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  1. As I put in my post as an EDIT a while ago, it is a Switch bug.
  2. I was talking about the metaphorized roofers being musicians, not actual roofers, sorry. And can you quit it with the drama already? It's really played out, and you ruin a lot of threads with it. To clarify, most of my post was directed at Meteo, not you.
  3. I don't really believe for a second there are bad roofers getting work. EDIT: Following the analogy which doesn't apply 100%, I mean to say, musicians. Getting work is not just about your "musical skill", however you want to measure that. It's about networking and being ready for opportunities. No one just sits there and get work piled on them because they're lucky. The only time you get a gig without working to secure it is from pre-existing relationships or referrals, which come from work in networking or previous work with a client. The fixation on "hard work" is silly. It's not about "hard work", it's about "smart work". Doing the correct kind of work, when it's appropriate. Being patient and having plans. If you're a "busy idiot", which is an expression that means you are working hard in the wrong places, you won't see success. It doesn't matter how hard you work if you're doing the wrong work.
  4. I don't really know many people in the industry who got where they were by being lucky instead of having the patience and intelligence to find and seize opportunities. The latter may not be "hard work", but it's certainly not random, which is what you're implying. There are pretty commonly agreed upon strategies to succeed it in the industry, just not everyone has the willpower or patience to consistently follow through with them over a course of many years. It's not easy work, dare I say, it is... hard work after all. So not "everyone would do them". That's only assuming they're easy strategies, which they're not. They're very demanding and not everyone is up for them. That's actually why I quit trying! I can see myself succeeding as a game composer, I'd also have to sell my soul a bit and slave away at cold emails and pay out the ass for networking events. Can't handle it. So I don't, and found an opportunity elsewhere in a different industry. But you don't see me being cranky and cynical and butthurt about it everytime someone asks for career advice.
  5. 1v6 with a 4-5 KD ratio. Admirable.
  6. They're in the japanese, what are you talking about? All of the powers have it. EDIT: Looks like it's a Switch user bug. I play on Wii U and they're in there.
  7. Obviously, it's not even above 50th percentile.
  8. platinum finally
  9. Yeah definitely something you need to mention to someone who's still struggling to learn what a VST actually is definitely not confusing them at all
  10. Almost every VST that exists will work fine in FL Studio. Super Audio Cart is a Kontakt library, it is built to be run inside of Kontakt. You have to run Super Audio Cart in Kontakt. There is no other way to do it. It's like if you have a Wii U game, you have to have a Wii U to play it. Super Audio Cart is the game, Kontakt is the Wii U. Kontakt itself is a VST, and it will work with any host programs that you can write music in (like FL Studio, Reason, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Studio One, and more). Much like any VST's, they will all work in these programs. The only time a VST "doesn't work" is if it's poorly coded and unstable, or if FL Studio itself has some obscure issue in the coding. But for thousands and thousands of VST's this is not an issue. Only a small few. Ableton Live is not a plugin. It isn't an instrument that generates sound or an effect. You can not use it like a VST. It is a host program like FL Studio that you can put VST's inside of, though. So you can use Ableton Live or you can use FL Studio. You pick one.
  11. Kontakt is a VST.
  12. Huh? There's no one by that name who sang on Ori's soundtrack.
  13. It's very L4D2 style, especially where you can revive your incapacitated teammates, the characters are talking to each other while you're clearing waves, etc. Super fun. Overwatch needs a fucking campaign mode already. I dunno dude, it's hard for me to see any complaint about cosmetics and in-game currency systems as legitimate. It doesn't really affect the gameplay.
  14. Yeah, I think I first saw it around last year. I think it was a Knuckles reference,