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  1. I was ok with the resub last time, and I'm still ok with it now, I still like it! Let's post it already! YES
  2. What an interesting take on this source! Very groovy and chill. I don't care for the long pauses, especially when they fade to more than a second of complete silence, but like Larry I am not bothered by them. My main gripes are: 1. the Christmas bells are too loud and up front when paired with the snare, and 2. fade out ending. Still, unique, creative stuff here. YES
  3. *NO* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Wood Requiem'

    I agree with the mixing critiques, the intro panning is distracting, the overall volume is low and the middle section gets a bit overcrowded. My bigger concern is that the source is a super simple series of notes, and the way those six notes are used here is so completely different from the source tune as to be unrecognizable. This is one of those rare instances where even though the source is used verbatim, I cannot hear (or feel) any connection to the source tune at all. I only recognize Minuet of Forest at 2:02, right before the track ends. Cool track, but I don't feel it fits OCR standards. NO
  4. This mix could be HUGE if things were stereo-spread better. The entire drum track is hammering away in mono. If this were my track I'd make copies of the clap track and the hats too, and make them very wide (haas, even) and mix the copies in with the original, and what a difference that trick makes. Many of the synths could also have more movement, either filter movement or creative panning. Even with the synths being vanilla, some creative movement would bring this track to life. In a track like this, having a soundscape that is alive is everything. I like the track, and none of what I've said here is enough to reject it, but I see a lot of lost mixing potential here. Perhaps suggestions for next time. YES
  5. *NO* Lufia 2 'The Heat of the Battle'

    This is a great cover, wonderful performances. I agree with the production crits though, the track is bottom heavy, and hopefully this is a fairly easy mixing fix. The sour notes at 1:38 really need to be fixed also, I hope that is an easy fix too. Otherwise this is good to go. Hope to hear this back quickly. NO (resubmit)
  6. This is so, so, so good.
  7. Sorry NO judges, but I'm with Larry. If this were my track I would mix it with the lead violin more upfront (less reverb, longer predelay, tad more volume) but dang, nothing dealbreaker here. Sounds good to me, so much to love here. I feel like this NO vote is a case of groupthink. Our standards are high but we generally allow for some flaws. I don’t disagree with the comments of my fellow judges, but even though the criticisms relate to the lead instrument, I still don’t hear anything dealbreaker. If the artist wants to make the revisions, that would be great and would only make the track stronger, but if the artist cannot or will not make the changes, I’m still a yes. TABLEFLIPPING YES
  8. Gaaaaaaario you forgot to hit the DP button on this one. HOT DAYUM this is fire. DP
  9. I'm listening to this without hearing the sources first, to see if it sounds cohesive, and to me it does. The transitions don't bother me too much, it is an interesting and varied arrangement. I agree with Jivemaster that the mix is surprisingly clear considering the amount of parts in each section. The master is so loud though, and starting at 0:36 it sounds very overcompressed to me, and that lead is way too loud, especially in the mid-lows. I'm going to ask for one more pass at the mixing/mastering to get it sounding clear without sounding so compressed, otherwise I dig it. NO (resubmit please)
  10. The arrangement is dynamite, but wow the mixing is crowded. Even the source tune is pretty crowded with so many things happening at once, but in the metal interpretation it is really fatiguing. I suggest trying to mix so the elements have their own space better, or possibly removing elements here or there. Your synths and guitars are all blasting in the same frequency range right now and it's just too much. Some creative panning could help a lot too, for example put the synths in the center more and let the rhythm guitars be wide stereo, or let the synths even replace the rhythm guitars for a few bars. You can experiment until you get a soundscape that is wider and isn't stepping all over itself. The arrangement and performances are great, it's just the mixing for me holding it back. NO (resubmit, please)
  11. *NO* Xenoblade Chronicles 'Surfing with Zanza' *RESUB*

    Oh man.... the mixing is 100% improved, awesome job. Everything I asked for got fixed. There is still room for improvement as others have pointed out but this production gets the job done for me, it fits the genre well enough now. The arrangement is quite static though, and hearing it again this much later is making that more clear for me. The creativity of the idea and the wonderful performances push me really close to a yes, but ultimately that long section from 2:17-3:16 does sound too static in terms of arrangement and chord progression, even with all that soloing. It's a very cool interpretation of the source tune, but doesn't work as well as it needs to as a standalone arrangement for OCR. NO (borderline)
  12. *NO* Donkey Kong Land 'Another World of Dreams'

    I LOVE this arrangement, and those vocals are WOW. But I agree with Larry about the piano and strings. The piano is so dry. The strings work fine as a backing element but when they are exposed starting at 2:11 the fakeness is too obvious. The bass does sound a bit indistinct, I'm not convinced this is the best bass patch. The overall mix has just a tad too much mid-highs for my taste. VERY cool track, just needs a bit of production cleanup. NO (borderline, resubmit)
  13. *NO* Legend of Mana 'Nocturnal' *RESUB*

    The track takes quite awhile to get going but once it does, there is a lot of creativity. The mix is repetitive overall though, despite the strategies used to make it more interesting. My biggest gripe though is the mixing. The sounds used are very basic, and the overall mix lacks sparkle and depth so the result sounds quite flat. Needs another pass at the mixing, at the very least. NO (resubmit)
  14. This is a super creative arrangement, I give full credit for how interesting and unique this Western-style track is. The ideas and the writing are all terrific, although I agree that the dissonant flutes are a bit distracting, but even so they add interest. Ultimately though, when I ask myself "can I imagine this being posted on OCR" my answer is no. The brass and strings just sound too fake to me. Larry says they sound like they could be stylized and I get that, but to me, the track sounds like it is trying to be an organic arrangement, and with those elements as exposed as they are, it just doesn't get the job done. I'm sorry to come down on this so hard, since the arrangement gets an A+ for creativity. NO