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  1. An acoustic album of arrangements of the Americana Dawn music has been out already for a couple years. Also, I imagine someone who wrote music would have a very easy time "midirip"ing it... Composers don't really do that regardless, they tend to just organically rewrite stuff instead of grabbing MIDI's from past projects.
  2. Overwatch. Where it's possible to obtain technological super powers and become a funny and charming god of war. Isle Delfino from Mario Sunshine for that s u c c u l e n t s e a f o o d. @DarkeSword talked about Mario Kart beach locations, they're (at least, the more recent generation of games) are often based on Isle Delfino's aesthetic. Also, the world of Assassin's Creed, just to soak in the alternate world history where every major world event had something to do with the hidden (and for a good portion, religious) conflict between assassins and templars.
  3. I think @JenZ is going
  4. What he was saying is that it doesn't make a difference whether it's "just a few samples here and there" or more prolific use; the company can still find it objectionable even if it's "just a little bit" and be in their right to claim on it, like you said.
  5. Absolutely fantastic read. @Brandon Strader you'd be interested in this as well.
  6. After my legality concerns were addressed, and OCR staff has now agreed that a revised submissions agreement and 501c3 filing is necessary moving forward, I'd also like to do the same, DusK. I encourage the YT ads.
  7. This is not off-topic, this is stemming from DJP's invitation for people (who Brandon is talking about) who have a problem with the YT policy to step forth and say their opinion; which so far, still hasn't happened, all that's happened is digging up snippets of out-of-context posts from alternate media in attempt to support the claim that a majority of the community does not like the YT policy. And some of them don't even have anything to do with the YT policy. They're just generic "OCR is dumb lol who would join OCR"
  8. Specific names I don't really care about for any active reason, but in anonymity the concerns are noise. Are these community reactions or just reactions of random internet people on theshizz or otherwise after Brandon told them excessive and patently untrue distortion of what OCR is actually doing? Just read the comments, a great majority of them sound like people who are not members of the community, but rather people outside of the community who have issues with it (people who have existed since OCR started).
  9. If people want to have their voices heard, they need to make them heard; otherwise it's just noise from the void. If these people aren't going to back up anything they say, or inform themselves of what's actually going on outside of what Brandon Strader is framing it to be, their concerns are moot.
  10. Let's have the names of these people. Come on, bring em forth. If they have any legitimate issue, they should have no fear of making the argument themselves. Bring them in to participate in the discussion.
  11. He said it's always been infringement, not it's always been illegal. He said if website ads were ruled illegal, than so would YT ads. And he also said if website ads were ruled legal, than so would YT ads. Fair Use and copyright infringement are not mutually exclusive. Fair Use is a defense for a category of copyright infringement that has been cleared by a court of law; in other words, it's infringement, but the judge says it's okay if he thinks it's Fair Use. OCR has always operated in this manner. Your own arrangements operate in this manner whether or not you make a single cent on them for ANY reason. All of your video game arrangements are copyright infringement, and always have been, and will continue to be even if OCR shut down Patreon, turned off the donation service, and took down all ads everywhere. Nothing you say can get you out of it. It doesn't matter if you release the music for free and non-profit outside of OCR, it's still infringement. Even if it's Fair Use, it's still infringement. There is nothing inconsistent between what Larry and Zircon said.
  13. I'd like to defend Brandon Strader's claim, and this is the only reasonable defense: