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  1. I'm a big Gravity Falls fan and your remix makes me quite ... gleeful. It's a nice interpretation of one of my favorite cartoon themes theme (the other being the "Deththeme" from Metalocalypse and the 'Rick and Morty' theme). The dubstep elements are well done and the famous Bill Cipher quote is quite appropriate.
  2. 1. work-in-progress

    Can't say much about the production but it sounds pretty impressive. However you may want to add a little more original content here and there (it makes it more personalized and adds interest). Have a nice day
  3. You're remix is pretty cool and I can't hear any production mistakes. However the mix is a little too long and the limited material would be better suited for a 3 minute long mix. Good job though ...
  4. I know how you guys feel. Do you guys honestly think I post all my remixes and pieces on my Soundcloud? I've got 3 rejections (all of which were reasonable and polite) and have been hesitant to submit another one (out of insecurities mainly). As you guys can tell my eccentric style and repetitious nature don't do me any favors. I'm probably going to enter next round ... By the way, my soundcloud is "Dark Ronald Poe" and it's full of remixes and original pieces (most of which are tributes to Kingdom Hearts but some are inspired by Scott Pilgrim).
  5. I'm fine with getting last place (I'm used to it in compos), I'm still rather proud of my work. I mainly join compos to hone my skills and learn from my mistakes. I also think this would've been more appropriate for Round 64, LOL.
  6. I was a little disappointed that Shido didn't win (his was the best in my opinion). I found the other two lackluster/bland and thought his and my own were better. To each their own I guess. I was really proud of my mix this round and think it's one of my better ones.
  7. Thanks, HoboKa, I think my remix turned out great. Hope you enjoyed it. I might enter another one some time (provided the source attracts my interest). To Shido, I really like your remix. It captures the original well while adding a Japanese flavor.
  8. Here's a soundcloud link to my entry for Knights Vs. Robots. Hope it's good enough. I've been having trouble with Discord outside of tech-school so I couldn't run it through my squad.

    It's already in WAV

    1. DarkeSword


      Thanks man.

  9. It's okay DarkeSword, I understand what it's like to have issues and emergencies with your family (my family's quite dysfunctional and my Grandma is sick practically every day). Hope things clear up soon. I'll be waiting for Round 3.
  10. This is a very epic Industrial remix (both in the genre and literally industrial) and is also creative with the source. I like it a lot and think the remixer did an outstanding job with "Robotnik Battle".
  11. I'm having trouble getting into discord on this computer so I just wanted to say I'm fine with "Mars" being my theme.
  12. @Xenonetix @Yami , you might remember from that RPG contest. Glad to be on your side, Hope we can work together and at least defeat Team Knight. Hope there's no hard feeling about said contest (I'm pretty sure you're a good remixer).
  13. Sweet I'm on Team Robot. I'm ready for this and hope to win this time. Good luck everyone.
  14. Why is Starphoenix on there more than once? I thought I registered a few months ago but I'm fine either way.
  15. I love your idea but the theme seems a little hard to work with. I think Fini would be drums (kick and hi-hat), Bulu would be the bassline, Lele would be bells/chimes (as you suggested), and Koko would be the lead. I chose drums for Fini because they're a supportive and rhythmic instrument. I might do a piece with an idea like this.