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  1. Wow, I really like the melodies you have down for this remix and the 'smoothness' of the sound created by the instruments you have chosen. Sounds great! Although I don't find the lack of bass particularly un-good, I do hear the melody frequency conflicts that @Cyril the Wolf referred to above and I agree with his recommendations. The other note I would have is that supporting harmony background (the bell-like arpeggio?) gets really repetitive. It would be nice to hear a little of the creativity you used for the melody applied to some variation of this harmony in the later parts of the song. Other than that, very pretty mix. Good luck with this!
  2. I'm with @The Damned on this one. Overpriced and gimmicky. I'm sure some of the games are going to be great, but I'm not willing to fork out $600+ CAD just to play the maybe two or three games I have a vague interest in. I'd rather just get a new guitar for that price. I'll get much more use out of that and it already comes with a mobile play option!
  3. There won't be any feedback on SCRAMBLE until we get a new WIP together. I'm hoping to build the new WIP with the 'new' parts this weekend, but we'll have to see. I'm still behind and have quite a few things to do. You have feedback on Cornerian Hall of Fame. I think the only one you don't have feedback on now is the Boss Roll. Oh, and don't take the quiet as inactivity. I'm sure everyone is just working REALLY HARD on their tracks instead of posting, that's all. ---- Yeah, sorry I've been a bit absent lately. Life has been complicated for me recently, but I'm getting my stuff straightened out and should be back on track next week.
  4. Did everyone receive their gifts? I'm hoping mine is still stuck in the aftermath of Christmas package rush...
  5. This is fine, but keep in mind you are going to have to choose one version to build on at some point. Complete WIPs are due in July! ... and thanks, @classic_gamer_76, I'm still keeping your offer in mind.
  6. Claimed! Thanks again, Pichu's Dad - really appreciate all the work you are doing for us! Just so you know: as we have passed the first deadline, I'm only going to require a WIP from you for the next one, but a complete WIP is still required for July. This rule will be the same for all new claims moving forward. Of course, shoot me a PM if you have any questions or concerns. Well, let me know!
  7. No problem. I have removed you from the performers list. ---- Hello and Happy 2017 everyone! I hope everyone is refreshed (or at least done being hung over) and ready to compose with all your new toys for music! Just so everyone knows, I am behind in getting feedback out to everyone so if you haven't received anything from me yet, please be patient - unless of course, you've requested that we hold off on giving you feedback, in which case we'll send you a PM once you are confident enough with the WIP for review. I guess that 3-5/day was a little ambitious. Live and learn! We have three outstanding claims: @The Nikanoru - Titania Prominion - Fortuna @Trev - Bolse I really don't have much excuse to not have something at this point, other than being busy with whatever time I can find trying to review everyone else's tracks. All I can say is that I am subject to my own rules and have a month to submit something or my claim will be open. I am hoping that Prominion and Trev will have something to me soon, as they are under the same rules ... A couple of reminders moving forward: For next check-in, progress must be confirmed (new WIP required). Completed tracks are requested, but not required. I plan to submit this project for OCR approval within the next four months. I have set a goal for the project of 16 complete (not finished) tracks to submit with. I currently have 4 tracks I have labelled complete and 1 labelled finished; if anyone is wondering what I mean by that, a complete track 'is a track with a full framework; one that has a beginning, a middle, and an end that are clearly defined.' This does not mean the structure is set in stone; that would be a finished track, which should only require minor mixing adjustments. 11 more complete tracks needed to complete the goal. I've had to take down Sargasso Space Zone and Fichina, as their tracks have been claimed in other areas. There are still a few tracks I would like to see on the album: Great Fox Theme The Awesome Black Hole (map select music can be included) Meteor Base (SF or SF2) Out of this Dimension (for the truly brave) ...and another reminder that character and boss themes are still available to claim as well. 5 more tracks to be claimed before we reach our goal of 32 claims. The Andross remix is still looking for volunteers, if anyone is bored or having a mental block on their remix. Sequencing/building the framework is our current priority - a few people have said they'd be in like Flynn once we have something in place. I know not much has happened on this yet, but I still want to get everyone in on this, so please, any help you could provide would be appreciated! Here's to a great 2017, everyone - let's make some music!
  8. Well, it's totally up to you if you want to start a remake project for Star Fox SNES. I personally have no problem with this. However, this is a thread for the Star Fox 25th Anniversary Project, so please keep all discussion of the remake project to your thread.
  9. That Lucca shirt is buckets of awesome. Great pick, @Rexy.
  10. My friend chose to go with an Acer 3.0 GHz dual-core laptop, with 8GB RAM and a 2TB 7200RPM HDD from Best Buy - final price, about $750. He is also looking at buying an external audio interface in the somewhat-near future. Thank you everyone who replied. All the advice was much appreciated. Special thanks to @Esperado for the Apple plug. My friend liked this response, even though he eventually ended up with another PC.
  11. Oops - I thought I had done that already. Sorry, Rhino - now updated to Synthbeat verision. Awesome, Ron - thanks for the gift!
  12. To be honest, your reaction made it all worth while. I'm a big fan of VG lore - I have an original Nintendo Power strategy guide at home for a Link to the Past that details things like landscapes, Hylian fashions, and pre-OoT descriptions of the history of Zelda. I couldn't find anything that 'fit' based on your quite specific instructions, but when I saw this, I had the gut feeling that this was the RIGHT THING - and I'm super happy you like it!
  13. I'm glad you liked it, wildfire. Merry Christmas!
  14. Okay, here we go! Thank you to @Siolfor the Jackal, @Starphoenix, and @M_Blacki for sending in WIPs for their tracks. @Ronald Poe, still waiting for that PM - if you need a little extra time, this is fine for this check-in, but we should discuss the details. Prominion has been busy with life lately but tells me he'll have SOMETHING ready soon. @Trev hasn't been in contact with me yet, but he is super-busy on a good day from what I understand - I hope he gets in touch with me soon. And has anyone seen that jerk @The Nikanoru? He won't respond to my PMs... Today I'm going to start setting up PMs to each remixer with feedback, probably at a rate of about 3-5/day. @DS394 and I will make comments on every WIP that we have; because @DaMonz is also very busy these days (I'm sensing a theme here), he may not be able to get to every WIP before New Years, so I'm going to start with folks who have complete or substantial WIPs first then work my way down the list - please be patient! Some folks have expressed concern over reviews on tracks they are not confident with yet; if you do not want your track reviewed at this time, please let me know ASAP so I can take you off the list. You can always contact me if you have any other questions or concerns. Also, just because the directors are reviewing doesn't mean you guys have to stop! I have posted some updates and new WIPs to the spreadsheet, including: 'Cornerian Hall of Fame' - @TheChargingRhino, @classic_gamer_76, @Pichu's Dad - update 'Clipped Wings' - @TheChargingRhino - update Sector Z remix - @Siolfor the Jackal Boss B remix - @Starphoenix I'd like to say here how impressed I am at all the work that has been done so far and how amazed I am at how far we've come in a short time. Thank you to everyone for their hard work this year - let's keep this momentum going!