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    Heya, this is Master Mi. ))

    I'm an ongoing video game remixer who totally likes soundtracks and remixes which have been created with passion, spirit and some nice tunes.
    No matter if these are rad rocking beats or rather calm, emotional tracks - I like various genres, depending on my mood and temper.

    Of course I'm a big fan of video games 'cause they remind me a lot of my awesome and really unforgotten childhood time.
    Just this feeling - to see the world with the eyes of your inner child, with this great intensity, excitement, life force and especially to really feel this way - is a special gift that inspires me within my whole life.
    It's also a good basis for creating a soundtrack or remix.

    If ya wanna listen to some tracks and remixes I'm currently working on check out this:



    Beside composition, music production and video games I'm also interested in many other things, such as:

    - martial arts

    - philosophy

    - nature

    - healthy lifestyles, natural diets and longevity
    (I'm eating raw since 2008 and a raw pescetarian diet is my health care - no doctors, no medication, no processed food, no sickness. Just raw, natural and species-appropriate food. This lifestyle totally rocks!)

    - literature and movies/animes

    - planting trees (such as free fruit trees for everybody), permaculture, freestyle urban gardening & landscaping and bringing back some life to my hometown
    I also try to take part in ecological, self-sufficient, sustainable and political actions together with some nice girls 'n' dudes from this town to make some changes.

    Just keep in mind...

    Even in a tough world like this, always be yourself, choose and explore the path of your soul and your true self.
    Follow your inner light and the higher aspirations that come from deep inside you.
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    gardening & landscaping
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  1. Thanks for the encouraging feedback. Though I'm really satisfied with the track at the moment I'll wait with subbing. I'm sure my skills in creating music will improve even more within the next years - but at the moment I can really enjoy this level. The funny thing with the strings in the intro is that I had tried some much more realistic samples of strings, but I didn't like it (maybe the better samples sounded much too formal for such an easy, tropical melody, but maybe I have not added enough reverb and delay). As I remember I tried some synths as well but they were too artificial and too spacy - they didn't fit the other acoustic instruments. So I used the average "golden medium string samples". But yeah - I could work on the notes of the chords and make them longer or a bit more interlocked. And which toms you mean with "like making the tom part feel tighter and less reverb-y" - the orchestral drums towards the end or the toms in the drum kits before? According to my loudness & peak metering in my DAW I have a free headroom of about 6 dB between the 0 dB mark and the highest signal peaks in the track. So, I guess I could easily increase the master volume up to further 5 dB for the OCRemix upload version without using any compressors/limiters. But for my personal uploads I'll stick with the EBU R-128 loudness standards because it's much easier to keep a certain loudness level for all my tracks without reducing the dynamic range, limiting peaks or making unnecessary changes in the sample or sound quality.
  2. Thanks for the review. I guess I'll keep working on the track - especially at the piano stuff, maybe at the drums and maybe at the ending (although I thought the fade-out was fitting pretty well in this track). Besides - which piano parts exactly do you mean with odd - the very first notes or some parts afterwards? And would you say through the perception via your headphones that there's too much reverb and delay is going on in the prefatory piano section?
  3. Besides - somebody gave me a good tip with the audio streaming platform "Clyp": >>> There you can upload (and download) tracks with about 100 MB per file in the free account - obviously no upload limit and streaming with at least 320 kbps audio bitrate. A really good source - spartan design but really functional and useful. The cymbals in my Star Tropics remix sound really nice there in the audio stream (uploaded with 320 kbps quality) >>>
  4. Thanks for the hints on Bandcamp and Instaud - I'll check these out soon. )) PS: I've just read on Bandcamp that you can only upload covers if you got the permission of the artist who made the original - so, how to handle it with video game remixes? >>> ---------------------------------------------------- For the controversy about the audio quality of Soundcloud vs. Youtube I would say that Soundcloud was a bit better than Youtube in the past. But at the moment Soundcloud seems to be even worse than Youtube. Check out my latest Star Tropics remix. 1) Youtube version (loaded as WAV into Windows Movie Maker, exportes as a WMV with just 192 kbps (max) audio quality and uploaded on Youtube) >>> 2) Soundcloud version (uploaded as a 320 kbps mp3 file on Soundcloud - but sounds as compressed and tuned down as the WAV file I had uploaded there before - you'll hear the big difference in the undefined cymbal sounds - sounds worse than in the Youtube version and much worse than in my uncompressed project file) >>> I don't know why Soundcloud sucks this much in these days - but I guess it's about the financial interests behind the platform that is going to destroy the original concept.
  5. After a long time I've finally made a pretty huge update of this remix. Better check out the Youtube version (... somehow it has a slightly better audio quality than the Soundcloud version and in addition to that it contains a video with some of my very own in-game scenes from my very own walthrough). Informations about the changes I've made in this remix update you can find in the descprition of the upload for Youtube. Here's version 1.4 of my Dungeon Theme remix "The Fire Of The Southern Cross": >>> >>>
  6. Yo, dudes. I'm looking for a free online platform where you can upload and stream (in the best case an unlimited amount of) high quality audio (and maybe video) files with 256 or 320 kbps audio quality. I'm just a little frustrated that popular platforms like youtube and even soundcloud only support up to 128 kbps audio quality for streaming. Pisses me radically off - 'cause I'm working on a music project with lots of good sounding cymbals (at least in the uncompressed project file) and you really hear the difference after soundcloud has transcoded the lovely hi-fi quality to their degraded 128 kbps audio stuff. Does somebody know some secretly overlooked platforms for high quality audio uploads out there? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Besides - somebody gave me a good tip with the audio streaming platform "Clyp": >>> There you can upload (and download) tracks with about 100 MB per file in the free account - obviously no upload limit and streaming with at least 320 kbps audio bitrate. A really good source - spartan design but really functional and useful.
  7. So, finally I've made a huge update for this remix. I've written some new notes for a preluding piano part, I've created a pretty nice rock part for the final and at last I've made a video with my own gameplay scenes for the German NES version of Maniac Mansion. More information about all the other changes in this version and backgrounds of the remix you can find in the description of the upload for Youtube. Enjoy - here's version 1.1: >>> >>>
  8. Thx for the feedback, Rozovian dude. )) Haha, guess I like the Dealbreaker Style in this case. I really don't like such lowercased exceptions in headlines while other words you regularly write lowercased are capitalized there. I have seen this style at many other mp3 titles and just adopted it - pretty uniform and easy to memorize. No problem if you change the upper and lower case of the title to your standards later on. According to my perception and music equipment I think the loudness of the drums is quite okay (maybe 0,5 to 1 dB I can go up with these - but not more). In a rather melodic rock ballad like this I prefer some kind of "integrating drums" that support, but not predominate the melody. When it comes to the overall loudness of the track I'm really in love with the mastering standards of EBU R 128 which allow more than enough headroom for uncompressed and full dynamic range of the tracks which are all at one loudness level. So, for my own uploads I'll keep it this way - but as a version for OCRemix (when the track is good enough and really finished someday) I could easily export it with a loudness that is about 6 dB higher than now (without any kind of dymanic compression). This should be around your average loudness standards in OCRemix. Hm, the strumming sound at 2:30 - yeah, you're right. The velocity goes a little bit over the edge there - guess I'll will fix it in the final version and check the whole strumming section completely as a solo played track once again. For the piano part I think I'll leave it as it is. The side noise in the higher piano section might be part of the piano itself and it rises recogniceably at a certain level of reverberation/wetness. For my perception it's not even an annoying side noise. Somehow it goes really well with the video where glass breaks into many shards. Thanks for the detailed feedback. I'll keep working on this track and especially on the performance of some instruments in the future.
  9. Got a nice update of the track - further informations of the changes in this version you can find in the description of the upload for Youtube. Let me know how you like this version 1.2: >>> >>>
  10. C 'mon guys - gimme a feedback or some inspirations who you would improve that track in the future, what you would change or make different, technically or concerning the composition in general.
  11. Finally a huge update of my Street Fighter remix for the Balrog theme. It's my first remix I have created on my new high-end PC. I've made a lot of changes - further information of the new stuff in there you can find in the description of the Youtube upload. Here are the links for the new version 1.2: >>> >>>
  12. I know - it's not quite a video game remix. But I'm trying a lot of thing with guitar sounds for my videogame remixes in these days. So I decided to create an instrumental composition for a famous TV series opening from the 80s to use my new self-made virtual raw (slightly distorted) clean electric guitar sound preset. Further information you can find in the description of the upload for Youtube. Maybe you can give me some feedback how you like the guitar sound as well the rest of the remixed soundtrack. Original Soundtrack: >>> ---------------------------------------- Newest version of my remix: 1.0 >>> >>>
  13. Got the newest update of my remix done - you can read about all the changes I've made in version 1.2 in the description of the upload for Youtube. So, here's the new version 1.2: >>> >>>
  14. I've made an update of my Lufia remix recently (the things I've changed within version 1.5 you can see in the upload description). This time it also comes with a video that consists of in-game scenes of the final battles gainst the Sinistrals. Here's the link of version 1.5: >>> >>>
  15. Nice feedback. Concerning the loudness of the electric guitar: I've listened to the track via speakers, headphones and mp3-player (in-ear buds) and it was really okay for me. But you're right - I could tourn the loudness of the lead stuff at least bring down for about 1 dB. What do you mean with: "The notes cut off too early in my opinion, which may be leading to the overly stiff sound. I feel like they should flow a bit better."? Should be a few more overlappings or just make the notes longer until "note-on-note"?