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  1. Looking for futuristic animated movies/shows.

    The 2006 French film Renaissance might be interesting to you:     The animation style is different (all B&W, and, well, it's the only French one on this list I think), and it has its detractors. But I thought it was pretty engaging. Any other recommendations I'd have were already mentioned earlier (Jin-Roh, Ghost in the Shell, Animatrix, etc.). KF
  2. MAGFest 2016

      Oh sweet, this is going to be great! (Honestly MAGProm was a bit of a disappointment last year, so I'm looking forward to this again.) KF
  3. Undertale

    Undertale is such an incredible game. In the last month, I've lost track of how many times I've played through the entire story (at least 6). On the surface, it doesn't present itself as a straightforward RPG (right from the tagline "it's a game where nobody has to die"), but the more you play it, the more you understand just how much depth and complexity there is to this game. This says nothing of all the other elements that make it so amazing. The music, the variability, the use of different game mechanics to tell the story, everything... Anyway, I'll try to summarize my experience here. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'm going to use language that's generic enough, but would carry more meaning to those who've played the game once or twice already:My first time, I figured I'd spare all the main characters to see the story unfold, and level up on the random encounters. Now I regret that.My second time, I didn't lay a hand on anyone, and why do I still feel remorse over the first time I played through?!My third time, ok, I'll be perfect and pretend like the other times never happened. Yay! Everyone's happy! ...I hope?...ok let me reload and try that again.My fifth time, I'm now curious... what happens if you spare no one? ...I had a bad time....ok let me erase everything and pretend like that never happened.My seventh time, ok, I'll be perfect again and pretend like the other times never happened. Yay! Everyone's--WTF.......I can't bring myself to hurt anyone in the game anymore. ...I'm going to take a break.(*@$^*(@ ANNOYING DOGS KF
  4. Action & Tactical RPGs

      Oh I remember that! And the same thing almost happened to me my first game. I've grown up with Civ-like games (well, I've been playing Civilization ever since the very first one, and still have my copies of everything from Civ2 onwards), so for the first, oh, 80% of the game I was still in my "every castle must have at least two defenders" mode before finally giving that up and massing my generals towards the front -- just before that event happened (if I recall, I think I held them off with a few weaker generals to buy enough time for one of my larger forces to get back). In later games, since you know when it'll occur, you can more easily prepare for it. With DF2, same deal except I didn't know exactly when and where those surprises would come from, so I just adopted more of a cautious strategy.   Yeah, Dragon Force does throw you a few yorkers to keep things interesting... KF
  5. I still need to listen a few more times through to give my full opinion, but so far I must say most of the tracks are just amazing. It's really what I hoped for.   One thing specific though:   Ok seriously all of Poolside's songs do that to me, too. I was singing "Shine Tonight" in the shower for weeks after that was posted. KF
  6. At MAGClassic, DJP mentioned something about there being one track in the torrent that turned out not to be the final version (though it's fine on both the OCR and album site itself, I think), and suggested re-downloading that.   Is that still the case? And, if so, which track is it? KF
  7. OC ReMix @ MAGClassic 2015!

    I know I mentioned this to y'all, like, thrice over the weekend, but Discocactus was incredible. Like, mind-blowing, completely speechless, I never knew those instruments could be played that well, sort of incredible.   I really hope y'all continue to be invited back to more MAGFests, classic or otherwise. That was easily the highlight of the entire weekend. I'm looking forward to an EP or LP one of these days too, if that's in the cards {^^}.   Can't wait to see everyone at the main event next February! KF
  8. Action & Tactical RPGs

    Oh wow, I can't believe I forgot to mention this one. I played a ton of this after it was released -- even though I just went through once with each of the 8 rulers. It does have a fair amount of replay value, since each ruler has a different storyline and conquest progression, although once you stumble upon a few winning strategies and learn which enemy types are strong/weak to each other, it becomes a bit easy to totally steamroll the AI.   I've also played some of Dragon Force 2, but just with one leader. The sequel never got a US release I think, so it's Japanese-only. The strategy is a bit expanded (you can have two enemy types in the same army -- e.g., harpies and archers are a great combination -- there are more types in the first place, and the general types matter more). However, the feel of the game is pretty similar to the first, and it is easy to steamroll the AI after about the midpoint of the game. KF
  9. OC ReMix @ MAGClassic 2015!

    I'll be there, and looking forward to seeing all y'all who I don't already see often enough. KF
  10. Action & Tactical RPGs

    When I think Tactical RPG, I think more along the lines of Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem. Assuming that's what you have in mind, the main series that stands out for me is Shining Force.   Shining Force I & II are both Genesis games. They're fun, but admittedly there is a bit of level-grinding around the middle (though nowhere near as bad as FF Tactics). If I didn't play them emulated with the ability to speed up things, it probably would've been a little more irritating. Nevertheless, the strategy is good, and the fact that nearly all battles are story-related (i.e., very few random encounters) helps to keep it from feeling repetitive.   Shining Force III is one of my favorites. It contains a very epic story that spans across three episodes. That is, there are three separate games, each of which is from a different character's perspective, and they're interrelated such that certain events in one game affect certain events in the next. The strategy is challenging, and while it doesn't require leveling up per se, I did find it really difficult without a bit of grinding. Unfortunately, there are two major down-side: it's only for Saturn, and only the first episode was ever translated. (...I have a Japanese Saturn and all three episodes, so this wasn't a problem in my case, but the rarity might make it prohibitively expensive.)     So, well, if it's not apparent from my signature and name I can elaborate a bit on this {^^}. To give a few 10-second reviews of the games (not counting imports)... - Lunar: Silver Star Story (PS1): Major overhaul of the first Lunar game (The Silver Star for SCD). Feels like a classic JRPG though with a richer backstory and mythology. It's not my favorite of the series, but it sets up the universe and is relatively the easiest one to find. I didn't find it terribly difficult, but I've heard varying opinions on the challenge level. - Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete (PS1): Remake of the second Lunar game (Eternal Blue for SCD). This is a more epic and longer JRPG and goes deeper into the background of the world. This is my favorite of the series, though it's better to have played SSS first. This is also one of the more challenging games of the series, though not as difficult as the original SCD version. - Lunar: The Silver Star (SCD): The original and first Lunar game. This was ahead of its time in terms of the music (which is fantastic), voice acting (...perhaps only so-so by today's standards), and depth of the world. I also like the original more than the remake. The challenge level here isn't too high, though, especially if you're used to more recent RPGs. - Lunar: Eternal Blue (SCD): The original sequel. This and EBC (the remake) are very similar, and (unlike TSS/SSS) the remake added a lot and only removed a few things. This is also possibly the most challenging game of the series, and requires you to consider position, turn order, and a few other factors well beyond "which one's stronger" in battles (unless you toss up your hands and just level-grind). - Lunar: Legend (GBA): Very toned down version of The Silver Star / Silver Star Story. Not worth playing and the challenge level is a complete cakewalk. - Lunar: Dragon Song (DS): THIS GAME DOESN'T EXIST MOVE ALONG NOW - Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (PSP): Toned down version of Silver Star Story with a few added plot points. It's... all right, and gives you the same story, so it's worth it if you can't find Silver Star Story. It's much easier by comparison, though.   I admit my own bias here, considering these games formed a core part of my life. So, I won't go into talking up the games (and don't feel bad if you find them a bit meh). KF
  11. OC ReMix @ MAGClassic 2015!

    Looking forward to it! I don't recognize most of the bands on the roster this time, so I'm glad you mentioned Discocactus. I'll plan to be there {^^}. KF
  12. Best announcement all month {^^}. FF9 is my favorite Final Fantasy, and also my favorite soundtrack of the entire series. I've been waiting for this one since it was first conceptualized, so I can't wait to have a listen. KF
  13. MAGFest 2016

    OK, so I went ahead and booked a room at the Marriott Residence Inn across the street. Maybe we should set up an unofficial OCRverflow block? KF
  14. MAGFest 2016

    Whoa... rooms are sold out *already*? This isn't a misprint or anything (like, they're not withholding rooms or something)?   ...damn. I registered still, but now I'm wondering if I should wait and see if Gaylord rooms will open up, or if I should go ahead and book one of the other rooms at the Residence Inn or Hampton Inn across the street. How is the OCR block gonna work out with this? KF
  15. MAGFest 2016

    Ok you know I'll be there, and (barring unforeseen circumstances) Jenner will also be there.   I'd better go ahead and get the room/reg taken care of tomorrow, now that that's open.   (Oh snap, I'm posting again!) KF