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  1. Secret of Mana

    As far as I know, it is! I'm still in, anyhow, I just have time complications at the moment. The only time line I've seen on this (and maybe I just missed it) was that things were going to come together in the second half of this year--so it seemed like I had some time, yo!
  2. Emotional Decisions in Video Games

    I agree, Life Is Strange was a breath of fresh air--so to speak--out of curiosity, what about that game helped you become emotionally invested in the character decisions? Was it simply because you knew that there would be changes in the course of the story? Or did you emotionally connect with the characters themselves? What made it special to you?
  3. Emotional Decisions in Video Games

    Definitely agree! Do you guys have any other games that presented you with emotionally driven decisions that forced you to overcome internal conflicts about how to proceed? As a juxtaposition, I recently played Fire Watch, and while throughout the game I am making decisions that presumably alter the course of the discussion I'm having with the person on my radio, I found that I had minimal conflict or investment into the outcome of those decisions. Often times it was very subtle, maybe once or twice I would make a decision to try to keep on her good side, but that mostly had to do with not wanting to be punished with silence (which happened once) and partly because I didn't completely trust her.
  4. So recently I've been playing a few games specifically because they put me in a position to make decisions that seem to have emotional outcomes and I've been really fascinated by this particular facet of design. I know that we've had a lot of games that by design (usually story) have had an emotional affect--like the death of a character, etc.--but these aren't emotional consequences based on the decisions you make as a player (usually). Like FF6 and FF7 had some emotional story marks, but these weren't the result of a decision rather they were emotional moments in a story surrounding characters the player had already invested in (as an example). I first started thinking about the impact of these sorts of game scenarios when I was playing Life Is Strange: [spoilers] During the scene in Chloe's bedroom, when her step-dad comes home and Chloe asks you to take the rap for her/protect her/etc. I got stressed out because I had, for whatever reason, bonded with the idea of Chloe as a friend and an important person--I was invested--and I wanted to make decisions that would help her, but I wasn't sure how much I was willing to sacrifice my own player motivations and character in the game. [/spoilers] There does seem to be a slight element of personal sacrifice in these sorts of scenarios and I'm really interested in hearing other people's experiences with game scenarios where you, as a player, have been placed in a situation where either the stress of making a difficult decision or the outcome of a decision resulted in an emotional stress/reaction. I would love to hear the scenario and how you felt about it and whether you thought it was a compelling or engaging experience. (And why you think it effectively tugged at your emotions) And be sure to tag your spoilers for courtesy. I'll offer another one, This War of Mine: [spoilers] I stumbled upon a woman being assaulted by a man with a gun in an abandoned building. I heard them arguing from outside a door and could see through a keyhole that he had a gun. He pulled her struggling off screen with the strong implication that he was going to rape her. I only had a shovel for clearing rubble, so I wasn't sure I could help her, but I wanted to help her--it seemed like the right thing to do. So I braced myself and pursued in the hopes that I could surprise him or get the jump on him with a shovel. He had taken her into a flatbed truck with the door closed, so I decided to just rush in. I died/was shot. That is, my character died, and he died forever. I was frustrated, of course, he was a good character in the game, and there were game related consequences for his death. But emotionally, it was everything that lead up to it that was really thrilling. The feeling of fear, anticipation, and the strong sense of justice that doesn't really apply in the real world was evoked. It was exciting and emotionally charged and it rested completely on my choices. [/spoilers] I'd love to hear what other people have experienced, what games they've played where they've faced these sorts of decisions, and what they thought about the experiences afterward.
  5. Starting to draw character (resurrection thread)

    That sucks, man! But at least you're getting out of there! Pose looks great, nice energy! I have a more interesting time with hands after some hand studies--you could try re-rendering some dynamic hands but with your 4-digit style: http://windsweptsummer.deviantart.com/art/Right-Hand-Reference-28509739
  6. Starting to draw character (resurrection thread)

    You going through something right now? Moving away? Or is it just a stressful trip? I like the pattern about her waist. I think would have liked her right hand to be a tad more interesting--maybe something more delicate like this: As it is now, she's clutching it in her fist--could be a transference of your mental state, if you were especially stressed, but I think how she holds the flower will help sell the "happy place" and bring it to life a bit more. Other than that, really nice atmosphere--feels thick.
  7. Sometimes Dan Draws Clothed People

    Kat/RedRabbu cosplaying as Chun Li--5-15 minute poses, Markers and Pencil on Bristol:
  8. Sometimes Dan Draws Clothed People

    Maura Evelyn Live Portrait 2.5 Hours, Charcoal on Drawing Paper:
  9. The book is separated into three parts: First, an introduction to KSP--assuming no background in programming--and walking you through the various types of Kontakt instrument interactions you create in the script. Second, example applications which read like case-studies/code examples. Third, script vocabulary reference (basically an A-Z of script commands, variables, etc.). It's a small book--about 6" tall--so at first, I was kind of annoyed at the price, but it's hundreds of pages long, and it makes up for its small form by being a substantial reference manual.
  10. Sometimes Dan Draws Clothed People

    Had a great session tonight with one of my favorite models, John Tucker! Charcoal on newsprint 5-15 minute poses:
  11. Mike Novy's KSP book is a pretty good (and the only published) resource on Kontakt scripting: http://www.amazon.com/KSP-Scripting-1-Mike-Novy/dp/3839150515/ I find it a pretty handy resource when I'm trying to say set up custom instruments.
  12. Newb Recording Question!

    Sometimes old gear has a noise-floor. It's not like this was pristine. Everything along the gain-stage chain can contribute to noise-floor problems. This includes the input and output type (instrument vs. line, etc.); the converters on both ends; to a small degree, the cable length; etc. It's difficult to say without implementing experimental control parameters, what component(s) is/are contributing to your problem.
  13. Is Absynth 5 worth getting?

    These days Komplete is a no-brainer starter package. However, for me, I'm not really interested in Komplete all that much--when I started out with Native-Instruments, Komplete didn't exist. I bought Kontakt 2 about 10 years ago over Gigastudio (super glad how that worked out). A year or so later, I bought Guitar Rig with the Rig Kontrol. Now it seems every year they try to tempt me with a Crossgrade price. The problem for me is that for the longest time, aside from Reaktor, nothing in Komplete really piqued my interest since most of the sample libraries were sub-par or redundant to what I already owned (having been collecting VST effects and instruments for 10 years as well). Last year I bought Reaktor 6 for like $100 bucks or something, maybe less, and that pretty well sealed the coffin for me on Komplete. Instead of Battery, I have Geist, Tremor, and a slew of acoustic drum libraries (including Addictive Drums 2). Instead of the Komplete collection of synths, I have pretty well mastered Zebra 2--I mean, presets are all great and everything, but I haven't used synth presets for a long time (except Init). When you master an instrument like Zebra, presets lose their appeal over the sound you have in your head. For fun I did buy Serum and I have owned Omnisphere for ages. So for me, no, Komplete isn't a great deal. They don't take into account that I have several of their products when they give me the crossgrade price. So I've been content, so to speak, just upgrading over the years the individual packages (when they do their summer 50% upgrade sales). For people just starting out, however, it's a no-brainer--save up, buy it.
  14. Sometimes Dan Draws Clothed People

    Saturday's long pose with model Barry Morse. Charcoal on White Butcher Paper Model: Barry Morse Pose: 2.5 Hours
  15. Secret of Mana

    I think it'd be a lot of fun to do! Along with contributing to the art, I'd be happy to put the book together in InDesign.