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  1. Gonna keep it short here. Listening to the remix, the foundational elements is based upon direct sampling of the original without (IMO) meaningful enough arrangement variation away from the original usage. Sure, it's sliced up a bit and things are moved/grooved differently, but overall it feels like an evolution/progression from the original, rather than an OC ReMix arrangement. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I feel like we used to be more restrictive on direct sampling and this would've been no override. I remember personally having to cut original sampling used in just the intros of one of my tracks years ago to make sure it was super limited. Could be that mine was verbatim (though effected) vs. this, which is a bit more arranged, I don't know. I'll also agree with the repetition comments as well. It's part of the old electro-genre, and I understand that, but I there's still room for additional variation within the track here. As stands, this makes me think of the old late 90's live DJ mixes that were intentionally extended/repeated for a long period of time beyond what the original tracks featured for the live dance audience (and not necessarily for listeners at home). Not necessarily a deal-breaker alone, but a point for improvement. It's a cool track for sure, but to me it's not to the point of fitting OCR's criteria for arrangement. NO
  2. I feel like I've judged multiple tracks with this same source in the past year or so. Seems to be a popular one? A bit depressing for my taste, but then again, I've never played the game. Anyway! Definitely feeling Gario's & MW votes above. Right off the bat, this is very cover-ish on the piano, with some backing elements and a bit of rearrangement thrown in. He makes a good point as well about getting everything in the same sonic space. If you can't route each item to the same reverb (for example, due to built-in verb on the samples or something), then you'll have to put some additional effort to unify the spacing on the various elements. Good start here, but would need more development, arrangement expansion and the aforementioned production love to be a pass from me. NO resubmit, please
  3. Understood, just kidding around not srs bzns!
  4. @Meteo Xavier if you do end up getting it, let us know how it is. I've been seriously considering it for a while but wanted to wait until I actually et a tablet (vs iphone)..
  5. Pretty OST choices. Like the opening with the acoustic guitar. Beautiful playing. Somewhat conservative for the first main section of the song, but I wouldn't go as far to call it a straight cover. There's not a ton of variation on the melody, but quite a bit more going on the backing parts to differentiate this mix from the OST. Agreed on the copy-pasta crits previously mentioned above. :58 could've used some variation from the previous material and the ending felt a bit lazy with the rehash. Production overall sounds pretty solid. I didn't even notice the hiss until Larry pointed it out, so it's not a big deal to me. This is close with a bit more arrangement development it should be golden. MindWanderer hazing +1? NO resubmit, please
  6. Sim City is an OST of utter nostalga for me. I really need to do some remixin on it. Catchy start to the mix. Probably could've had a more developed intro, but what's here works. Liking the groove. Mixing felt a bit odd to me - like some of the leads were sitting in a weird mid-range distance in the mix, rather than upfront. Minor nitpick, though. Super good arrangement work on this short source. Very creative take on the original that expands it enough to warrant the full mix treatment. It sort of sounds like a TV show theme from the 70's. Another minor issue: ending clip or static effect cuts suddenly at the end. I agree with Gario that some more dynamic contrast in the mix would be nice as it keeps a relatively flat energy level. However, overall, it's a solid mix and fun listen. YES
  7. I can see both sides on this one. Nice, though short, arrangement. Some sequencing issues present with realism (mostly in strings as mentioned). It gets more exposed in places like :40 - :49 with the short note runs and cutoffs. I get you're going for the abrupt note cutoffs, but it may be a bit too stark. Lengthening the tails a tad could help a lot. Soundscape sounds a bit muddy. EQ in some higher register instruments could come down in the 200-500 range to cut down a bit of the clutter. Minor issue, though I thought I'd mention it. Like I said, it's short, but does have development and good writing. I'd like to hear more arrangement work, but it's not necessary for getting above the bar. I'd like to hear another pass on some production detail work with realism and if possible getting a bit more clarity out of the mixing. NO resubmit, please
  8. Until you get 3 Torbs on your team vs 3 D.VAs on king of the hill like I did the one time I tried this game mode.
  9. Nice write-up and info - this is the first time I've run across most of the above. I've been seriously considering FL Studio mobile for iOS so I can sketch out ideas and import the projects to my pc. What I haven't seriously considered is full production via my mobile device. Pretty impressive.
  10. I don't do a ton of editing, but have always used and liked Adobe Premiere. I bought the Elements version of it and it's done everything I've needed thus far. As far as screen capture, there are quite a few options out there these days. If you haven't yet, check out OBS (open broadcaster software). It's free, can do both streaming and capturing to file and is highly customizable. You can set it to record a specific window, put in overlays, record audio from mic, and record webcam footage.
  11. Pretty much co-signing with the comments above. Cool cover, but not interpretive enough for what OCR is aiming for. I'll add :30 (and 1:15 later) sounded like the tempo got lost and felt messy. May want to metronome for parts when the beat drops out to make sure you stay on beat. Great guitar chops on display and well produced fo sho. Would love to hear more from you. NO
  12. This is some serious dedication.
  13. Good points made by Chimp above, which I find basically agreeing with here. I will add a few other thoughts: Liking the various instruments being used here. Violin lead at the start has a thin tone and is panned pretty far left. Centering it up and trying to get a bit more body to it would help. It doesn't have the most realistic attack between each note, but I think it can work. I will agree the synths sound out of place among the very organic background track. Not to say that lead synths can't work in this context, but I'd agree that replacing it with something less flang-y/warbly and more straightforward could help. Would like to hear more development on the arrangement side as this follows closely with both melodic writing and with similar backing instrumentation as the original. Cool atmosphere here and I like the approach. This doesn't feel too far away. NO resubmit, please
  14. Off the bat, sounds like a rendering issue with the initial note cutoff. I've hit this with FL studio before and it can be avoided by moving out the entire song a beat or so on the timeline. From the beginning, the piano is sounding really rigid. Very in-your-face intensity on many of the instruments. The backing pads are pretty loud, the EP synths are pretty loud (there's some resonance in the 2khz range on the early bell synth). Later, the saw lead also layers on, so the soundfield ends up getting cluttered. Try and see if you can rebalance to push some of the supporting parts to the background so there's not as much competition for space. Scaling back some of the reverb could help in this regard as well. Really like the groove once the drums come in, unfortunately it doesn't stick around long in either case. This is the point where the song felt like it was gaining steam, but soon drops for a breakdown 8 bars in or so. Felt like beat sections could've been developed further and with some variation on the core drum pattern. Vocal synth at 1:25 has a really slow attack which makes it sound like it's behind the beat. May want to see if you can tighten it up. Though it's over 3 minutes, it felt shorter due to repetition of the themes. 1:37 is essentially a rehash of the intro section. 2:12 is another repeat of the earlier drum section, but with an added lead later on. Ending felt a bit sudden, like the end of an unfinished WIP TBH. Definitely more room for expansion on the arrangement ideas as well as some cleanup on the production side. I do like the approach and feel there's a lot of potential here. NO resubmit, please
  15. Nice atmosphere you've established here. Production sounds super solid. Nice work on the arrangement side as well with incorporating the themes. Agreed on the coins sounding like...coins. It works still, but just sayin. Nice use of bass and percussion to bring up the energy level around the 2:30 mark. The dynamics were spot on in this mix. Not much else to say except YES