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  1. yeah re-recording the vocals are top priority. it's a hard song to sing for some reason, i really have NO idea why i'm so pitchy in this one. my gf says i'm just trying to hard, lol. thanks for the comment rozovian, i can't wait to get this shit on the front page
  2. Ok this song is getting closer and closer to being done. I think I'm close to calling it "Finished", still need to do adlibs and re-record the vocals (I didn't realize I was letting my breath go after every lyrics. God damnit also not hitting notes. ). It's getting really hard to give this one a polished sound - I don't know if it's because I have too much going on or what.. but I might take a break from it and come back in a couple of days. Please comment any of the good or bad stuff, i love to hear it. NEW LINK: https://app.box.com/s/5jbuhtoq3aplcnf1kn7k0be1mklfkgny
  3. Source: OLD LINK: https://app.box.com/s/0bavhwkcnem49jjz8fj9pq6t40asxrkn LATEST VERSION: https://app.box.com/s/5jbuhtoq3aplcnf1kn7k0be1mklfkgny Something I've put some work into over the past week. I'm really like this one so far. This is one I'm not going to be putting to the sidelines. I promise. Vocals will be re-done with some pitch correction and ad-libs. EDIT: Closer to getting done on the composition side of things. Above link should still work. Still need to re-do vocals. Just laying down melody is all haha. That falsetto in the bridge is gonna be a pain in the ass to hit, might just do some edit magic. EDIT2: I did more vocal work, still need to do adlibs. I think it's coming along well. Hopefully I'll be finished with this on Thursday edit3: Info below. Here's some lyrics: Wake me Pushing out to escape we Need a reason to live My minds on the fringe I'm crying in desparation So break me If you're not gonna save me I'm pushing again The lives that we spend You're telling me over and over again Run away, run away Maybe I was wrong to stay Run away, run away Were these memories made in vein I'm broken to pieces So why can't you understand? Our time is coming to an end Run away, run away Maybe I should turn to say Run away, run away Were these memories made in vein?
  4. Apocalypse Demo

    Movie trailer music for a project that went under. It sucks that it did, but I really liked it and hope other people would like to hear it https://app.box.com/s/1a4ah3oyerkj452788vcgubynjcbwe1h
  5. Today's "Pro Tip"

    Something I've been doing, though it's time consuming, is just taking off all plugins I've put on during composition and "restarting" the mix. It gives me a fresh outlook on a mix, and I force myself to use limited tools during this process so that I'm not bogging down my mix with useless stuff. Ideally, I should be mixing after composition, but it's a bad habit I'm in the process of breaking. I just want these reverbs and compressors on my synths now!!!
  6. DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of choice?

    It really just depends on you as a person, IMO. I don't think I'll ever switch from FL Studio because it just clicks with me, and I find the stock plugins (compression, EQ, etc.) to be fantastic on there own (Though stock plugins on any DAW are going to be good) You're just going to have to do a little searching to find good samples and sounds unless you just want to make electronic music. It's great for that. But this may be different for you, you may prefer Reason, Studio One, or even Pro Tools if you're doing a lot of recording. My suggestion is to pick 3 separate DAW's that interest you, and then download the trial versions of all of them. Find what clicks with you the most (What you enjoy using the most), and then stick with that DAW. Learn the ins-and-outs, the shortcuts, the tricks, etc. and learn a whole lot about the mixing process and what everything is doing to your mix. (especially EQ and Compression). I can guarantee you that if you find a DAW that you really like, you won't ever have to switch around. BAD IDEA, unless you're using something like Garage Band, you'll probably want to upgrade that eventually. You can still get great mixes out of it though
  7. Pearls Before Swine

    i love the feeling of this one. the soundscape creates a mysterious vibe that's pleasant to listen too.
  8. How Fucked Up

    Practically done, just need to re-track some vocals and add some instruments towards the end since it kind of gets boring. I probably won't release the final version (like Facades) until the EP is out.. https://app.box.com/s/u1orz0yyukg3qqes6ekxzvcab4iyexs9 Lyrics: I've set aside myself for you I'm not too sure you understand I was sitting here Thinking over what we could (Live my life for you) Take this pain with us or Separate ourselves from these mistakes Don't talk about it. I've got a score to set with you I'm not too sure you wanna stay I was watching as my Lies were being put into place Chaos raining down We tried too hard to run away from this Don't talk about it I was sitting here Thinking over what we could do Maybe hoping there could be Something between me and you I was watching as my Lies were being put into place Chaos raining down We tried too hard to run away from this I'm not too sure you understand Just how fucked up I really am I was watching as my Lies were being put into place Chaos raining down We tried too hard to run away from this
  9. I really appreciate the feedback Cyril. My teacher actually mentioned the swooping thing back in my lessons, i just forgot i was doing it haha. The vibrato thing you mention i think is coming from a lack of breath control. I was taught to speak, project, and thing sing to learn where to take breaths, I'm just concerned about being too loud and forceful in my singing. I'll post an update when I get some drum bass and vocal work done, and let you know. Thanks again
  10. Funky Joint!

    nice flow!
  11. Link:https://app.box.com/s/qy2ypsucjoiw3fwbm3xlbmzy2loi8pm0 Hey guys, I'm working on an EP to be released by May 5 this year. I posted on the facebook group for some online vocal lessons, but I'm probably gonna have to get my hands dirty and just go do some more at a nearby school (expensive! lol). But I figured while I wait for that, maybe people here wouldn't mind giving a review in the meantime. Tell me things you like, hate, etc. I realize the last line I sing is a little off, it was kind of rushed, sorry about that! If you are a seasoned singer I'd love to hear some comments thank you. Lyrics
  12. adding some finishing touches on the invisible concrete mix to submit, so i figured i'd go ahead and post this one here. if anyone wants to collaborate, or has any ideas, let me know, 'cause I really don't know where to take this one. it's been in my folder for about 4 months untouched. Source: remix: https://app.box.com/s/lct029wckujmpmngodsbq57gka7aen02
  13. wip Invisible Concrete - Mega Man 9 Remix

    Wow. Thanks for such a detailed response! I'll start working on those things next.
  14. wip Invisible Concrete - Mega Man 9 Remix

    I spent about 4 hours putting this thing together again. I'm definitely planning on resubmitting it to the panel, I just wanted some other ears on it. I haven't made any music in a looong time due to not having a computer. There are some things I'll need to change, especially that synth solo thats in the background towards the end. Just don't have any ideas for it at the moment. Let me know what you think. I'm still not sure what to do about the drums. The panel said they were too repetitive even after adding a bunch of fills and variation. Let me know if you got any ideas... even if someone wants to collab on this that would be cool. https://app.box.com/s/uslv4x4h12i0e72hrcozfmaya8y25o6m
  15. Undertale

    So I tried searching and couldn't find a topic on this for some reason, and was curious on everyone's opinion of this game. (if there is a topic, this can be locked) From Wikipedia: "Undertale is a role-playing video game developed and published by Toby Fox under his pseudonym tobyfox. The game was released on 15 September 2015. The game has received critical acclaim from video game critics, with particular praise for its humor. Undertale features traditional role-playing video game gameplay with several differences. The player has the option to either fight their enemy or spare them. When fighting, the player must time their key presses to do more damage, and enemy attacks must be avoided in a short bullet hell style mini-game. The player can also perform many nonviolent actions on enemies such as talking to them, consoling them, or flirting with them, making the enemies not want to fight back. If this is done correctly, the player can spare the enemies and the fight will end." It was recently released after being kickstarted a while back. It's basically an Earthbound-inspired RPG with a fun battle system, amazing (I mean AMAZING) boss fights, and great story (witty, charming, sad, happy, dark, all over the place). Anyone played it yet? Thoughts, opinions? I think OCR would specifically enjoy this for the soundtrack. It's even labled with the tag "great soundtrack" under Steam. I can't wait until some OCReMixes pop up from this game, they're gonna be great.