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    I love remixing as a side hobby for when I have plenty of free time. Otherwise, I do graphics design, video production, web design and stuff.

    Recently I adopted an ambient, glitch, and complex style, but I have materials for multiple styles. If you need effects processing, drum programming, miscellaneous sound design, or mixing help, feel free to come see me! I'd be happy to help refine the mixing on your song. All I'd ask in return is for you to tell others about me if you liked what I did with you, but only if you want to.

    If you want me to help you with something, I have these resources:
    FL Studio defaults
    Various drum samples & free soundfonts
    NI Kontakt 4 & 5 (I kept both for compatibility)
    EWQL Stormdrum + Ra + Symphonic Orchestra Gold
    Audiobro LA Scoring Strings
    Embertone Friedlander Violin + Blakus Cello
    ISW Shreddage X + II + Bass 1 + Drums
    Gospel Musicians Neo-Soul Keys
    Nick Rodes (sic)
    Evolution Electric Guitar & Acoustic Guitar
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    ISW Bravura Scoring Brass
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    ISW Groove Bias Drums
    ISW Celestia: Heavenly Sound Design
    ISW Rhapsody: Orchestral Percussion
    ISW Plectra Series: Highland Harps, Turkish Oud
    ISW Pearl: Concert Grand
    Heavyocity Damage
    Crypto Cipher Tarangs & Voices Of Ragas Vol 2
    NI Guitar Rig 4 & 5 (I kept both for compatibility)
    u-he Zebra (I make my own patches on it very often)
    u-he FilterscapeVA & Filterscape (FX)
    u-he Uhbik
    Xfer Records Serum
    ArtsAcoustic Reverb
    NI Massive
    NI FM8 & FM8 FX
    4Front TruePianos
    Spectrasonics Trilogy & Trilian
    White Noise Zero Vector
    Cytomic The Glue
    endorphin compressor
    iZotope Stutter Edit
    dBlue Glitch
    VoS Stuff (Density MKIII, TesslaPro MKII, ThrillseekerLA, FerricTDS, NastyDLA MKII)
    TLs-Pocket Limiter
    New Sonic Arts Granite
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    Truong-Son "Timaeus" (Tim-AHY-uhs) Nguyen
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    Independent Tech Services (Mixing/Mastering, Video Production, GFX Design, Web Design)
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    Drum Programming
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    Synthesis & Sound Design
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    Tenor+Baritone; Nuanced sound design

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  1. Yeah, I should have said that although sometimes it sounds like loss of breath in the middle of a phrase, having them isn't necessarily a bad thing. So you should use your best judgment whether to keep some of them and whether to make some of them quieter.
  2. Before I even say anything else, didn't @Kat suggest that you shorten the track to focus it more? @Garpocalypse also hinted at it. It looks either the same length or a bit longer. So, you should read back through the feedback more carefully, and note patterns in what people are saying. Consider the issues previously at hand: mechanical sequencing, or lacking expression, or both too long for the amount of arrangement development it has too repetitive (similar partwriting with a lot of copy/paste, with swapped instruments) You should really ask yourself, "did I actually take these feedback into account, or do I just think I did?" Be honest with yourself and really think about it. Some newer composers lead themselves to believe that they took certain feedback into account, when they only believe they did and actually objectively did not. That, and it's been 2 years. Again, I haven't listened to this newer version yet, but I want you to focus your attention on this concern and to think about this.
  3. I still recommend the Beyers, for both quality and comfort. I can use the Beyers for 5+ hours if I wanted to, and not get ear fatigue (sometimes I forget I even have them on).
  4. There's a reason why I hesitate to label something as epic---it's so that I can say it for a ReMix like this! If this is the last Dark Souls ReMix you want to do, at least you blew us out of the water. The dense textures could have easily washed out the mix, and the choir could have felt cheesy or made this sound like any other overly straightforward symphonic piece, but you made it work. The apparent energy stayed fairly constant for the most part, and most of the changing dynamics were in the addition and removal of textures, rather than the variation of the core rhythm, which is probably the only critique I had about this.
  5. OCR03628 - Silver Case "Lunar Phase"

    Kinda reminds me of Phantasy Star Online, crossed with some of the Mega Man Battle Network internet themes. Some nice reverb going on here, and despite the obvious drum loops, I like the atmosphere and there is some reasonable care going on with the realism. Was somewhat disappointed with the fade-out, but that's a minor thing. Overall, I did enjoy it and would recommend it as good chillout music, or background music, say, while studying.
  6. Hey, I think this sounds pretty good! The accompaniment sounds reasonably polished, and Chris's violin sounds great. The first and probably only major crit that comes to mind is the vocal performance. The singer (JoyDreamer?) noticeably takes a breath in the middle of phrases in such a way that it distracts me from the rest of the track (having taken 6+ years of choir, breath control is extremely important). It just sounds like she runs out of breath in the middle of a phrase and then quickly takes in another breath. Those might have been possible to cut out during editing and still result in natural-sounding phrases. Other than that though, two thumbs up from me.
  7. I would definitely recommend the Beyerdynamic DT 880's, specifically the 32 ohm model. I got the 250 ohm model, which needed a properly calibrated headphone amp to get a full bass and treble response due to the high impedance. Presumably the lower impedance allows the extreme lows and highs to come through more evenly, so you shouldn't need an amp to get a proper frequency distribution. Besides the frequency response, they are very durable and long-lasting, and they have an honest stereo field. I've had them since Dec 2013, and they still are super comfortable while allowing me to mix with utmost awareness of stereo space and frequency fullness. As an example, here is something recent that I made using these headphones (note: you'd have to download it to hear properly clean treble frequencies since soundcloud embeds at 128 kbps), and here is something zircon made also using them.
  8. Sounds pretty good! Nice and anthemic. I think one minor gripe I might have about it is that I can't distinguish the hi hats from the supersaw fuzz, and that, for me, reduces the perceived energy of the drums since I only perceive the kick and snare.
  9. OCR03614 - Final Fantasy IX "Yummy-yummies"

    In a way, early in the mix, this reminds me of some of Mazedude's wonkier microtuned stuff. Some good lofi goodness going on!
  10. OCR03609 - Mega Man X5 "The Ultimate Armor"

    Seemed fairly conservative to me at first, but once we got to the 1-minute mark, it got more interpretive. I dig the solo at the 1.5 minute mark!
  11. I think the main thing that is lacking is reverb. I literally don't hear any. This musical style seems kind of 80's, Phoenix Wright-esque. You should compare with the following music, and that may help you to determine how much works for your track. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - 'True Evening' by WillRock (Listen for the general spaciousness the reverb gives) Pokemon Gold Version - 'Slowpoke Shuffle' (Listen for the drum reverb) Some free reverbs that I would recommend are Tal-Reverb 2 and Ambience. You may also want to watch this overview of common reverb features:
  12. More guitar than we may have expected from WillRock (I suppose? I mean, he DoesRock...), but it's a good side trip out of pure 80s synth rock and into a synth-augmented, Rudess/Satriani-styled rockfest. \m/
  13. I actually listened to this on its own merits, rather than for its being Zelda. Sam Dillard is one of those guys who we know has already nailed his orchestral production. To me, it came as no big surprise that he did exceptionally well with this composition, irrespective of the source tunes. He has a careful hand with soft dynamics (the shifts at 2:03 - 2:06 and 2:41 - 2:44, for example) and with writing practical parts for each instrument (3:43 - 4:14 was a particularly seamless interplay between the french horn and violins/violas). What he has brought to the originals was also innovative; I particularly liked the modulation at 2:57 - 3:11, and how the chord progression and new melodic contour at 3:52 - 4:15 cleverly enhanced the "Overworld" melody in a clearly recognizable manner.
  14. How to follow

  15. Well, seeing as how the remix was by Nitro Fun, AND was of a song composed by Porter Robinson, I would try contacting Porter Robinson and Nitro Fun, making sure you: Make it sound like they're worth your time, so to speak, and that you're genuine. I'm only saying this because it's possible they might think it's spam, or they might not be impressed, or some other reason that convinces them they don't have to read the message. Consequently, try to make the message look nicely formatted, so that they can (hopefully) see you put some care into the message. Try to be concise, if that's something you have a hard time with. Shorter emails with fewer big paragraphs are more enticing to read. Do show evidence that you have an actual game going on, so that they're not just giving away permissions for a song to you for no reason That's my take on it, anyway. Hope that helps. I agree, Porter might be hard to contact... he might be your bottleneck, but worth a shot...