really slow attack which makes it sound like it's behind the beat. May want to see if you can tighten it up. Though it's over 3 minutes, it felt shorter due to repetition of the themes. 1:37 is essentially a rehash of the intro section. 2:12 is another repeat of the earlier drum section, but with an added lead later on. Ending felt a bit sudden, like the end of an unfinished WIP TBH. Definitely more room for expansion on the arrangement ideas as well as some cleanup on the production side. I do like the approach and feel there's a lot of potential here. NO resubmit, please
  5. Yeah, as said before the very start of the track sounds like it's cut off. I've had this happen with FL Studio before and my solution was to shift the whole mix forward a bar to prevent it. If that happens to be what you're using, see if that'll fix it. Hmm, this is quite loud and piercing. The mix is pushed pretty hard against the limiter, but the sounds that seem to be emphasized the most are around the 2-4K ish range which makes this one fatiguing on the ear. Sounds used are a bit of a mixed bag. The organ and voice sound pretty good sample-wise, but the bass sounds pretty lo-fi fakey and the strings aren't really cutting it with realism (though with some reverb to mesh them in, they could work better). Drums aren't super awesome fantastic, but could work with some TLC on how they're processed (see below). The various parts sound pretty dry and therefore unconnected. The drums in particular seem to occupy their own space, irregardless of the rest of the parts, making them sound disconnected and pasted-on. Try re-balancing the track to tame some of those piercing parts and using some tasteful reverb to mesh things better together. Arrangement is fantastic and I love the concept. You've chosen a really ambitious approach, which I applaud. Unfortunately, the production needs to come up quite a ways to match it. NO resubmit, please
  6. I feel like every Dark Souls remix I've judged is for this theme (maybe I've only judged two, though, who knows!). Definitely needs a mastering pass to bring this up to normal listening levels as it's very quiet. Cool ideas with the reverse piano(?) sound. Over halfway in now and it's clear the ideas have played out and the track has gotten quite repetitive at this point. There isn't much variation in the track other than parts gradually entering in and then leaving. Not much of an ending either as the track eventually devolves to the reverse piano part and abruptly stops. This feels more like a proof of concept than a finished remix, TBH. It needs quite a bit more arrangement development beyond this core idea - both in expanding on more ideas and varying up individual part-writing (like the beat, which basically stays on autopilot for the length of the track). I'd add the beat feels a bit pasted on top (especially the snap-type snare sound). Once you do bring levels up, you'll likely need to push them back a bit to gel with the rest of the mix. Cool base here that can definitely be expanded on. NO resubmit, please
  7. Interestingly, the event was held in a hotel on Great America Pkwy :). Was good to meet some new people and hang out for a while. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay later for the concerts or the following hang-out day. It does look like the groundwork is being laid for a possibly 2007 August-ish MAGWest, which would be awesome for those of us who've never been to the main deal.
  8. I certainly hope he's not still trying to solve this issue 7 years later
  9. MAGwest 2016 Is anyone else going this weekend? As I understand it, it's sort-of a precursor to the planned MAGWest 2017.
  10. That underground BGM mix @ :27 is hotness.
  11. I've heard an orchestral rendition of the FF4 Prologue theme several times on NPR. No link unfortunately.
  12. Consider it done!
  13. I'm gonna end up echoing some statements above, but Larry and Kris hit a lot of the point I was planning on making. The intro idea works in theory, but execution here felt a bit lacking. The actual music feels too marginalized and washed-out by the noise and sfx. It's so distant, it sounds like the track isn't properly mastered until the beat kicks in around :31. Brief watery breakdown at 1:51 felt a bit out of place, but was gone pretty quick. Transition at 2:55 though felt totally non-sequitur to the part preceding it. If you could smooth out the transition to link the two sections better, it would help the listener make the mental leap along with you. Based on OCR arrangement standards, the amount of direct audio sampling is problematic here as it makes up a lot of the source connection present. Standards aside, this is a solidly produced track and a cool tribute to the original. NO
  14. Yeah, gonna echo the comments on production here. Despite trying to be energetic, all of the elements are just kind of melding together somewhat distantly in the soundfield. Nothing really is able to cut through the mix, making the mix as a whole sound dull (lack of clarity, not "boring"). Drums lacked any sort of punch to them that would be a staple of the DnB genre. The counter melody sounded off-key with respect to the rest of the track, so not sure that's gonna work here. Arrangement sounds pretty conservative with some liberties taken in the rhythm and backing work. Would really like to hear more variety in the writing here as we really get a lot of that detuned backing synth pattern. Solid for a first try, but quite a ways to go on reaching the bar. Good luck to you and keep at it. NO