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  1. Huh. I can't quite remember the battle any more, but knowing that probably helps. I think it was a battle early in the game when you don't have many energy tanks. Can't afford getting hit that much, so average players have a hard time. Ninja Gaiden? AGH! XD The music is great, but I barely got anywhere in that series. Never knew anyone who passed even one game.
  2. Man, this doesn't let up! It's gotta be one of my favourite FF IX battle remixes, if not my favourite.
  3. Damn smooth! ^__^ I was worried it'd be like a credits scroll, with so many tracks, but it avoids that feeling.
  4. Odd track, but pretty damn cool. Like it starts out as something I'd expect from Shadow Warrior, then moves into a cross between Duke Nukem and DK: Aquatic Ambience.
  5. Damn creepy, and one of my favourites on the album.
  6. Man, that beat from 0:55-1:13. Nice and menacing, eh. Captures the gritty feel of the game. The sirens help of course, but the song is pure hardcore.
  7. Need more Wolf 3D! I could totally see this in a remake. It's awesome. A nice, steady burn throughout. I like the pause at 1:44 and its progression into 2:44. Great transitions.
  8. I stopped for weeks after trying to beat the boost guardian in Metroid Prime 2. I must've tried for a few days straight. When I finally returned and beat it (after several more times), I stopped playing the game soon after. Damn purple world. >< I've almost beat the first Battletoads for Gameboy, which is probably the easiest Battletoads game. Its speed barrier stage (rat rocket) is much easier than the NES hoverbike stage. I just can't pass the last level before the time limit runs out.
  9. I keep coming back to this one. It's just so odd. Very cool. I'm not familiar with the source, but the creepy tension is definitely there. Great use of sound effects.
  10. Great guitar! Great drive! And nicely varied and upbeat throughout.
  11. When this came up in my playlist, I didn't know it was a remix at first. XD It totally sounds like it could be in a game in the series. It's that good. Just really catchy and great race music!
  12. Listening to this one quite a lot recently. It's such a fun, pleasant track. Really hits its stride around 0:45. The vocal effects are well done too.
  13. I can't explain what draws me to this piece. Its melody and rhythm are very well done: it repeats its strongest melody at 1:00-1:30 and 3:00-3:30. In between that? I can't follow what's happening. Overall it's got a nice dark groove!
  14. It's a great credits medley, although I don't really get into it until 1:30 hit. I'm sure if the instruments were updated it'd be awesome. Something about the drum at the start didn't click with me. And for the first few minutes, the transitions work well like at 1:12. But around 2:50, the transitions started to feel less seamless. Again, it'd make a great credits medley. Highlights to me were the goofy twang at 1:30-1:42 and the pleasant melody at 3:19-3:37.
  15. Got a strong Contra feeling at parts, especially around 1:40-2:10. Despite being a medley, all tracks melded nicely into one unified piece for a strong drive throughout! And I don't know why, but at the start I kept expecting lyrics to come in.
  16. Wonderful Just a wonderful take on the source.
  17. haha, neat experiment! Turned out well.
  18. Splatoon, Zelda, and Mario all look awesome. I like how the business people in New Donk City are normal sized, but Mario's this little guy. XD Eh, I'll wait years until it's $150-200 CAD. I can't afford to buy new games often, much less $400 consoles. And $480 is too high for me for the system and one game. I'd rather buy some of the handheld Zelda and Dragon Quest games I've missed. Would love to get the Switch and Zelda at launch, though! Looks pretty cool.
  19. Very cool. Nice old school feel, especially for the first minute before it goes more trance-like. Nicely varied too, for going for nearly 5 minutes and staying exciting.
  20. In addition to Debussy, I also feel a bit of Bizet's slower pieces. Just a fantastic, fantastic OoT piece.
  21. Ah, Yooka-Laylee. Can't wait. Also looking forward to Project Resurgence and Torment Tides of Numenera.
  22. Gave it the thumbs up. Reminded me of playing Uncharted Waters on the NES or SNES. The maps are cool, turn-based hex combat looks fun, and liked the music.
  23. YAY! SO HAPPY! It's definitely going on repeat for a while. ^___^