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  1. Rozo's pretty much right here. It's a great electronic adaptation of the Zelda track. I can hear the original enough to call it a remix but it's different enough to stand on its own. Good job.
  2. I decided to put a remix for this album like last year. I chose "Riku" theme (Kingdom Hearts 2) to remix into a Christmas style (unusual choice but may make sense to KH fans). Here's my basic demo for the track. Originally track is darker and can be found here
  3. First of all I love Kingdom Hearts as a whole (in fact it's one of my main inspirations) and KH2 is one of my favorite games. Naturally I came to this thread and decided to listen to your remix. The positives include; high quality samples, a good melody (it's KH/Yoko Shimomura, of course it's good), minimal (if any) mixing problems, an interesting concept, and using an underrated track. Sadly the main problem with this remix is that it's far too repetitive, even for me (that's one of my main problems musically), and doesn't progress much at all. As far as I can tell, the piece does the same thing over and over for 3 minutes with barely any variation. Maybe you could mix second piece in there or write some original material for variety. I'm sorry if I sound mean but I'm just being honest and the judges probably would say the same thing (if not more criticisms). I wish there were more people on here who remix Kingdom Hearts music ...
  4. I think I'm going to make a remix for this one too. I've already got a piece picked out and can probably add some Christmas spirit to it.
  5. I'm an anime fan and I agree that this remix is very chill and relaxing. Considering the battle it played in was epic and intense, this is a very big contrast and succeeds in its goal. I love the part of that fight where LordGenome pulls a Senator Armstrong (Metal Gear Rising) and proves to be stronger than his mech.
  6. I'd say being fast paced is a definitive trait of Sonic music regardless of era (it fits because Sonic himself is super-fast). The different eras each have different styles and most the soundtracks are great (to say the least). My personal favorite Sonic song is "With Me" but that's another can of worms (best Sonic song is a long and heated debate that I don't want to start).
  7. I've been thinking about Bizarro Sephiroth being a bonus boss in Kingdom Hearts 3. I think the best theme for that fight would be "Birth of a God" (Final Fantasy VII) and "One Winged Angel" combined in harmony. Is anyone up to the task (I don't care what style it's in as long as the two are mixed in harmony)? If nobody wants to do it, I'll try doing it myself. Original version of "Birth of a God". Kingdom Hearts version of "One Winged Angel". I love the shortened arrangement of this version.
  8. I don't expect to win (I always get last place in these type of contests) but that doesn't mean I didn't work hard on this. I wrote original parts to go with the original theme. There's plenty of interesting drums and an original bassline (though you might have trouble noticing it). I also went for a passive aggressive feel due to the difficulty/infamy of the Turbo Tunnel. Hope someone enjoys it and that everyone has a nice day. If I win I want a hybrid of "One Winged Angel" (Final Fantasy 7) and primarily "Birth of a God" (Final Fantasy 7). I like to think of what a theme for Bizarro Sephiroth and/or Safer Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 3 (I imagine it to be a mix between the two pieces). Nobody's mixed these two sources in counterpoint yet. If I don't win, I'm probably going to try that remix anyway ...
  9. That's a good point about MnP and the contests. You're right, I got you and GhettoLeeLewis mixed up (he's the one who stomped me in that contest and hasn't responded to that message I sent him). Sorry about that misunderstanding. Anyway I'm entering both contests and hoping that I may get lucky and win.
  10. Hey Hoboka, how's it been since that competition. You stomped me that day with your masterpiece (still hoping for tips on combining themes so well) but I've greatly improved (no really). Hope your remixing has been going well. Anyway I may enter this round (that battle theme is real tempting) but I'm also thinking about doing PRC 346 (the Battletoads one). Also what was the original inspiration for the MnP contest? Why the almost bare-bones format?
  11. This is a pretty basic Metal remix but just interpretative enough to stand on its own. The guitar playing was really good but the rest was pretty bare-bones. The baroque flourishes at the end really sound good and I almost wish there were more of them. Good start but not quite OCremix ready (then again, I'm nowhere close to getting an entry though yet). Keep at it man and have a nice day
  12. While this remix is rather long, it's epic like a lengthy Dream Theater song and never boring. The metal riffing is tasty as fillet mignon and the monologue at the beginning gave me honest chills in the best way. Over all this is a great remix and like "Prancing Dad" shows what a long remix can do.
  13. This is a remix of "Cave 2" (Might and Magic 5: Dark side of Xeen). I originally did a similar mix for PRC. I switched the cowbells for bongos and added an Indian Raga drone in the background. I work hard on my remixes and like to make soundscapes with emphasis on melody, weird extra percussion, looping repetition, and slightly abrupt endings. Tell me what you guys think and how it can be improved. I may also put another mix on here later. Piece being remixed (for reference) Enjoy
  14. Great mix, very unique. Kinda reminds me of the "Awaken" (the Pillar Men's theme from Jojo''s Bizarre Adventure). It might be the distinctly foreign vibes, hip hop backbone, and the vocals at the beginning.
  15. I'm fine with getting last place again (I almost expect it these days). I noticed people didn't catch on to some of the subtleties though. For example, the bass part is actually an original tune I harmonized (to an extent) with the original melody and the Hi-hats and cowbell parts (while not that obvious) are actually very wild. I'm probably going to work on this tune and refine it. Thanks for the criticisms though. I also meant to say Futaba's Tomb from Persona 5 but mispronounced her name. That game is awesome and I've been playing it a lot lately.