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  1. Is anyone already doing the Apex main theme?
  2. Because she asked for free and ours cost money.
  3. Check it out, and vote if you feel inclined! There's a lot of nominees though, just to warn you. The music in the posted video is early prototype stuff. I've been working on all new music with interactivity and such.
  4. Yeah, all bundles do, all the time. Black Friday's the easiest safe assumption, but there are others.
  5. I guess I should've put one at the end of mine too.
  6. Same here, no issues Windows 10 with any VST's. Studio One has its own beef with some plugins though.
  7. But what they're doing IS fine, and if only people would recognize that, it would work out great for them.
  8. So, you're looking for plugins, right? BreakTweaker and Stutter Edit from iZotope are solid. I have SE, it's insane. \ Obvious "wtf $$$" but I got it on sale for $50 recently; so it may not end your search here right now but something to look out for in the future.
  9. First of all, it's too compressed, but secondly, the velocities DO need some work. If you've ever recorded playing piano into a DAW, you'd notice a lot of velocities are like... really low. Like below 80. There's some parts that don't really sound like they're phrased. You need to keep an idea of what are the dominant musical ideas happening. Harmonic rhythmic support needs to be quieter than melodies and short little phrases and any other kind of linear motion you're trying to bring out. Sometimes you have these long stretch of harmonic changes like at 1:50 but it doesn't sound like there's any long term planning on how the pianist is managing the phrasing. Crescendo over the whole thing? Or maybe crescendo certain patterned parts of it? Now when I say crescendo, I DON'T mean just do straight up lines in the velocities. You still have to manage the balance of voices (top to bottom, what's the prominent line, etc) I hear nothing, no kind of handling the musical ideas, and this is just not how people perform music. They're always doing something, they're not just playing the notes measure to measure. If you can send me a MIDI of the part at 1:50, I can perform it for you and show you what I mean.
  10. CSS is better for a beginner because it covers more and has better playability. CS2 kind of touches on all the main articulations, but doesn't really cover them that adequately. For example, CS2 has legato but it's very subtle, and there's no control over it. CSS has 3 distinct speeds of legato (which all sound very, VERY good) and it depends on note velocity. CS2 has staccatos and staccatissimos, but no spiccatos. Spiccatos is a really common short for strings in modern popular music, so not the best omission. CSS, on the other hand, has it. CSS also has marcato, which is LEGATO enabled which is FANTASTIC because it means you can do legato phrases with sharp, bite-y playing instead of just the normal lyrical stuff you hear in most libs. It also has a Con Sordino simulation. If you're spending in the ballpark of this range of money you should invest in something really good so you're not left wanting more and spending more later. CS2 was my favorite string lib for a while, and CSS just improves on its spirit by magnitudes. Here's a tone comparison published on SLR:
  11. He's asking a very general organizational culture thing; how does a business establish a mindset and workflow to achieve a goal, which is creating something to high quality standards such that it's superior to stuff it competes with. The answer is like... it really depends what kind of company it is. At Impact Soundworks, we don't really have a system or established framework; we just hire people who care a lot about the work we're doing, and so we naturally try to do it as well as possible, and better than everyone else. It's just natural motivation. But that's because we're tiny and our business basically depends on something we release being top dog in whatever kind of novel thing it excels at. Or else... people don't buy it, and that's months of effort wasted. In other words, achieving "superior value" is a survival need.
  12. We really should do something like this as an extension of the Super Audio Cart project, and as a proper resource. @djpretzel @zircon
  13. Recordings are copyrighted. We can not sample any sound chip that is sample based and have Super Audio Cart remain legally clean and free to use without royalty payments. All SAC sounds are created from sampling synthesis hardware (generated waveforms), not sampling any sound chips that store samples. For example, the SNES sounds are 100% original sourced recordings that simply are converted to a format suitable for use on the SNES, and then sampled in that form, they are not recording the sounds of actual game soundtracks.
  14. Komplete 10 is discontinued. Komplete in general never has a Black Friday discount. Your best bet is to buy it from a retailer like Guitar Center where they do cyber monday % discounts based on how much $$$ you spend.