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  1. MnP 87: Metroid Prime - Overworld 2

    I'm not really surprised I got last place (I'm quite used to it by now) but there's one thing I don't get. Why do people say my tracks are drenched in reverb when I didn't use any reverb at all and rarely do? I might make a thread on EQ tips soon though ...
  2. OverClocked PlayList: Shop Themes (Part 1)

    I'm a Scott Pilgrim fan and I'm so glad you included "Cheap Shop". It's so catchy. Anyway I also like Persona 5 but am unfamiliar with that game's shop theme (I never knew where to find the weapons shop).
  3. I think that if you added a nautical rap (most hip hop beats have a rapper adding variety) or a second piece (maybe something from the infamous Atlantica musical or the battle theme from KH1), this would be a fine KH remix that this site desperately needs. I love Kingdom Hearts and think the games are under represented here (most the pieces in the franchise are excellent and many of them could lend themselves to a great remix).
  4. I think the title is definitely fitting (I can picture 2 great warriors fighting with this). The arrangement is good and the whole thing sounds like something out of a big budget action movie. At times it sounds a bit threatening but I think that just adds to the intensity of the theme. The 7/8 bars are just barely noticable. How do you go about writing good heroic themes anyway? Have a nice day ...
  5. OCR03666 - NieR: Automata "Beautiful Rise"

    I think you did a really good job. It's a remix more beautiful than 2B herself and has a very emotional impact. It's also quite calming.
  6. Escape From Port Royal

    This is a bit late (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is already out on Blueray) sounds like it came out of the movies. Good job.
  7. An OverClocked Christmas v.XI

    Hoboka, I immediately listened to your remix because I was wondering how a Christmas remix of a boss theme from Parasite Eve would sound. I think you pulled off that ridiculous idea well and it certainly gives a "Carol of the Bells" feel (it's the 9th track for those wondering). What'd you think of my piece, guys? Hope everyone on OCRemix has a great Christmas (Merry Christmas!).
  8. My best friend loves this game. I like this remix, it gives serious Initial D vibes while rocking out hard.
  9. I got a remix for the project or at least a demo. It combines "Macabre Music Box" (Grabbed by The Ghoulies) and "Humilation" (Killer Instinct) into something festive. I was thinking maybe the section with the piece could have some of the monsters wearing Christmas sweaters, lol. Here's a link for you to judge. Also sorry about the high notes.
  10. I've always prefered "Spider Dance" to "Hopes and Dreams" and found it to be slightly underrated (by Undertale standards at least). I think it has a ridiculously catchy and fun melody that's well done. Speaking of well done, this remix is a great DnB adaptation of the source that does it justice.
  11. I'm thinking about mixing "Macabre Music Box" (Grabbed by the Ghoulies) and "Velvet Room"/"Aria of the Soul" (Persona series) into a sorta Vevlet Room Christmas theme. Also is that the Great Mighty Poo from Conker?
  12. Hey General Grunt, you concept is indeed crazy but I think it might be just crazy enough to work. I might help out if you'd like but I can't guarantee anything. I smell a Nightmare Before Christmas vibe going on ...
  13. This is great and very creative. A real classic remix (it's from 2004) and makes good use of the sources. You could say it K. Rool's (Get it).
  14. PRC361 - It's A Me To End This Game (Mario Bros 2)

    I've never played Super Mario 2 but know it's a classic. I think I'm going to submit a remix for this round. If I by any chance win, I'd like a mixture of "Birth of a God" and "One Winged Angel" (Sephiorth's themes from FFVII) for next round. Good luck everyone.
  15. Don't worry YoshiBlade, I really enjoyed the album and thought this song was probably the highlight of it. I especially like the tasty use of Metal Gear Solid samples throughout. Glad this made the front page and hope you have a nice day.