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  1. OCR Twitch Streamers

    Updated.  We need to tag-team dude.
  2. *NO* Super Mario World 'Falling Floors'

    Gonna basically echo Kris here.  The RMS levels of this track are super high and every element is audibly fighting for space.  You can hear the various parts ducking each other with the compressors working in overdrive.  To start things off, pull everything back down to more reasonable levels and see if you can get a better balance.  Pull back the master compression as well - there's no need to try to get to this sound level IMO. It makes it hard to really crit the production effectively with how squashed things are currently, but the synths/samples used here are sounding a bit on the basic/vanilla end.  Getting some more nuanced and interesting sounds here would definitely be a plus. Overall, try not to be discouraged.  The WIP forum would be a great resource to get immediate help getting the big production issues fixed in the short-term as well as refining your craft.  Good luck to you. NO
  3. Interesting take on the source.  I like the concept here.   Intro sounds pretty solid with a nice buildup of energy.  I was fully expecting the energy to open up at this point, but when the "payoff" hit at :45 it actually stepped the energy back a bit from the transition.   Agreed with the "A's" that repetition is really hurting this one.  The aforementioned never-ending sidechain synth is the main offender.  Drum beat, while a nice core loop, also gets repetitive over the long term because of lack of variation.  Beyond that, though, there's a lot of either copy/pasta going on in the second half of stuff we've essentially already heard prior in the track.  Without further development, like changes in writing or instrumentation, it's hard to justify the length it currently sits at. Transitions/Progression was a bit of a mixed bag for me.  For example, the dropout to strings around 1:50 was a good idea (the backing side-chain sticks around though unnecessarily IMO).  On the other side of the coin, the transition to the pseudo bass breakdown at 2:30 & 3:52 sounds awkward because we just came off a short break in the beat a 4 bars ago only to go into a second one here. Quick fadeout ending doesn't feel like it resolves the track well. On the arrangement side, as mentioned, this doesn't utilize the source melodies much, in general.  Here's what I stopwatched: :23 - :45 melody 1:39 - 1:49 sounds like it may connected to the piano run in the OST, but it's too liberal IMO 1:51 - 2:09 melody 2:23-2:25 modified resolution to melody line from OST 3:14 - 3:36 melody 3:45 - 3:47 modified resolution 3:53 - wasn't able to link this string lead line to anything in OST so I'm assuming it's original writing  Out of a total of 259 seconds, that's 82 seconds where I'd consider the source usage as dominant, or 31.7%.  This is obviously quite a ways below the generally accepted 50% mark.  I don't want to gloss over this because with this, combined with the issues outlined above, I don't feel that this is as close to passing as Andrew. Overall, this is a pretty solid start, but feels like it could be polished and developed more, not to mention have stronger source usage.  Would love to hear this one come back in a resub as the concept is pretty cool. NO resubmit, please
  4. Oh man, is anyone doing the DD2 title screen (the revenge)?  If not, I want to give it a shot.
  5. OCR03299 - *YES* Mega Man 4 'Flight of Rock'

    Gonna echo the crits on the levels.  It's both loud and has some heavier higher-end presence, which can be fatiguing after a while.  Also agreed that the main beat could use some more variation.  Personally, I'd lower the leads and beats a tad and bring up some of the lower end to anchor the track better.  What's here, though, is solid.  Good adaptation of the theme, and the overall production is pretty solid. YES
  6. *NO* Secret of Mana 'Mana Burn'

    Ooh, liking the approach here.  The chord change-up brings a fresh take on this oft-mixed track.  Beats are pretty sweet and liking the mellow feel.  Given the liberties taken on chords and content, I'm gonna have to stopwatch this one for arrangement content. Writing-wise, 1:40 felt a bit underwhelming as a break-down type section.  It seemed too quiet and a bit disconnected to the rest of the track.  On that topic, I think this could use some balancing tweaks in general.  As mentioned, the 1:40 breakdown beat/loop sounds quiet, but is interspersed with relatively loud crystal synth stabs.  The sub that comes in later sounds quite a bit louder than the rest of the elements in play and bumps the overall levels up a ton compared to when it's not playing elsewhere.  It seems to get louder as the track progresses as well. (/me puts on the Oji hat) 4:19 track is 259 seconds, so I would need 129.5 seconds of source to meet the 50% mark. :52 - 1:17 OST Melody 1:18 - 1:29 Modified, but recognizable counter-melody from OST second melody iteration 1:48-1:50, 2:16-2:21 I'm counting some of these crystal stabs for the times they match the B section stabs in the OST.  I feel like I'm being a bit generous here as is, so I didn't count the parts where it just alludes to the original. 2:28 - 2:30, 2:34-2:36, 2:40-2:42 Small uses of OST melody line 2:57 - 3:07 OST bridge 3:21 - 3:44 OST melody 3:46 - 4:07 OST melody, with modified chords That totals to 113 or 43.6%.  (Other J's feel free to chime in if I missed anything) So yeah, this is a great track so far, but not quite hitting all cylinders on production and is a bit too far on the liberal side for OCR arrangement standards.  Really enjoying the approach and I hope you bring this one back. NO resubmit, please
  7. *NO* F-Zero 'F-0 to 1000'

    The intro is really underwhelming as it stands here.  Repetitive block chords with eventual additive elements.  Not sure if you're going for a realistic sound (based on the arrangement, it sounds like you are), but if so, the guitar samples are really not gonna cut it for that.  Things are pretty stiffly sequenced as well, which won't help with the realism factor either. Arrangement is pretty straight-forward take on the theme.  Some soloing work does come in later, which is the bulk of the personalization from what I am hearing. Sudden ending sort of comes out of nowhere, which makes this sound like a WIP, rather than a finished product.  Really helps to write a true ending to give the listener some finality & satisfaction :). As mentioned, this is pretty quiet overall, so some compression work in the mastering process will help here.  I'd worry about this later, though, when you have the other stuff worked out. Sorry if this is such a downer vote, but to get to the OCR bar this would need some significant production work and (IMO) some more arrangement expansion/personalization on the original.  Don't give up on your craft and send us some more stuff in the future.  The WIP forums could be a really good pace to hone your skills in the meantime.  Good luck to you. NO
  8. *NO* Sonic & Knuckles 'Heat Rush'

    Emu really hit the nail on the head here.  Beat is hot, but could use some variation.  Main lead is honestly pretty bland and weak sounding.  It doesn't cut through the mix as much as it should and the tone isn't very nuanced or interesting. The backing parts get somewhat repetitive until you start playing with some (dBlue?) glitching effects.  Sometimes they sounded a bit forced if that makes sense, so a bit more polish on getting them to sound a bit better integrated may work. Ending was a letdown TBH, almost like you sort of gave up at that point and just faded it after a quick extra melody line. Good start here, but some areas for improvement.  Good luck to you. NO resubmit, please
  9. *NO* DuckTales 'Lunacy'

    Gonna co-sign with the above.  Levels are way out of whack.  Tone down the flute quite a bit, and rebalance everything with a fresh-mixdown.  There are places where there is some odd audio squashing (probably due to overcompression) like 1:57. Sequencing was a mix of really nice (like the glissando work) and some choppy parts that could be smoothed out. Concept is solid.  Really liking the guitar work.  Ending felt a bit weak without percussion or kit support. Agreed as well that there is room for more arrangement expansion.  But yeah, approach is very cool with lots of energy. Solid work so far, just needs tightening up. NO resubmit, please
  10. OCR Twitch Streamers

    Sorry, somehow missed this one.  Updated.
  11. *NO* Mother 3 & 1 'Oriental Love'

    Larry really nailed this one.  The brass felt a bit out of place in the oriental instrument context, but it can work.  The piece is pretty short, which can also work, but only if the arrangement is developed enough.  In this case, this feels more like a good base that needs to be expanded and interpreted further. Liking the approach a lot and it has lots of potential. NO resubmit, please
  12. *NO* The Witcher 'Witcher's Tale'

    Man, I hate to do this, but gotta agree with the No crowd.  Loving the production and writing, but hearing very little source connections.  I mean, I do hear the occasional nod to the first few notes from the OST melody, but it's like it's faking me out then going in an original direction.  As much as I love the track, the source usage in no way feels "dominant" to me. NO resubmit, please
  13. *NO* Sonic the Hedgehog 'Blue Paradise'

    I can hear a bit of both sides of the coin here, but feel like I'm personally leaning towards DA's points here (OA bro I sill love you). Piano sounds nice and lush, but over time it overpowers some elements that it should be supporting.  Because of this, the mix gets crowded in the busier sections, making it sound muddy.  This is especially apparent in places like 3:12. I don't think the drums are a deal breaker necessarily, but I agree there's some room for improvement.  The snare sticks out a bit as the track progresses as something that feels very static and not nuanced.  Hard to put it into words, really, but I hope you know what I mean. Good stuff here, but I think it needs to be tightened up a bit.   NO resubmit, please
  14. OCR Twitch Streamers

      Post updated
  15. Not a whole lot to add to the yes camp here.  Solid track put together here.  Nice progression throughout to keep things fresh.  Pretty unique style here - I'm not even sure how to classify it TBH.   The breakdown at 2:00 felt a bit underwhelming compared to the strength of the first half.  Very cool sequenced synth lead in at 2:30 to redeem it, though .   Great stuff here.  Digging it.   YES