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  1. This is great and very creative. A real classic remix (it's from 2004) and makes good use of the sources. You could say it K. Rool's (Get it).
  2. PRC361 - It's A Me To End This Game (Mario Bros 2)

    I've never played Super Mario 2 but know it's a classic. I think I'm going to submit a remix for this round. If I by any chance win, I'd like a mixture of "Birth of a God" and "One Winged Angel" (Sephiorth's themes from FFVII) for next round. Good luck everyone.
  3. Don't worry YoshiBlade, I really enjoyed the album and thought this song was probably the highlight of it. I especially like the tasty use of Metal Gear Solid samples throughout. Glad this made the front page and hope you have a nice day.
  4. I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan and think you did a good job. I could totally see this playful piece in a KH game. The title is great too.
  5. OCRI-0011 - Candy Corn II: The Sequeling

    I personally didn't care for the first Candy Corn album (it wasn't my cup of tea). However I consider this sequel to be a vast improvement and a solid album in its own right. It gives off a spooky rave feel and is perfect for a Halloween dance party. The tracks are fun and have creative interpretations of good video game music. "S is for Snake ..." is perhaps my favorite track on this album (I'd be a little sad if it doesn't make front page) and makes great use of Metal Gear Solid samples. Overall I like it.
  6. I like it. I can see Kefka dancing to this funky and creative interpretation of his theme. I don't see any problems with it at all. Definitely should submit this when it's done ...
  7. As a fellow Kingdom Hearts fanatic (the series provides inspiration for most of my original pieces), I'd say you did Radiant Garden/Hallow Bastion great justice (the place has always had a great field theme). I'm on board with your project but sadly more of an electronic remixer with an eccentric style than an arranger. Good luck with your KH related works and have a nice day.
  8. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    Sorry for messaging you my picks rather than posting them here. I still want to join the competition when you have enough competitors. For my pieces/characters, I choose the following. 1. The Creature - "Den of Worship" 2. Nathan Graves - "Awake" 3. Carmilla - "Repose of Souls" Please check for midi's of those pieces and sign me up. Have a nice day.
  9. Castlevania: Cacophony of Incarnation 2018

    I decided to sign up for this competition (I sent MindWanderer the message). I did well in that RPG Heroes vs. Villains competition last year (I was runner up). Anyway sorry recruiting isn't going well.
  10. Nice find, man. I really enjoyed it but had trouble making out "Birth of a God" (maybe it was a little subtle compared to "One Winged Angel" and especially "Let the Battle Begin"). I was hoping someone would primarily remix and harmonize "Birth of a God" and "One Winged Angel" (Why hasn't anyone here done that). This should suffice for now and was definitely cool.
  11. I re-listened to the piece after the eval and have a few criticisms I didn't notice at first. First that shrill cat-like string (I think) synth that appears often after the first minute has got to go (it clashes with the melody and has no place in a Pluto theme). I can't see any problems with 0:50 but 1:02 definitely has some harmonic clashing going on. I still like this mix but sampling Square isn't allowed sadly. Sorry if I sound harsh but it's still pretty good.
  12. I think this remix fits Albert Wesker very well and was done well too. I really enjoyed the games and especially the movies. You did the character a great service.
  13. OCR03060 - Pokémon X 'Born from the Ashes'

    A little loud in ways but definitely tasty. This is a great remix of a good Pokemon tune and has plenty of grit and DnB flavor. I can just picture Yveltal attacking to this. Good job.
  14. As many know, I love Kingdom Hearts and it's one of my biggest influences. I'm always all for KH remixes (there's surprisingly few of them on this site but the series has mostly great music) and am working on one myself (a Christmas remix of "Riku" theme). That being said, I thought this was pretty good and fits Pluto very well. It's mellow (the same could be said of the original theme though) and a little playful in tone. I like it and think it's interpretive enough but you may want a third non-biased (because Kingdom Hearts and its music are my favorite) opinion.
  15. Rozo's pretty much right here. It's a great electronic adaptation of the Zelda track. I can hear the original enough to call it a remix but it's different enough to stand on its own. Good job.