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  1. Rampage (2018)

    Slightly concerned about the film's tone.
  2. Disney In Talks To Buy Most of Fox

    It's kind of sad when the best one is the one that was never technically released and was only made for rights reasons.
  3. Wonder if this could lead to the X-Men becoming part of Marvel Vs Capcom again. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/06/21st-century-fox-has-been-holding-talks-to-sell-most-of-company-to-disney-sources.html
  4. New DuckTales in 2017!

    Ducktales + Haunted Mansion?
  5. New DuckTales in 2017!

    It's been confirmed that Jim Cummings will reprise his role as Darkwing Duck when he pops up in the reboot.
  6. Though MVC3 was more cel-shaded. I don't recall if the MVC series ever had a very good story. MVC 2 didn't have one, period.
  7. New DuckTales in 2017!

    It has begun!
  8. New DuckTales in 2017!

    Also, Tad Stones said that the people behind Ducktales are free to use anything from Disney Afternoon for the reboot, except for Rescue Rangers. Disney wants to adapt that into a movie,
  9. R.I.P. Archie Sonic

    The guy also tried this with the colorist as well...
  10. New DuckTales in 2017!

  11. Some of you who post remixes there may want to move your stuff in case it goes completely (or at least have backups) https://techcrunch.com/2017/07/12/soundshroud/
  12. New DuckTales in 2017!

    Even more shorts...
  13. Ninendo is launching an mini-SNES

    Also, Star Fox 2 now has official artwork.
  14. Ninendo is launching an mini-SNES

    4. A possible 100% complete Star Fox 2 which apparently isn't currently available even in emulated form.