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  1. This arrangement is conservative indeed. I like the metal interpretation of this source, but this arrangement is also relentless. There is no break in the action at all. Adding a unique breakdown would take this out of cover territory enough for me, personally, and something slower and/or drumless would really give the feeling of more arrangement dynamics. But then there is the mixing. It doesn't sound like much mixing has been done, everything is competing for frequency, and most of the instruments are smack in the middle of the soundscape with the exception of just the hats and crashes. I just slapped a simple stereo widener on the whole track and I get instant improvement. (I don't suggest doing that on the entire track, not on bass or drums anyway, this was just a test.) I agree that the first 18 seconds do not need to exist, and there is a rendering error at the very beginning (at 0:00). All that said, I like the approach, and a few changes would push this over the bar for me. NO (resubmit)
  2. This arrangement is indeed too conservative for OCR. I hear a lot of copy pasta too, including a repeated rendering click on the left side (on repeated listens, I think this may be a snare hit, but regardless it sounds like a rendering click). I dislike hard panning and there is one guitar that only ever appears on the right. When that happens I have to stop to check if my left speaker has stopped working! I agree with the other two gentlemen that the mixing here needs work. When things are full and busy, everything is competing for frequency space and the whole soundscape sounds like midrange mush. I like the concept and the performances are good, but the arrangement and mixing need some attention. NO
  3. This is a source I know extremely well. This arrangement is very conservative, I only hear minor writing differences between the source and the remix, and similar sounds are used. The remix gets repetitive as well. I would really prefer some original melodies here or there instead of the 95% verbatim I'm hearing. I'm going to revisit this one after seeing what other Js think but I'm leaning towards this being too conservative. NO
  4. Agreed with the gentlemen above. The major/minor clashing is odd, makes everything sound dissonant. The acoustic guitar sounds very fake and mechanical and I don't feel like it goes with the electric guitar at all. The final section of the track does sound quite overcompressed. Very awkward transition at 2:17. Drums sound buried. The track needs a rebalance for sure, but most importantly the chord structures aren't working well. NO
  5. I also did not hear the previous version of this track, but listening through this version, I am in total agreement with MindWanderer. This concept is dynamite, but the execution just isn't there yet. The strings are too loud and present, the celesta is too soft to carry a lead (don't make it louder! layer it with something else, or have it play a countermelody), and everything sounds very quantized and robotic. The track needs more elements of interest, some more ear candy here and there, and somehow the drum track needs to be more varied and interesting. Still some work to do here, but I really do like the idea. Source is well represented, no issue there. I like the swirling synth sound, and the koto, those are highlights. The bass sound is really plain, but works well enough. The ending is much too abrupt, that's a dealbreaker for me in itself. NO
  6. Schtiffles sent a wav version to me last night, linked in OP.
  7. "The loop is only about 4 bars so I had to embellish it a bit." Yes it is, and yes you did! Wow that original is short and repetitive. The remix by comparison is creative and lively, and at the same time chill, and all the while the source is completely recognizable. The breakdown is cool and unique, I would have liked some extra ear candy there, but it breaks up the arrangement nicely. There are some sections that repeat essentially wholesale, and I would have preferred to hear some different elements added the second time around, but I have to give credit for what you did with this short source so I'm overlooking the copy/pasta. The mixing is adequate if a bit underwhelming; although I feel like some highs are missing which could give the mix a much larger and more airy/alive feel. Regardless, I like it. YES
  8. Remixer name: nelward Real name: Nick Elward Email address: Website: User ID: 32483 Name of games arranged: Sim City (SNES), Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Name of arrangement: OMG Mr. Write Name of individual songs arranged: “Dr. Wright Dialogue” (Sim City), “Weird Mr. Write” (Link’s Awakening) I always knew this as Mr. Write’s theme from Link’s Awakening and its a tune that always gets stuck in my head despite only being featured in that game briefly. The loop is only about 4 bars so I had to embellish it a bit. Hope you enjoy!
  9. I thought we laid off the birthday threads. Oh well, I suppose we can make an exception for this guy, but only this one time.
  10. This sounds great! I hope you are feeling better!
  11. What an awesome concept to do this source in funky disco! I happen to love funky disco! Unfortunately after the idea is established, it never develops any further, and the sounds, drumgroove and instrument writing quickly become dealbreakingly repetitive. The lead when it arrives is played very simply by a very generic sounding synth and it is too quiet in the mix. The arrangement itself repeats copy/pasta style halfway through. I feel that this mix needs to develop further in sounds, writing, and arrangement, but wow, great concept. NO
  12. MaxterVGM David Lezcano User Id : 33622 Submission Information Mega Man 2 Flash Man Funky Disco Remix Flash Man Stage Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi. Nintendo Entertainment System The idea of this remix was very sudden, I really wanted to make a funky remix of a Mega Man song. It does not sound like I expected, but I still like the result :).
  13. This is cool and weird and stylistically lo-fi. I don't know this source, and listening to the source it is wild and frenetic, and so is the remix. I can hear the attention to detail that went into it, wow. I think I'm left with an overwhelming feeling of dissonance after hearing the entire track though, it is sonically nebulous both in writing and sound choices. There is very little break from that drum groove. It's mixed really loudly as well (-5.2db RMS). I planned on liking this because Mazedude... but I'm not too sure about this one. edit 12/21/16: Alright, let's do this. YES
  14. Here we go! No rush, I know there are already a few Mazedude mixes in the queue, and I appreciate the FFV track making the home page recently. -- Remix Title: Retrohead Five Game: Retro City Rampage ( Original composer: Jake Kaufman Original song: Retro City Rampage Title Song Description: So, the "Ignition" remix already on the site ( already addresses the original remix competition from 2012, which incidentally I was also a part of... and yeah, I didn't win. In fact, my track was a little too old-school trackery to really get the attention of the contestants and judges... but darn it, years later, I still like my version, and want to share it. And, if I may, I paid ridiculous attention to detail in matching all of the notes and solos/leads from the original, so, maybe that'll count for something. So, while being a Jake Kaufman remix, this is also another homage to a famous tracker by the handle "Basehead." He was a major influence to me as I was learning the art form, and was one of the members of a legendary group known as "Five Musicians" in the tracking scene. (Piece it together and you'll see why the remix is titled as such.) My arrangement deliberately uses a lot of Basehead's own samples and tracking nuances. Fun fact, I met Basehead live in person, once. And, it was at a live performance in Los Angeles of Jake Kaufman himself, doing live chiptunes (before he moved there, I might add). And... oddly enough, it was also the first date I had with my wife Julia. I was introduced to Basehead, and while at any other time it would have been a huge honor and a valid cause to drop everything and spend the evening with the guy, my attention that night was on my future bride. So, cordially, I said something along the lines of "it's a pleasure to meet you Basehead, now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to my date." And the time of writing this description, Julia and I have been together for 10 years now. And, we still remember that night fondly. So, long story short, this silly remix holds within all its various references quite a story, and subtle mental ties that signify a lot in my personal life. I don't know if that will make the music more enjoyable, but regardless, enjoy the story. -- All the best, Mazedude
  15. I love the jazz concept of this, but right off the bat the piano is so mechanical. Once the bass and beat drops, the shuffley beat is so simple, plain, and repetitive. The bass is only playing straight quarter notes, and the backing piano is playing whole notes. The simplicity of these three core elements drags this track down to a slow plod, which is a shame because there is some very cool improv going on over the top of it. I suggest looking into getting more interesting drums, bassline and backing piano, then let's hear this again. NO