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  1. Why fix your problem when you can throw money at it instead?
  2. You can say that again. Side note: don't call yourself a "grown man". Saying "grown men don't make subtle jabs at each other" demonstrates you've actually never been in the real world and have never hung out with "grown men". Again, when you're ready to make coherent sense and try to learn something from people who have extraordinarily more experience and skills than you (and actually understand how computers work), then we'll still be here. Until then, don't start threads and then act like a jackass to people who take time out of their busy days to help you understand a pittance of what you're talking about. P.S. Stop using Sampletank 3. Eliminating your system being at fault (for the incredibly idiotic reasons you've put forth), Sampletank is the only possible culprit left.
  3. Grades show that you can follow directions and please other peoples' arbitrary standards of what your art/design should end up like. So they don't actually matter from a standpoint of resume-style evaluation, but learning how to please instructors is good practice for learning how to please clients, and far easier because when you argue with an instructor they'll know what the hell you're talking about. So it's not important to show other people how good your grades are, but it is important to be able to get them. A common rationalization of slacking grades is it's for stuff you don't like, and doing stuff you like will turn out better. It's a rare case where your work doing what you love will only ever be doing it for things you like. Professionally speaking, you're going to end up working on some crappy stuff time to time, or working for crappy people. Learn to put up with it and excel despite it now -- this is coming from experience. Another important thing to note is that grades at the right school under the right instructors ensure you're actually learning industry standard skills. Again, clients don't care, but you should. You're not gonna find those skills outside of learning them from people. tl;dr learning how to earn good grades is good practice for learning how to deal with other peoples' standards they set for you
  4. I find it ironic that you quoted that considering how you responded to it in the source thread.
  5. There's something else entirely that's actually holding you back, but it's bad form to say it in public.  Here's an attached image that uses facts and simple experimentation to blast your claim. As you can see, it has loaded 7.6GB of samples (more than your computer can actually hold) from resource-intensive library METROPOLIS ARK 1, playing a thick voicing of Cmaj7#11 sent to all 12 ensembles that totals around 228 voices. Also, this is Kontakt DFD, which only stores sample attacks in memory. When notes are played, actual full samples are called directly from disk (DFD). That places strain and load on my disk path, so I got an SSD (what Flex said earlier) to make that not an issue. My CPU usage sits at 16%. All 8 threads are being used just fine because I enabled multi threaded processing, on an i7 that predates your i5. Assuming losing hyperthreading means the usage per core doubles (that's not actually how computers work, by the way), that's still 36% for a big RAM heavy sample project in FL Studio. No pops, no clicks. So to answer your question: "good DAW that can take advantage of modern computers?" Try FL Studio. It's pretty cool, lots of people use it. Handles big samples and multi-core processors really well. Decent learning curve, lot of remixers and professionals use it.
  6. MAGFest 2016

    I'm lookin' mighty fresh for MAGProm.
  7. Your Hidden Gems?

  8. Tell me, what other applications in your computer process real-time audio? Clearly a lot, because the video explained the difference between real-time computations and normal computations. "My computer works fine outside of FL Studio" because non-audio programs don't demand real-time processing. I'm not going to explain how it's different; I already linked you an excellent explanation.
  9. Need a recommendation for a surround sound headset

      The issue with emulating direct ear is that it's usually done via HRTF, and the HRTF is good enough to appeal on a general use-case basis, but isn't nearly as good as actual surround. I'm not going to get into the insane details as to why, but basically it's because everyone has a different shaped head/ear geometry. When using HRTF's, it's done using IR of a recorded stereo pair with some average dummy head geometry. It doesn't actually work for everyone, though; two people hearing the same IR convolved HRTF sound won't hear the same effect. Because their head geometries are different, the phase differences that would occur to one person hearing sound are not the same as the ones of another person. To one person, it's fully immersive 3D, to the other, it's kinda skirting a bit around their head and sounding comb-filtered. Which brings up another point; 3D emulation kills sound quality, since it's intentionally damaged sound (phase filtered) to try and appeal to your ears instead of having pure sounds come from the actual locations and letting nature do the work for you. Cue the ensuing joy when you're developing a 3D DSP module for a project and the 3D effect doesn't work on your boss.  P.S. I kind of interchangeably mixed up "3D emulation" and "surround emulation", they're both not great, and surround emulation is actually worse.
  10. Guitar settings in FL Studio?
  11. Real-time computer performance is dependent on how fast your devices in the computer communicate with each other. You have a good processor, and 8GB RAM is plenty, so it is likely that if with max ASIO buffer you audio dropouts, something is deficient in your computer.    
  12. Apex 2016 Album

    hit me up fam
  13. Apex 2016 Album

    Put me down for Street Fighter V.
  14. It doesn't have explicit slap samples, but it has very aggressive loud notes and they have similar tonal content to a slap. So you won't get super funky fresh slap riffs, but you can still have loud, accents that sound similar. Listen to the demos, and you'll see what I mean.