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  1. Schtiffles sent a wav version to me last night, linked in OP.
  2. "The loop is only about 4 bars so I had to embellish it a bit." Yes it is, and yes you did! Wow that original is short and repetitive. The remix by comparison is creative and lively, and at the same time chill, and all the while the source is completely recognizable. The breakdown is cool and unique, I would have liked some extra ear candy there, but it breaks up the arrangement nicely. There are some sections that repeat essentially wholesale, and I would have preferred to hear some different elements added the second time around, but I have to give credit for what you did with this short source so I'm overlooking the copy/pasta. The mixing is adequate if a bit underwhelming; although I feel like some highs are missing which could give the mix a much larger and more airy/alive feel. Regardless, I like it. YES
  3. Remixer name: nelward Real name: Nick Elward Email address: Website: User ID: 32483 Name of games arranged: Sim City (SNES), Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Name of arrangement: OMG Mr. Write Name of individual songs arranged: “Dr. Wright Dialogue” (Sim City), “Weird Mr. Write” (Link’s Awakening) I always knew this as Mr. Write’s theme from Link’s Awakening and its a tune that always gets stuck in my head despite only being featured in that game briefly. The loop is only about 4 bars so I had to embellish it a bit. Hope you enjoy!
  4. I thought we laid off the birthday threads. Oh well, I suppose we can make an exception for this guy, but only this one time.
  5. This sounds great! I hope you are feeling better!
  6. What an awesome concept to do this source in funky disco! I happen to love funky disco! Unfortunately after the idea is established, it never develops any further, and the sounds, drumgroove and instrument writing quickly become dealbreakingly repetitive. The lead when it arrives is played very simply by a very generic sounding synth and it is too quiet in the mix. The arrangement itself repeats copy/pasta style halfway through. I feel that this mix needs to develop further in sounds, writing, and arrangement, but wow, great concept. NO
  7. MaxterVGM David Lezcano User Id : 33622 Submission Information Mega Man 2 Flash Man Funky Disco Remix Flash Man Stage Manami Matsumae, Takashi Tateishi. Nintendo Entertainment System The idea of this remix was very sudden, I really wanted to make a funky remix of a Mega Man song. It does not sound like I expected, but I still like the result :).
  8. I love the jazz concept of this, but right off the bat the piano is so mechanical. Once the bass and beat drops, the shuffley beat is so simple, plain, and repetitive. The bass is only playing straight quarter notes, and the backing piano is playing whole notes. The simplicity of these three core elements drags this track down to a slow plod, which is a shame because there is some very cool improv going on over the top of it. I suggest looking into getting more interesting drums, bassline and backing piano, then let's hear this again. NO
  9. ReMixer name: NachoOfCheese Real name: Yosef Mansi Submission Information: Name of game arranged: The Legend of Zelda Name of arrangement: A Hero's Walk Name of individual songs arranged: Legend of Zelda main theme, Gerudo Valley, Temple, and one of the solos is a reference to "Goodbye Moonmen" I arranged this song using FL Studio 12. Jazz is my favorite genre of music to arrange because improvisation is my element. Thank you for the consideration
  10. Those will not be completed, at least not for this album, the tracks would need to be claimed by someone else.
  11. Nah, really this is long overdue!
  12. Time to get real with this. The project has been dead in the water for some time now, and timaeus and I have discussed it and neither of us has the time nor the interest to see it through. If anyone cares to take this project over and be its new director, please let us know. If no one steps forward in the next month, the project will be cancelled and all approved tracks can be scheduled to post on OCR in the normal cycle.
  13. Track sounds really strong in the live performances, the synth-only sections feel much weaker by comparison. I'm not sure.
  14. ReMixer name - Mak Eightmanreal name- Max V. Kravchenkouserid: 32137 Submission Information: Title - "To The End" Name of game arranged - Splatterhouse 3 System: GENESIS Name of individual song arranged - 3rd floor Link to the original soundtrack - Hello! I found this track at my HD. I remember, i posted it at wip forums and had mod reiew. Then it was totally forgoten. Anyway. Made it back in 2012, somewhere between Hypnotica and Skull-Head. No changes to remix added. My favorite theme from this game. Some good memories from childhood.. Blasting ugly/dead things all over the floor.. What a times) Loved that game! P.S. I think I told this before, but... I still HATE that new remake of this game. Thank you! SFME!
  15. Opening/outro piano is so mechanical. Shaker, hat and especially clap are too loud/dry. Beat is so simple and plain. The melody repeats so many times. This could be a really cool dance track but the melody needs some more interpretation, or a section in between without melody but maybe some other element to break things up. Lead timbres are generic and lack movement or modulation. I can't hear the bass. This track has potential but it needs a mixing overhaul and some more melodic interpretation. NO