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  1. Forgot to post here when it came out a few days ago. Anyone pick it up?
  2. Featuring: Ducktales Ducktales 2 Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2 Talespin Darkwing Duck
  3. Hope I'll be able to perform in the JamSpace next year. Couldn't find an opportunity this time around.
  4. Note to self. Follow JamSpace more closely next year.
  5. The only thing I'm concerned about now, is finding parking when my group gets there.
  6. Still planning on bringing a certain instrument to MagFest if I have room.
  7. I wasn't expecting a Pokemon trainer with an Ice-type this early for some reason. I currently have nothing to deal with this. May have to catch more.
  8. Where in the heck do you find Rockruff? Bulbapedia doesn't have any info (probably because the game is still new). I have yet to encounter it
  9. Want to reference a classic cartoon short, but 'm not sure Nintendo will let me name my pokemon Owl Jolson.
  10. What was that Munchlax promo thing again regarding Sun and Moon?