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    I love remixing as a side hobby for when I have plenty of free time. Otherwise, I do graphics design, video production, web design and stuff.

    Recently I adopted an ambient, glitch, and complex style, but I have materials for multiple styles. If you need effects processing, drum programming, miscellaneous sound design, or mixing help, feel free to come see me! I'd be happy to help refine the mixing on your song. All I'd ask in return is for you to tell others about me if you liked what I did with you, but only if you want to.

    If you want me to help you with something, I have these resources:
    FL Studio defaults
    Various drum samples & free soundfonts
    NI Kontakt 4 & 5 (I kept both for compatibility)
    EWQL Stormdrum + Ra + Symphonic Orchestra Gold
    Audiobro LA Scoring Strings
    Embertone Friedlander Violin + Blakus Cello
    ISW Shreddage X + II + Bass 1 + Drums
    Gospel Musicians Neo-Soul Keys
    Nick Rodes (sic)
    Evolution Electric Guitar & Acoustic Guitar
    ISW Resonance Emotional Mallets
    ISW Bravura Scoring Brass
    ISW Cinematic Synthetic Drums & Juggernaut
    ISW Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano
    ISW Groove Bias Drums
    ISW Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design
    ISW Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion
    ISW Plectra Series: Highland Harps, Turkish Oud
    ISW Pearl: Concert Grand
    Heavyocity Damage
    Crypto Cipher Tarangs & Voices Of Ragas Vol 2
    NI Guitar Rig 4 & 5 (I kept both for compatibility)
    u-he Zebra (I make my own patches on it very often)
    u-he FilterscapeVA & Filterscape (FX)
    u-he Uhbik
    Xfer Records Serum
    ArtsAcoustic Reverb
    NI Massive
    NI FM8 & FM8 FX
    4Front TruePianos
    Spectrasonics Trilogy & Trilian
    White Noise Zero Vector
    Cytomic The Glue
    endorphin compressor
    iZotope Stutter Edit
    dBlue Glitch
    VoS Stuff (Density MKIII, TesslaPro MKII, ThrillseekerLA, FerricTDS, NastyDLA MKII)
    TLs-Pocket Limiter
    New Sonic Arts Granite
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    Truong-Son "Timaeus" (Tim-AHY-uhs) Nguyen
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    Independent Tech Services (Mixing/Mastering, Video Production, GFX Design, Web Design)
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    FL Studio
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    Zebra2, TruePianos, TLs-Pocket Limiter, dBlue Glitch, ArtsAcoustic Reverb, The Glue, endorphin, Density MKIII, NastyDLA MKII; Juggernaut, Resonance: Emotional Mallets, Damage Drums
  • Composition & Production Skills
    Arrangement & Orchestration
    Drum Programming
    Mixing & Mastering
    Synthesis & Sound Design
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    Tenor+Baritone; Nuanced sound design

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  1. I don't have much to say, actually. Sounds pretty darn good; I would just check the last notes, and make sure they don't end as abruptly, as the whistle stops early.
  2. Starter Headphones...

    If you want the most "honest" sound, try first plugging it in directly. You don't strictly need an audio interface if you know the headphones should be good already. Mainly what those provide is further fine-tunability for the frequency distribution you get, as well as giving you an additional volume control (more precise than your computer gives you, probably). Having an audio interface, however, does give you more flexibility, so it could help. [What I would do if you do want to use an audio interface is to try to match what you get when you plug in the headphones directly with what you get when the interface is in between the headphones and the PC (then adjust from there).]
  3. Starter Headphones...

    I had the 250-ohm version, which did need a headphone amp to get up to normal listening volumes. Lower impedance values means it is easier to get up to normal volumes. So, no, the 32-ohm version won't require an amp.
  4. Mascots Covering User Dropdown

    This is what I mean; after you drag an image file in (where the paper clip is), simply click the image and it'll go into the post.
  5. Mascots Covering User Dropdown

    @Silverpool You can drag images from your computer onto "Drag files here to attach, or choose files..." in the posting box.
  6. Starter Headphones...

    Well, in general, you should check the impedance on the headphones you choose to buy. If it's large, like 250 ohms, then you would need a headphone amp to get the volume to a normal level. As always, I would actually recommend you save up for the Beyerdynamic DT-880, 32-ohm version if possible. I've been using them for about 5 years now (got them on sale for 51% off), and they have been working especially well. They really helped with mixing bass and upper treble with relative ease; they are semi-closed back, so they don't leak too much bass (unlike open-back), but also don't make it too muffled (unlike closed-back). Something that I couldn't mix properly on my previous headphones (Grado SR-60i) in less than 6 hours, I managed to mix on these in 30 minutes. They give an honest stereo field. Some headphones spread things out too wide... They give an honest representation of the amount of reverb that is actually going on. All of the other headphones I have tried previously exaggerate the reverb to some extent. So those are some of the things you could consider. Here's an example of something I've written using those headphones. I haven't tried the Sony MDR-7506 before, but I would suppose that they are alright. Here's a frequency distribution for three headphones to compare: For a cheaper option than the Beyers, I also recommend checking out the Grado SR60i (open-back); those are sadly discontinued, but you may find them on amazon for roughly $80, or the SR-60e edition should also be as good. You can see from the graph that they are definitely fuller than the MDR-7506, particularly below the midrange and in the upper treble region. I still have them today. Note: yeah, they can get kinda itchy, but once I took the time to break them in, they did help with bass and treble mixing. I used them to write this at one point.
  7. I think I've done a polyrhythm before; an example is at 1:59 - 2:15 in this mix, I have triplet eighths (on the arpeggio) against regular eighth notes (the piano). Hope it helps!
  8. The arrangement was super innovative! I loved how all the different contours made the same melody sound new, and ilp0's performances were on point.
  9. This is a kickin' arrangement! I agree that the drums lack a bit of production punch, but mainly the arrangement flowed pretty well and I never felt the need to skip around. The drum fills were also a great addition.
  10. Wow, excellent work! Really nails the mountainous vibe you were going for! If I had to nitpick, it felt a bit muddy. I liked how the oud (pretty sure it's an oud) fit in though.
  11. Merry Christmas guys, here is a Mega Man Zero 2 Greatest Memories video, showcasing my favorite moments in the Mega Man Zero 2 speedrun I did a few years ago! Features music from @zircon and @WillRock: Mega Man 9 / Mega Man & Bass - 'Charge My Shot Up' (Tornado Man vs. Ground Man) by zircon ~ The Grand Robot Master ReMix Battle 2011 (OC ReMix) Mega Man 2 / Mega Man 9 - 'Showdown' (Flash Man vs. Tornado Man) by WillRock ~ OC ReMix Check out the original speedrun here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIg2ln-_MI8&list=PLDE15AB88E2FF4902
  12. An OverClocked Christmas v.XI

    It was quite full, and memorable!
  13. I need to know if this is normal...

    No problem; actually, that's what has been giving me trouble too for most of when I've been writing music. I write linearly from beginning to end. Sometimes I would have months of breaks between writing a particular remix because I just wait for the inspiration to continue it (but that's just because those didn't have deadlines). Nowadays---and this is an ongoing effort---if I am, say, 90% there on the sound design, I put on hold the hunt for the perfect sounds and just write, knowing that my future self will be able to polish the sounds further later on. The composition, however, is not something I trust my future self to be able to remember, so that's why I would want to get as much of it written out in one session.
  14. OCR03652 - Secret of Mana "Whispers"

    I mean, I get the intent of the whispered vocals, but I would rather they were simply sung, y'know? Kinda awkward that they were whispered loudly. Otherwise I think the vocals actually make sense here and DO aid the soundscape.
  15. OCR03654 - Donkey Kong Country "Fathoms"

    Sweet! I love how the melody is broken up like that. Most people don't change the melodic contour that much for classics.