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  1. LOL Yes, @classic_gamer_76, I see what you did there. It's coming ... ! Send me a WIP and I'll mark you down! No pipers have put their offer in yet, but @HankTheSpankTankJankerson, @Pichu's Dad, and @Theory of N have all offered their services for saxophone performances. Let me know if you would like me to put you in touch. ----- Updates! @Starphoenix has sent me an update of Cyber Warfare. New feel to this one, check it out! @Slimy has sent me an update of Ode to Star Fox. Now includes SF2 ending! I went through the Project Overview and updated the source tracks for the Great Fox Theme / Map Theme across the different games (as @TheChargingRhino found on her own). Nothing for SF SNES, as the Controls theme is similar enough to the Map Theme in that game. The 'Great Fox Theme' is specific to SF Assault. (I'd like to see this on the album anyway) There are specific map themes for SF Command, so I didn't list any on the overview. PM me if anyone wants to claim one of these tracks. I also updated source themes for Boss A (the Corneria Boss or Attack Carrier theme for SF SNES), and Boss C. I don't have an organized place to put it, but I also have the Black Hole Map Theme from SF SNES if anyone is interested in combining this with the Black Hole theme. That's all for today. Happy remixing!
  2. Just want to update: The problem I brought up above still occurs when selecting folders from the Inbox; however, it now seems to load to the correct messages when I reload the page under a particular folder. Not sure if this is an intentional fix, but I can at least work with the folders now. If it was, thank you!
  3. I've sent you a review via PM.
  4. This is a very cool concept. I would love to claim something but I am too busy myself these days. Just to ask the question: I have played a ton of fighting games in the past; is this concept just for 'popular' games or can we delve into relative obscurity with titles like Samurai Showdown, Ranma 1/2, or Doomsday Warriors? EDIT: Missed this line in the intro. I consider my question answered.
  5. Update time! I've posted @Ronald Poe's update of Fleet From the Stars to the WIP spreadsheet. Give it a listen and tell us what you think! I've finally redone the colors according to the current WIPs - check the top of this thread for tracks I'm now calling orange due to the new color assignments. You can always shoot me a PM to ask for any clarity on why I assigned the way I did. Everyone was in contact with me at least briefly before the last update. Thanks again for this; however, given the information I was given at the time, I'm still waiting for updated WIPs from the following folks: @JulienMulard - Raid on the Water People @CrimsonCobalt - Can't Let You Do That!, Into the Swarm (new name!) @Slimy - Ode to Star Fox @classic_gamer_76, @Slimy - (Krazoa Palace) Prominion - (Fortuna) If you haven't already, please get in touch with me and let me know what is going on. A new WIP for SCRAMBLE is still coming - I have all the parts, I just haven't put them together yet. I'll make sure this is done before the weekend is over. I will attempt to do the same for Bad Weather... Also - with all the updates I received (which we will count for this past deadline) means we have 12 orange status tracks! We made our goal! Thanks again to everyone for the extra help getting us across this line. Keep the beautiful noise coming, everyone. Just because I set deadlines doesn't mean your track can't be finished early! PM me if you have any questions or concerns. Cheers!
  6. AVGN has covered this, but it is an example: First played this when I was 8. I got really good at the first part of this game, but got so tired of doing this stupid part over and over again trying to time that jump juuuuust right. On those few times I did (somehow) make the jump, I'd usually lost two turtles by then. Before someone showed me you can walk across, I had stopped playing this game for 2 years; picked it up again, got across, did the next part - then got run over by the next roller I see on the 'world map.' There are some games that just aren't for everyone.
  7. Hello, everyone! Just wanted to announce that we have our very first finished track under the New Management - @Jorito has now completed his remix Masters of Mischief, featuring a stylish rap by @Smooth4Lyfe! Anyone who wants to give it a listen can check it out in the private forum. There is a lot of wonderful music happening in this album so far - keep up the great work everyone!
  8. You are .. so far. There are still 5 claims left open! I'm not sure exactly what form this will take yet, but that's one idea. It would make sense to have specific folks voice the characters throughout that album, wouldn't it? I recorded my own voice as Fox and Falco for my Bad Weather WIP (yes, I do have something, just not enough to post yet), but I think it would be awesome to have the same voice for a character no matter where it is on that album. I may have to get you to record a line or two for me if we go ahead with this. You did. There are a couple of wrong notes in there, but I'm not in front of my keyboard right now. Shouldn't this be posted in your remake project thread instead? Or are you still building that? --- Who else would be interesting in voice acting if we went with that? The main 6 roles would be Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, Pepper, and Andross, and we'll include Krystal. Not sure which characters would be included at this point. I guess I would take Pepper, since I already voiced him in SCRAMBLE and I'll take Andross if no one else does. Still looking for more feedback on the narrative too - let us know what you think.
  9. @DarkEco, this is all sounding very familiar to me. Being a fairly long-time gamer myself, I'd like to say from my side of the fence that I haven't quit gaming - my games mean too much to me to give up completely - but over the years I have found myself playing them less and less as my life has become more and more complicated. I average now about 16 hours a month; about 8 hours every other Sunday (when I can get away with it). When I do game, I find myself going back over those old titles - sometimes it's a track I hear on OCR, or an interesting article, or even an obscure reference that makes me want to play a game again. Did that recently with Super Mario RPG; after hearing some of the amazing songs on the SMRPG album, I HAD to pick up the game again to get a little context to the tracks I was hearing. That being said, like @Skrypnyk I have a very hard time justifying going to the next generation of console. I've played the console hardware shuffle over eight generations now and it doesn't make sense to me to pay $450+ CAD to upgrade to a PS4 that I want maybe six games for and have very little time to play. As far as 'cutting back' is concerned, I was trained at a young age to schedule my game time; typically blocks of one to three hours depending on whether my brother was using the games and/or whether my homework was done or not. Once I moved out, blocks of three hours became blocks of eight to twelve. Now that I'm older, I still consider a good day's worth of gaming at eight hours, but the frequency is far less. I don't think a full 'detox' is necessary; I think some scheduling and a little self-discipline should bring a little more balance to your life, so you can pursue other activities AND still enjoy a game form time to time. But hey, this is just my opinion. If you think you need to do this, then don't let me stop you - I'm just saying there's more than one path.
  10. In the game 7th Saga, anytime I would choose the demon Lejes as my main character, Valsu would invariably be one of the apprentices I had to fight to get either the Star Rune or the Sky Rune. It doesn't matter what level I'm on or how long I drag the fight out, I lose every time. To this day, I have beaten the game with every other character except Lejes because of this. Also, Shadow Link from Zelda II. Need I say more?
  11. Unfortunately, the Staff Roll tracks have already been taken by @Slimy as a part of his Ode to Star Fox remix. 'Come in Corneria' as you call it (or 'Game Clear Demonstration' as my source file calls it) has not been claimed, but now that I've submitted the project to OCR (even though I changed the tracklist one last time just after I did), I'm reluctant to change the tracklist any more than it already has been. I'd offer you the claim as a bonus track, but you already have Clipped Wings on the way! That being said, I've considered adding a narrative element to the album after the last conversation we had regarding a 'radio play' approach to SCRAMBLE - we boiled it down to the vocals we have at the beginning, but I still think it's a cool idea. @YoshiBlade's Candy Corn album was a big inspiration to me in this regard; listening to that whole thing gave me buckets of ideas for possible future projects. I'll consider this over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, everyone: feel free to let me know what you think about this. ----- I've received @M_Blacki's Sector Y update, and he's now let me post to the WIP spreadsheet. He's gone with the SF64 version instead of the waltz from SF SNES - give it a listen and let us know what you think!
  12. Just gave this a listen or two - short tracks, but this is great! For some reason, the word that keeps rolling around in my head when I listen to this is 'freedom' ... IMO, something in the sound of the whole album matches nicely with Knuckles' lifestyle. My favorite is probably ladyWildfire's Chuckles' Chaotix but I thought @djpretzel's Battery Preset Zone was interesting and I really enjoyed @Liontamer's Chaotic Rodeo. That one sounds very familiar for some reason...
  13. Just to add to what has already been said about realism, last year I asked @timaeus222 about how to make my sequencing less mechanical. The context was instrument sequencing, but I think it can be applied to percussion too: I have since found that sequencing percussion is actually pretty wide open in FLS; I can either play the percussion parts out through the plugin (under one channel) or pull the actual WAVs and manipulate each waveform directly (assigning each WAV to its own channel), depending on what sort of 'realism' I am looking for with the sound. Sometimes even slight EQ adjustments, slight pitch adjustments, or even where the drum skin is struck can effect the 'realness' of the sound; I, however, have had very little chance to experiment with this, so I can't advise much closer than that at this time. I hope this helps ... and I totally endorse air-drumming as a timing and sequencing aide as well.
  14. 76 brings up a lot of things in his review. What do you need help with, specifically?
  15. Heh heh ... Hi everyone! Apologies for being absent over the last couple of days, but I'm back now, so... ALL SHIPS CHECK IN! --- First of all, thank you to everyone on the project for responding to me on check-ins! Communication is key to keeping this project on track and I wanted to say how much I appreciate everyone making the effort to let me know where they are at.. Of course, not everyone was able to get me an update in time for the deadline, but I should have progress from everyone over the next few weeks. I'll let everyone know as I have been when a new WIP is posted. We currently have 27 claims out of a possible 32 tracks. We were unable to meet our side goal of a full 32 claims, so I'll be moving these goals to the July 1st deadline. 5 tracks are still left to claim! We may have reached our goal of 12 complete tracks, but I'm not sure yet. I do have some more updated WIPs to post; I will post them to the spreadsheet over the next few days, once I get the chance to sit down and go through everything. There will be some color changes... hopefully enough to push us over the line! Thanks to everyone who gave this a priority. I've spoken to the artist I contracted and he says his schedule will be clearing up over the next few weeks to work on the poster and cover art. I've been kicking around a few ideas with him and we think we have a good concept; going to be sticking with an 'Arwings in Space' motif (like the sig banner) but with a little more action, maybe a battle or zooming orbital... something. He's told me the latest he'll have something ready for the poster is early June. I'll post it to the thread once it's ready to go. @Starphoenix and I will be putting together a framework for the website this quarter. Once we have a working design, I'll be putting out a call for artist bios. I'll put together some clearer instructions when I announce, but it's not a bad idea to start thinking about it. --- The next deadline is July 1st, 2017. Remixers will once again be required to at least confirm progress and I'm actively asking for orange status WIPs. A reminder that all tracks will require orange status by October 1st - the sooner you complete the track, the easier it will be at this point! Final deadline for the project remains July 1st, 2018, but I would like to complete it sooner if possible so we have a better chance of a 2018 release. Any effort made to this end would be appreciated! It's fantastic to see the collaboration going on and folks jumping in to help where needed - a round of applause should go to our Audio Support team for their help providing a different set of ears for track review and feedback. The tracks we have are sounding great so far and with every bit of progress we make, we are one step closer to fulfilling @Thomas Neil's vision. Thanks again to everyone for making this possible! More posts to come as updates occur. Keep up the great work! --- Oh, and @TheChargingRhino's track has been updated on the WIP spreadsheet. Let her know what you think!