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  1. I certainly hope he's not still trying to solve this issue 7 years later
  2. MAGwest 2016 Is anyone else going this weekend? As I understand it, it's sort-of a precursor to the planned MAGWest 2017.
  3. That underground BGM mix @ :27 is hotness.
  4. I've heard an orchestral rendition of the FF4 Prologue theme several times on NPR. No link unfortunately.
  5. Consider it done!
  6. I'm gonna end up echoing some statements above, but Larry and Kris hit a lot of the point I was planning on making. The intro idea works in theory, but execution here felt a bit lacking. The actual music feels too marginalized and washed-out by the noise and sfx. It's so distant, it sounds like the track isn't properly mastered until the beat kicks in around :31. Brief watery breakdown at 1:51 felt a bit out of place, but was gone pretty quick. Transition at 2:55 though felt totally non-sequitur to the part preceding it. If you could smooth out the transition to link the two sections better, it would help the listener make the mental leap along with you. Based on OCR arrangement standards, the amount of direct audio sampling is problematic here as it makes up a lot of the source connection present. Standards aside, this is a solidly produced track and a cool tribute to the original. NO
  7. Yeah, gonna echo the comments on production here. Despite trying to be energetic, all of the elements are just kind of melding together somewhat distantly in the soundfield. Nothing really is able to cut through the mix, making the mix as a whole sound dull (lack of clarity, not "boring"). Drums lacked any sort of punch to them that would be a staple of the DnB genre. The counter melody sounded off-key with respect to the rest of the track, so not sure that's gonna work here. Arrangement sounds pretty conservative with some liberties taken in the rhythm and backing work. Would really like to hear more variety in the writing here as we really get a lot of that detuned backing synth pattern. Solid for a first try, but quite a ways to go on reaching the bar. Good luck to you and keep at it. NO
  8. The yin-yang of the Ansari brothers on perfect display
  9. Yup, pretty much in agreement with Gario here. Arrangement is very much on the conservative side and we're looking for more personalization in arrangement. Also, some elements weren't quite clicking production-wise. The piano tone is sounds tiny (especially when joined by other elements) and would be better served with a sample with more meat and body to it. The guitar sample wasn't really pushing the realism boundary at all with the strumming sounding robotic without much variation in tone or velocity. That's partly both samples and sequencing. Very impressive work for your first music software creation - sure beats what I put out when I first started. Good luck to you and keep at it! NO
  10. PAX West 2016 September 2-5, 2016 Seattle, WA - Washington State Convention Center OC ReMix: Video Game Music Community/Lovers of Greatness! Friday, September 2nd, 11:00 AM, Chicken Theatre Oh snap, son! OverClocked ReMix is finally back at PAX West from a 3-year hiatus in beautiful Seattle. We'll be selling t-shirts, swag, and bringing physical albums. Attending: Arrow DarkeSword Nutritious
  11. Wow, that really sucks. Hanzo is my strongest pick right now, but he's not exactly OP or anything right now.
  12. Added & welcome
  13. I was surprised yesterday evening to find this guy outside my front door. Especially glad I was able to catch him after a few attempts with both berries and Great Balls.
  14. I'm not a pokemon guy (I think I've played one of the games before), but my friends kept talking about this last week, so I went ahead and got it. Quite a fun video game that actually makes you want to go get exercise, who knew? Anyway, I've made it up to level 12 and have put together a decent little stable so for. Unfortunately, the gyms around me are starting to be populated by super-high players (one has a 1400+ CP pokemon stationed there), while my best range from 450-680. I'm never going to be hardcore enough to take on stuff like that, likely. So, it turns out the capturing mechanic is actually slightly more complicated than that. The color of the ring indicates capturing difficulty (green-easy to red-really hard). Several factors go into whether or not the capture is successful: the quality of throw, the type of pokeball used, and whether or not a razz berry was used. Nice or Excellent throws will increase your odds of a capture on tougher targets (curve ball throws may as well but I don't know for sure). Feeding them a berry first will increase the success rate of your next hit. Using a better quality ball will cause the ring color to become easier. If your capture doesn't work, it'll pop back out and may try to escape. Usually, you'd have several attempts, though. As far as throwing, I've read the developer said to throw when the ring is at it's smallest, but I'm almost certain at this point the idea is to get the colored ring to match the grey ring at it's widest (meaning you'd throw right at the moment the ring closes in the middle to try to time it).