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  1. I didn't mark it orange because I wasn't sure if the ending in the latest version was THE ending - but alright, it IS a full arrangement in it's current form and I'd say about half the overall work is done so yes, I can mark it orange. Well, I just don't have time to lead it and I didn't want to block the claim if someone else wanted it. There's no reason why someone else can't take the claim and do the same thing. For example, I'm still willing to do the Andross voice-over for the intro and I'm sure @TheChargingRhino can still come up with something if asked.
  2. Some updates: I've updated the top of the thread and touched up a few things: Changed color assignments Red = track claimed, no WIP (0% overall) Purple = draft WIP submitted (1%-49% overall) Orange = substantial WIP submitted (full arrangement, 50%-90% overall) Blue = finished WIP submitted (only mix/master left, 90-99% overall) Green = Final WAV submitted (all done, 100%) Some tracks have had status reassigned based on the new criteria Adjusted tracklist (should have been done before submitting for OCR-approval, but I haven't changed it much): It has occurred to my that one of my favorite tracks from the first game, Out of this Dimension, is actually a remix of Voices of Spring Waltz (Johann Strauss II symphony), Yuki (Japanese folk song), When the Saints Go Marching In (American folk song), and Hänschen Klein (German folk song), as well as a bit the Staff Roll (played during credits). OCR is quite specific in their guidelines as to what qualifies as an accepted source, but there have been a few exceptions including Tetris and Frogger; that being said, to avoid holding up the album while waiting for an official response, I have relegated Out of this Dimension to a bonus track if folks still want to try it out. I'd still like to see it on here, FWIW... Boss A and Boss C have been added to claim. I've released the claim for Andross. I'm not getting to this and no one aside from @TheChargingRhino has shown an interest in a big collaboration, so there is another track open to claim. This will be the tracklist moving forward. I may change the order again slightly, but the tracks listed are the ones I would like claimed. Cleaned up / consolidated relevant information I'm still looking for WIP updates before the deadline (April 1st) from the following people: @Etzaen @JulienMulard @Siolfor the Jackal @M_Blacki @CrimsonCobalt - both tracks @HankTheSpankTankJankerson @Thirdkoopa @Pichu's Dad - Meteor Base @TheChargingRhino - Records 1 @classic_gamer_76 - Krazoa Palace (my part of this will be sent out tonight) @Slimy - Ode to Star Fox @Starphoenix - Cyber Warfare I'm going to try to review updates as they are sent so I don't bottle-neck myself like I did at the end of December. If I take longer than a week, feel free to nudge me with a PM. If you are relying on feedback sooner rather than later, mention it to me/us when you submit your update and we'll take that into account when we are allocating time. Oh, and one more thing - for those of you who have been using my signature banner, something has gone horribly wrong in the account I was using to post the logo images and the files became corrupted. Don't worry, I still have the source files saved elsewhere, but it will take me a little bit of time to get all this back up and running. I will let everyone know when I have this fixed. One month left! Looking forward to hearing what has been in the works for the last couple of months! EDIT: Sig banner has been fixed. Copy and paste the image from my signature into yours and away you go!
  3. There were two packages on my doorstep when I got home yesterday... ... but neither of them were for me.
  4. Just a quick thing: @Thomas Neil wrote a few words on his status update I thought I'd share with everyone on the project - you can find it here. Keep up the good work ... and no pressure, everyone!
  5. Same, here - never did receive anything, would like to confirm whether or not it's not Canada Post's fault before I make them an offer they can't refuse. Could my Secret Santa please contact me to confirm whether they sent me something or not?
  6. If we can secure release in late 2018 like I originally planned, then yes; if release is pushed too far into 2019, then I may have to adjust the '25th anniversary' part. Either way, the album name will be Lylat System CLEAR.
  7. I have contracted a professional artist to build us a promotional poster and the cover art for the album - however, he's doing this as favor, so we have to wait for an opening in his schedule. I'm looking to have this by the end of the summer at the latest, but it'll likely be here sooner. Also, @Etzaen has agreed to do some character art as well, as we will be sticking with the 'Arwings in space' motif for the poster and covers. If you want to submit something, go right ahead. Just keep in mind I'll be looking for a professional level of quality. @Starphoenix has agreed to do a website for us. I'm just not there yet on the planning side. It'll probably be late this year or early next year before we actually get to this, but @DS394 has some ideas of what to do here.
  8. Bump...? No response to your plea for response? You make me sad, @YoshiBlade ... so be it.
  9. ... No, but it is on my list. I've got some LSC stuff to do first, then this. I'll get it to you as soon as I can.
  10. I didn't apply in the beginning because I didn't have a solid track list and because I didn't have enough 'star power.' And no, I don't mean @Starphoenix. I also thought there was a progress requirement for application ... which is why I kept asking for complete tracks before I applied. Once I found out there isn't a progress requirement per se, I asked myself 'then what the heck is stopping me from applying now?' Nothing. So I did! I'd still like everyone to stick to the goal of trying to get the 'complete' status for their tracks, as having 12 complete tracks is still a goal for the project for April 1st. EDIT 2/23: I certainly didn't mean to offend anyone when I said I didn't have enough 'star power' for the application. What I meant by this is that according to the guidelines, I needed to have at least five posted/established remixers on my list in order to apply for OCR-approval, which I did not have when I launched the project. My apologies to anyone who took offense at my earlier statement. FWIW, I think we have more than enough 'star power' from ALL our remixers now, published or not.
  11. ANNOUNCEMENT Well, we're into it now ... I have now submitted the application for this project to become an official OCR release. Or, to become OCR-approved, as I like to say. It will likely take some time for processing and review, so don't expect changes tomorrow; however, I will let everyone know ASAP when I hear back from the Projects Team. Once again, great work everyone - we are (hopefully) one step closer to @Thomas Neil's vision. Let's continue making this an album to remember!
  12. Well, I could have said your woolly Wookies or masterful Minions...
  13. Whoever = me. I still need to build the second WIP with all the additions we made in, uh, early December. I've been maybe a little slow about this... but I will have something together soon. Hopefully this weekend. Once the second WIP is built, I'll PM everyone on the collaboration and we'll make a decision on the next course of action. Well, I sent you and your merry men a formal review for the current WIP on December 29th. Some changes had been proposed, but I've heard nothing since. I suggest you check with @classic_gamer_76 and @Pichu's Dad to see where things are at with this.
  14. One of my favorite tracks from the Xenosaga series: More than a little insane, but I'd like to hear someone remix this. Good luck!
  15. Well, bonus tracks are accepted at the discretion of the director(s) of an album, and even then, only approved for an OCR album by OCR staff. I can't speak to the DKC3 album or the decision made to accept these bonus tracks; only that they must have been approved by the director(s) and OCR to have been featured on the album..