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    Heya, this is Master Mi. ))

    I'm an ongoing video game remixer who totally likes soundtracks and remixes which have been created with passion, spirit and some nice tunes.
    No matter if these are rad rocking beats or rather calm, emotional tracks - I like various genres, depending on my mood and temper.

    Of course I'm a big fan of video games 'cause they remind me a lot of my awesome and really unforgotten childhood time.
    Just this feeling - to see the world with the eyes of your inner child, with this great intensity, excitement, life force and especially to really feel this way - is a special gift that inspires me within my whole life.
    It's also a good basis for creating a soundtrack or remix.

    My DAW: Samplitude Pro X3 Suite

    If ya wanna listen to some tracks and remixes I'm currently working on check out this:



    Beside composition, music production and video games I'm also interested in many other things, such as:

    - martial arts

    - philosophy

    - nature

    - healthy lifestyles, natural diets and longevity
    (I'm eating raw since 2008 and a raw pescetarian diet is my health care - no doctors, no medication, no processed food, no sickness. Just raw, natural and species-appropriate food. This lifestyle totally rocks!)

    - literature and movies/animes

    - planting trees (such as free fruit trees for everybody), permaculture, freestyle urban gardening & landscaping and bringing back some life to my hometown
    I also try to take part in ecological, self-sufficient, sustainable and political actions together with some nice girls 'n' dudes from this town to make some changes.

    Just keep in mind...

    Even in a tough world like this, always be yourself, choose and explore the path of your soul and your true self.
    Follow your inner light and the higher aspirations that come from deep inside you.
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    gardening & landscaping
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    CloudOnFire85 (<<<(R.R)>>>)

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    Independence Pro Library, Revolta² & DN-e1 synthesizers, Magix Vita instruments, Vandal: Virtual bass and guitar amplifier
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  1. This might be the beginning of my first little own soundtrack I've composed within a few days. Actually this track is based on an exercise I did for myself to imrove in writing notes for chord progressions and where I tried to find out which chords and chord sequences harmonize well with each other. But then I was really in the mood to compose some additional melodies and it resulted in this little soundtrack. And of course I wanted to work with my brand-new great synthesizer collection Titan 2 which I really cherish. It contains over 12500 unique synthesizer presets of famous synthesizers from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the modern digital times. So, you can say I've bought a pretty melodic part of the human history in the form of a large, creative software. Although I haven't had listened to all synthesizer presets in Titan 2 (the package also contains all the synthesizers from Titan 1) I've already used two synthesizers from Titan 1 for this little composition. These are the really atmospheric digital voice pads and the pretty realistic sounding steel drums (was deeply impressed that it almost sounds like the acoustic version of some steel drums - was looking for such kind of stuff for estimated ages). For the voice pads I've also created some volume, panorama and high bandpass filter automations. The Celtic harp you can hear towards the end is a VSTI from my professional DAW software Samplitude Pro X3 Suite in which I have implemented the nice Titan 2 stuff. Hope you like my first try of creating my first very own composition far away from any kind of video game remixes. I guess I'll make a much bigger and longer soundtrack out of this one in the future. Feel free to tell me how you like this one. )) --------------------------------------- Newest version of my track: 1.0 >>> >>>
  2. Yo, thanks for the feedback, dudes. )) For a comparison to the previous version, I've reuploaded this one into Clyp (I'll leave it there for a few weeks or so) - so you can directly listen to the changes I've made. >>> old Version 1.4 >>> And - of course - I didn't work 2 years on this version xD (about 2 weeks at all - maybe 20 hours in total) - was busy with other tracks and other stuff. But since I really like the new changes I wanted to share it with you. I didn't like the really outdated old version anymore and I wanted to create a much greater update with much more changes - but I need more time than I've planned. So, after 2 years I simply just wanted to replace the old version I don't want to listen to anymore with the much newer version that really sends me some chillz through ma bones - no shit. )) But yeah, you're right. There's a lot to do - especially in things like variation (primarily drums, basses, transitions) and much more new melodies that go on some very own pathes, changing rhythms, more alternations in speed maybe and a really completed, fading away ending. When I began with the track some years ago I really started with creating the whole track with a slightly alternated loop sequence (yeah, I was a big fan of the original theme and I had not the composing skills & knowhow I have today) - and now It's my mission to break free from this fixed structure more and more. But I don't want to cut the length of the track because I really want to have this one as a rare long Battle theme remix. It's not impossible to create a lively and varied track at this length and I'll make it someday as I progress with my composition skills (It's my 4th year now since I started with making music out of completely nothing - and it takes still a long time for me to write new stuff). Besides - there's already a FF7 battle theme remix on Youtube with a pretty great length (8 mins) and it seems to be possible to keep the listeners interested over such a long time >>> Although it's pretty much loop-based as well - but the alternative transitions and the lively, dynamic orchestration makes it really interesting over this long time. I'm not a too big fan of this "orchestrated-elements-only style" for a battle theme with such a great potencial for various music genres - so, I have to create a version in my own style. But it gives me an idea of what is possible there.
  3. Since the big update of my remix will take much more time than expected and cause I haven't updated the track for about 2 years (but I have composed lots of new stuff since then) I want to share a little preview of the current state of my music project with ya. I haven't even done the ingame video for this one - but at least I've created a little slideshow with some fitting pics of the FF7 series. I know it's still a lot to do in things like variety in a track with this length - but I think there's already some really nice stuff in there and I kinda like to hear the track over and over again. Maybe give me a little feedback how you like the new stuff and the improved sound design in general. You can find some additional information for this new version in the upload description of the Youtube link. So, here's version 1.5 of my remix: >>> >>> (Because of the extreme length of the track I could "only" upload a 256 kbit/s file at my free Clyp account instead of my usual 320 kbit/s audio material there.)
  4. Thanks for the feedback, dude. )) Really nice to get the opinion of a real drummer in this case.
  5. Thanks for the nice hints and information. )) In the end I've chosen the Sony MDR-7506 and I'm really satisfied with those headphones. They've got a really natural sound - no overpowered, but really crisp and highly defined basses (probably one of the biggest issue with most studio headphones), pretty decent, clean and neutral mids and really defined high frequencies (although they might be a bit standing out and sharp at "sss" sounds like hi-hats - I tried to change this with an equalizer plugin but no matter where I reduced or raised frequencies I couldn't get significantly better results which might be a sign that these headphones make a really clean, authentic, neutral and natural sound). In the beginning it might be a bit unusual to listen to soundtracks with such a reduced, neutral bass - but it's really good for the mixing process (as well as for watching movies etc.). Your sense of hearing wil get used to the neutral sound within a few days/weeks. The stereophonic/ surround sound is also pretty awesome (and really precise), too. Related to this it can really keep up with the big room sound of my new stereo speaker system (Logitech Z533). A bit annoying during the first days was the slightly noticeable pressure on the head around the ears (my ears got pretty warm at the first day after wearing the headphones over a longer time). But this vanished after a couple of days and they now fit really well without boiling my ears. If you have larger ears you should look for another model of headphones maybe (they're really made for smaller and normal ears) - such like Beyerdynamic DT 770/880/990 Pro headphones which are really big compared to my Sony headphones. So, altogether you can hardly do anything wrong with buying the Sony MDR-7506 as professional studio headphones. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PS: Since a friend of mine wants to buy some Beyerdynamic headphones (770 DT Pro or 880 DT Pro) for gaming soon I might have a chance to compare those ones with my Sony MDR-7506.
  6. Heya, guys. I'm looking for some professionell studio headphones with a natural hi-fi sound without bass or high frequencies boosts or mid frequencies reductions., just some headphones which are really neutrally EQ-ed that let me perceive a crystal-clear, natural sound that exactly (as possible) sounds as I compose and mix in my DAW. What would be your favourite headphones at these conditions? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit: My big choice is actually between those 3 headphones: 1) Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 2) Sony MDR 7506 (I guess these will made the run) 3 Sennheiser HD 569
  7. Axiom 61 1st gen latency problem

    I don't know which DAW you actually use besides Ableton. But try following things before installing another Windows version. 1. Deactivate and deinstall all external firewalls and anti-virus softwares (especially those with their so-called "real-time protection") >>> just use Windows Firewall (make sure to fully allow your DAW) and Windows Defender. 2. Delete the drivers of your audio interface and download and install the latest drivers of your audio interface from its support website. 3. Use the latest drivers of your audio interface in your DAW settings. 4. Check the settings of your driver system in your DAW if there are options like a hybrid engine for low-latency program use, put the ASIO buffer around 512 ms/32 Bit (latency is mostly defined and fixed by this value ) and the VIP object buffer at around 8192 ms if you want to play a track with the MIDI keyboard. 5. Check in Task Manager if your DAW activities already consume most of your RAM - in this case 16 GB RAM would be useful for larger music projects (I'm pretty much in the safe zone with 32 GB RAM). 6. Try to run your DAW in Windows 10 Compatibility Mode for Windows 7. 7. Try another DAW in its free text version and if the DAW could make some kind of problems or incompatibilities (would be strange if this might be the case - but at least you have certitude then). 8. Try to work with your DAW without your audio interface and its drivers (deinstall and use some recommended drivers in your DAW - or ASIO4all) to exclude incompatibilities with your audio interface. 9. Just order a MIDI-Keyboard from a newer series (like M-Audio Oxygen 61 Mk4) and send it back if it didn't solve the bit strange latency issue (or buy it when it works). 10. Pray to the universe or the gods of modern technology to get a direct 1-point-program answer.
  8. So, Drum Grooves Lvl. 2 is finally finished. You can read in the Youtube upload description about all the changes I've made in this version. Here's version 1.1 of my drum composition: >>> >>>
  9. Good to see someone is trying to remix a soundtrack of the Soul series. From time to time I also work on a remix for the famous soundtrack "The Edge Of Soul" from Soul Blade - the very first installment of the series - pretty awesome tune already in the original version. So, your track has definitely soulful stuff. Besides the bit lifeless synth guitar stuff that deserves much more articulations (even some better VSTI- based guitar stuff and a bigger compository development of the monotone synth guitar melody could bring about some satisfiying results there) I really like the pretty clean and organic sound of the track, the nice use of the stereo panorama and the really cool synthesizer that kicks in at 0:52.
  10. For the ambition to keep my content unmonetarized and ad-free I've deleted my former Baywatch remix with the video scenes and reuploaded it with a simple slideshow created with pictures of the Baywatch series from the 90s. I hope you enjoy it, too. I've already changed the links for the newest youtube upload in the comments before. But it's still really annoying to see that some of those copyright owners/companies try to make money out of every content (that's not even fully theirs) and bomb some passionate content with their soulless ad stuff. If you as a Youtuber had at least a choice which commercials you allow on your video it wouldn't be a big problem for me to accept commercials for the few companies that really push something forward for humankind and a better, more livable future - such as organic food producers, passionate bike stores, developers of sustainable and creative technology, social housing associations and good social projects. But to be the advertising pillar of large profit-over-life corporations can't be the way of a youtuber that wants to create some soulful content.
  11. Although the story of the movie sounds a bit conventionell and boring to me the soundtrack has some nice potencial. Some of the tracks have some nice elements of former Alone In The Dark and Resident Evil games. )) And of course it's no crime to use synths and digital effects instead of realistic orchestrations for horror soundtracks. It's mostly about the atmosphere you can create - and in the case of horror soundtracks you can really sow your wild oats as a passionate and creative sound designer. Just do your best to keep your listeners poopin' unbearable bricks of fear 'n' despair. ;D
  12. Lines in the Sand Solo recreation

    Pretty cool and realistic articulations for the electric guitar. )) Don't know if it's the sampled guitar, the tone or the hall that sounds a bit tinny (like a can-like preset - got one of those can presets in some of my VSTIs, too). It's also possible to make the guitar less thin (more powerful) without taking away the wide echoing room effects - just reduce the reverb a bit and use a stronger ping pong delay effect instead until you have a thick, strong and also wide, reverberating, room-filling guitar sound. I'd also leave out some of the overlappings of the guitar notes that sound a bit out of shape - like those ones at 1:32 (sometimes it's more than enough if just the overlapping hall/delay of the consecutive notes makes the tonal interference instead of whole overlapping notes - depending on which notes are overlapping). Besides these few things it's a really nice reinterpretation of the track. From where do you have got these nice ride/cymbal sounds you can hear pretty well in the beginning of the track? Are these samples from Shreddage Drums?
  13. Recreating a synth sound

    Sounds like a layered but not too complex pad soundscape to me. I'm sure you could get pretty close results even with free VSTIs like DSK ChoirZ and some external reverb 'n' delay plugins and some movements/automations in the stereo panorama.
  14. No big news in da house. But since I deleted my track just by accident on Youtube I reuploaded it with some changes in the sound quality, a much wider stereo panorama and a few changes in the VSTI & synthesizer settings for a fuller and cleaner sound. Maybe check it out - it's still version 1.2 (only edited the post).
  15. Meanwhile I've worked on an update of this soundtrack. All the changes I've made you can find in the description of the Youtube upload. Here's the version 1.1 of my remix: >>> >>>