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  1. Obviously, it's not even above 50th percentile.
  2. platinum finally
  3. Yeah definitely something you need to mention to someone who's still struggling to learn what a VST actually is definitely not confusing them at all
  4. Almost every VST that exists will work fine in FL Studio. Super Audio Cart is a Kontakt library, it is built to be run inside of Kontakt. You have to run Super Audio Cart in Kontakt. There is no other way to do it. It's like if you have a Wii U game, you have to have a Wii U to play it. Super Audio Cart is the game, Kontakt is the Wii U. Kontakt itself is a VST, and it will work with any host programs that you can write music in (like FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, and more). Much like any VST's, they will all work in these programs. The only time a VST "doesn't work" is if it's poorly coded and unstable, or if FL Studio itself has some obscure issue in the coding. But for thousands and thousands of VST's this is not an issue. Only a small few. Ableton Live is not a plugin. It isn't an instrument that generates sound or an effect. You can not use it like a VST. It is a host program like FL Studio that you can put VST's inside of, though. So you can use Ableton Live or you can use FL Studio. You pick one.
  5. Kontakt is a VST.
  6. Huh? There's no one by that name who sang on Ori's soundtrack.
  7. It's very L4D2 style, especially where you can revive your incapacitated teammates, the characters are talking to each other while you're clearing waves, etc. Super fun. Overwatch needs a fucking campaign mode already. I dunno dude, it's hard for me to see any complaint about cosmetics and in-game currency systems as legitimate. It doesn't really affect the gameplay.
  8. Yeah, I think I first saw it around last year. I think it was a Knuckles reference,
  9. According to this, since latter half of 2015.
  10. I've spilled water on my keyboard multiple times and I eat messy food over it all the time. It's not so bad. :3
  11. Arby's has been doing this for quite a long time.
  12. Very nice! Though it would be better if it was longer and had a bigger story to tell.
  13. Well, the good news is you already seem to have a pretty strong intuitive sense for how to balance your sounds (and also just how to write music that works). In that track you linked, only the saxophones really stick out to me as bad. That being said, you can't get free saxophones that sound better than that; it's just not gonna happen. Anything that would sound better would take a lot of work, and that's work that someone would sell it for to make money on.
  14. It's more a matter of questioning why you say you "don't get" the complaint. Do you not understand the complaint, or do you simply not agree it's a common issue? Saying "I don't understand" can imply the issues are not important, or more extensively that it's other people's fault that the software had issues, or that the issues they have are not valid issues, etc. You can think it's good software, and recommend it, but still recognize that many people have had a lot of problems with it. It seemed you were implying that since the software worked for you, the fact that other people had issues is confounding and suspect; I wanted to point out I thought that was pretty illogical way to navigate the topic. As for the "now" situation, you were remarking on the complaints you'd seen for years, and the PLAY update was only recent, so I was responding to that specific observation (which has everything to do with old PLAY and nothing to do with the new one). To clarify, I don't mean a consensus that everyone thinks it's bad software, I mean a consensus insofar as everyone is aware that PLAY has pretty rocky, inconsistent experiences with people. If you ask a lot of those esteemed composers you're talking about if they like PLAY and it's good, they might say yes, but if you ask them if they knew that other people have issues with it, concerning RAM, voice playback, etc.. unless they don't involve themselves in the VI community much, I'd venture they would tell you they're aware of that. Furthermore, a lot of customers in VI industry aren't the loud and proud people you see on VI-C, and a lot of them aren't professionals. They might not afford finely tuned workstation rigs where PLAY's performance issues didn't matter, and that's definitely a factor here. I can tell you for example, the largest % of ISW customers (that we've been able to poll, anyway...) consider themselves hobbyists. I love it more when people come out of hiding just to scream about how people behave on the forums, making themselves out to be the exact douchebags they're trying to call out.