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  1. Thanks. Bass I believe is a bass patch from Alchemy in Logic Pro which was modified slightly.
  2. Hey guys, It's been forever since I've made a proper remix. This one is definitely leaning towards more of a remake than a more traditional OCReMix so I don't think this would ever be able to be submitted. As the song progresses there's a bit more variation and deviation from the original tune. Over this was sort of a project to get me back into the swing of things. I think I really do need to submit a proper remix one day though. Either way, I'm looking for criticism on this I guess more on the mixing side of things. But any criticism is welcomed. Thanks for listening! ~Syllix
  3. Hey guys, I made a new tutorial aimed towards newer Logic Pro users where I explain how to use the various edit tools. I hope some of you find this helpful! Cheers, Ryan
  4. Ok, that sounds reasonable considering how much work goes into making remixes. Any idea on the percentage or how much you're "sharing" with the copyright owner? I wonder if it's a fixed amount or if it depends on certain factors. Either way I feel more confident now. Thanks guys
  5. Hey guys, I'm just curious if it's ok to monetize remixes of video game music on YouTube. I've done some research and even youtube / google's own policy pretty much says if the original work was made or composed by someone else, then no, you can't. It seems to be a bit of a grey area though. Take smooth mcgroove for example. He puts out great sounding material and they're definitely quality videos, but it's not even a remix. It's a straight cover / remake only he's just using his voice as the main instrument. On all of his videos there are ads. I'm asking because I've only just monetized my tutorials on YouTube but I'm wondering what would happen if I were to monetize the few remixes I've done as well. In a worse case scenario what would happen? If someone flags one video would they end up sharing revenue, taking all the revenue and / or stopping it from receiving further revenue, or would it end up counting as a strike against the channel? I'm new to this whole monetizing thing but everyone seems to be doing it now. I mean if OCR has monetized their videos of other artists work, it's no different than me monetizing my own remixes on my own channel right? I'm just scared to monetize without actually knowing Anyway, thanks for any input guys I appreciate it. Cheers, Syllix
  6. Hey guys, It's been forever since I made a Logic Tutorial so I thought I'd share it here to help any new Logic Pro users. The tutorial is on reversing audio, and it's very simple and practical although I do go on in more detail to explain some "fine print" when it comes to source files, converting to new audio files, etc. I'm planning on making this one a 2 part video where the next one I will come up with some creative and musical uses for using reversed sound effects. Off topic, I'm also hoping to be working on some new remixes this year and finally submit one to the judges after all these years! Hope y'all have been swell and hope to talk soon! Ryan (aka Syllix)
  7. Hello OCR! Gosh, it's been a stone's age since I've last been here. That's bad And it's what happens when you don't make music for a long time! Anyway, I'm changing that, and I'm back with a new remix to share! This time I decided to go with Phantasy Star Online - Chaotic Bar! aka, the item shop. Because it's been a while since my last remix, I decided I would do more of a remake / remastered version rather than a traditional OCR style remix, but I guess it still counts as a remix as I've built the entire song from the ground up, listening to the original track and picked out the parts by ear. It was also a fantastic ear training exercise as it was a difficult song to pick out all the details. As such, it's not unique enough to submit as an OCR remix, and that's fine by me. I would still love to hear what you guys think of it, specifically on the mixing and production side because that's what I was worried about the most. Anyway, I'm happy to be back on this site and really hope you guys enjoy this one. Cheers, Ryan (aka Syllix)
  8. Hey guys, This is my most recent original composition that also appeared on my latest album "Existence." I'm posting this mainly for enjoyment purposes, but I will always accept constructive criticism. Enjoy Genre: Chillout / Ambient Syllix - Departure
  9. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've posted here. I took a break from writing music for a couple of years, with the exception of some Sonic remixes... but I'm happy to finally share some new original music! My new album "Existence" is now available on Bandcamp for FREE! Please check it out and I hope you enjoy what you hear! https://syllix.bandcamp.com/album/existence
  10. Hey guys, I just finished a remix of Sonic the Hedgehog - Marble Zone, and would like to hear your thoughts on it. Not sure if this has any chance of making it past the judges since it's a pretty conservative remix since it started out as a simple remaster of the song. I'm pretty happy with the mixing and production, but if there's anything you think could be improved I'd love to hear it. Thanks for your time guys. Soundcloud private link: https://soundcloud.com/syllix/marble-zone-remix-demo/s-oFskl
  11. 3-4 months without actively working on my own music, not counting just doodling around on the keyboard or something, or making goofy songs for friends. That time is now and seems to be growing unfortunately.
  12. I've always been more of a competitive melee player, and was very excited to hear about the project M release. I wonder if this newest game will be competitive to a certain degree with L cancelling, wave dashing, etc. or if it will be leaning more towards fun and casual, like regular Brawl (which unfortunately to me feels slow and clunky).
  13. I've been having a blast lately with Vel'Koz mid. I tend to play on the safer side and farm and only go "all-in" when I'm 100% sure I can get a kill. It's been working well for me and I seem to only have trouble with a few champions with a lot of movement, such as Yasuo or Akali (ok, I freaking hate being matched against Akali!). I also bide time before a big team fight by poking with Q and W before we decide to go all in, and when we do they've usually taken enough damage for the fight to go in our favour. Fun times with the face-melter. OH, and I just want to say it's ridiculously satisfying laying waste to 5 champions with my ult when they clumsily stack themselves in a line. Does anyone else play Vel'koz? If so, I'd like to hear about your play style and item choices. And what are your thoughts on Vel'koz support?
  14. I would so go to this if it was in Canada, and on the west coast
  15. Cool, well I think it'd be fun to join some folks from OCR in LoL. I'll try and be on at those times if I can remember - I'll probably put a little note in my calendar. If anyone wants to add me my name is Aloryn. Cheers!