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  1. What genre of music fits each style of Sonic best?

    City Escape is probably one of the best rock songs, ever. Checks all the boxes.
  2. What genre of music fits each style of Sonic best?

    I feel bad for anyone who thinks Crash 40's Sonic music is bad.
  3. Uh... this thread is 7 years old?
  4. OverClocked ReTreat

    No, they're not.
  5. OverClocked ReTreat

    Assuming the costs are decent, I would be down for this.
  6. Native Access with Kontakt 5???

    Mega Brass is not a Kontakt player library, you don't need to use the add library button. You can drag it onto Kontakt directly. "it won't even let me browse for files" Can you give me a screenshot of what happens when you attempt this?
  7. Hey guys, I wish to sell off my Embertone solo strings. I have the first 3 entries, selling them for $85 a piece, or $250 as a whole bundle. Once you have these you could complete your bundle to get the Leonid Bass, and you'd come out cheaper in the end than the whole bundle. I think. They don't reveal the details of complete your bundle pricing so I'm not 100% sure. REGARDLESS: $85 - Friedlander Violin $85 - Fischer Viola $85 - Blakus Cello OR $250 for all.
  8. How to follow

    I don't think you know what dark humor means.
  9. I want to build you a computer

    How reasonable is it to get a build like: -killer processing (blazing GHz + multicore, for audio) -performs well in real-time audio processing (I've seen weird stories of systems with seemingly good specs that perform terribly with real-time audio because of awful latency in internal components) -lot of RAM (like 64, or 128) -lot of USB ports (peripherals like music gear, drawing tablet, etc) -super silent, and cool -a lot of M.2 and/or PCIe SSD storage (for excessively optimizing sample lib + project load speeds) -small form factor, like ITX -support 4 monitors, but graphics dont have to be like, pc gaming quality. I just need screen real estate, not so much any 3d rendering power What kind of things are less realistic or would cost the most, here? Asking for next year, when I move circa August 2018.
  10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    As I put in my post as an EDIT a while ago, it is a Switch bug.
  11. What type of promotion is best for a music artist?

    I was talking about the metaphorized roofers being musicians, not actual roofers, sorry. And can you quit it with the drama already? It's really played out, and you ruin a lot of threads with it. To clarify, most of my post was directed at Meteo, not you.
  12. What type of promotion is best for a music artist?

    I don't really believe for a second there are bad roofers getting work. EDIT: Following the analogy which doesn't apply 100%, I mean to say, musicians. Getting work is not just about your "musical skill", however you want to measure that. It's about networking and being ready for opportunities. No one just sits there and get work piled on them because they're lucky. The only time you get a gig without working to secure it is from pre-existing relationships or referrals, which come from work in networking or previous work with a client. The fixation on "hard work" is silly. It's not about "hard work", it's about "smart work". Doing the correct kind of work, when it's appropriate. Being patient and having plans. If you're a "busy idiot", which is an expression that means you are working hard in the wrong places, you won't see success. It doesn't matter how hard you work if you're doing the wrong work.
  13. What type of promotion is best for a music artist?

    I don't really know many people in the industry who got where they were by being lucky instead of having the patience and intelligence to find and seize opportunities. The latter may not be "hard work", but it's certainly not random, which is what you're implying. There are pretty commonly agreed upon strategies to succeed it in the industry, just not everyone has the willpower or patience to consistently follow through with them over a course of many years. It's not easy work, dare I say, it is... hard work after all. So not "everyone would do them". That's only assuming they're easy strategies, which they're not. They're very demanding and not everyone is up for them. That's actually why I quit trying! I can see myself succeeding as a game composer, I'd also have to sell my soul a bit and slave away at cold emails and pay out the ass for networking events. Can't handle it. So I don't, and found an opportunity elsewhere in a different industry. But you don't see me being cranky and cynical and butthurt about it everytime someone asks for career advice.
  14. Overwatch

    1v6 with a 4-5 KD ratio. Admirable.