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  1. @TheChargingRhino Clipped Wings - Still getting my stuff together, but I'll go over what I've been sent and let you know. Cornerian Hall of Fame - Once I touch base with the QA team, I'll be getting the final tracks a once-over from each for any production issues, then it's on to mastering. I don't think any further changes will be needed to the arrangement itself, but the QA review will be conclusive either way. SCRAMBLE - As you and I discussed over Discord, taking the time has been my issue lately. Now that things are clearing up, I'll have more time for this. In addition to helping Jorito finish up with the Secret of Mana project, I have to get my stuff together for this project and touch base with everyone; there are a few loose ends I need to tie up for other folks, then I'll be onto SCRAMBLE - hopefully next week. I should have a new version for the deadline.
  2. It's been a while, everyone. Despite popular belief, I am not dead, nor have I fallen off the face of the planet! My apologies for the absence - I had some fairly serious stuff come up in my life in June which has carried on far longer than I expected. I have this mostly sorted now and with some changes to my family's schedule, I should have more time moving forward to work on this. YAY! I'm still getting myself back on track, but you'll notice some changes on the front page - some new claims have opened up as my discussions with folks over the OCR review progress. Anyone who does not have a WIP submitted (with a couple of exceptions) have had their claim released - this includes my own claim to Titania. This does not mean I've turfed anyone, per se; it simply means a claim requires a WIP to actually be claimed. This more or less lines up with the whole 'please submit a WIP with a claim' requirement that has been in place since July 1st. The Audio / Radio Play part is on hold while we get through the deadline. I'll be working on some scripts in the next couple of weeks; I hope to have them all in place by the end of October (hopefully sooner). If anyone has questions on any of this, let me know. ---- Last but not least, because of my absence and how close we are now, I've decided to extend the deadline by two weeks - check-in / updates are now required by October 15th. That being said, I'll be checking in with you soon to see where WIPs are at - be warned!
  3. I've been quiet, I know - more life stuff came up last week, but I'm getting back on track now. I've finally made some changes to the tracklist at the top of the thread and to our lineup. I'm not done yet - there are still some decisions to be made and some conversations to be finished - but the new placement for the audio tracks is now listed. I know I've been slow about sending the feedback out, but I'm catching up. I should have it all out soon. ---- Guys, I am still waiting for updates from many of you who didn't get something in to me for the last deadline. I'm not going to point you out - yet - but you know who you are, and I'm going to come looking for you soon! In the meantime, please note @Jorito's generous offer above - I can totally vouch for his ear, musical ability, and his skill at making folks smile. We also have our Audio Support team, ready to advise with whatever help you might need. Keep at it, everyone. Just because it's quiet here doesn't mean things aren't happening. Looking forward to hearing what everyone is up to!
  4. Hey John! I actually already had you down for the (French) horn, but I can add 'all brass and non-brass instruments'.... wait, isn't that everything? I'll put you down for 'all brass' for now - let me know what 'non-brass' instruments you would like me to include. Yes! We are looking for folks interested in providing a voice for Falco or Peppy. If you're interested, shoot me a PM with your role of choice and a quick sample. I recommend having a chat with @Thirdkoopa first, as he is putting together a slow jazz remix for Area 6. Hint hint, everyone! We have lots of performers willing to record for us - let's use them!
  5. Wow, thank you, Weisty! It would be great to have you. Welcome aboard! I'll send you a PM to discuss some particulars.
  6. Hello, everyone! I guess I should get this out of the way first. I received the news this morning - our initial submission for OCR approval has been rejected by the staff. I received a list of all the feedback from the projects team which reviewed the submission, and suffice to say, there are concerns that the overall quality of what we have does not reach the overall quality or potential that OCR is looking for. So ... what does this mean for us? It means that this is not over! A wise salesman once told me that a failing grade is never the end of the world, it only shows you where you need to improve to do better the next time. There ARE tracks on here that caught attention, we DO have some folks on here that are getting noticed, and there IS some excitement that this is happening! I'd like everyone to take a long, hard listen at their work and find everything you love about it and everything you can think of to make it even better. OCR has made it clear to me that they want to hear our absolute best before they give us their nod, so I expect nothing less of everyone here. It was @Thomas Neil's vision to see this as an OCR album, so now that we are more aware of what those requirements are, we need to work even harder at this. Let's kick it up a notch! Moving forward, I'm going to be asking for more help from the Audio Support team for track review and I'll be looking for a well-established remixer or to give me a hand with track QA. I know I've been slow with reviews - sorry about that, I'm getting there - but I'm hoping to have them all done by the end of the month. All this feedback from OCR is good incentive! I'll be going over the panel feedback for your tracks with each of you; a lot of you have submitted updates since the initial submission, but I'll touch base regardless. If anyone has questions about this whole thing, please PM me. ----- Updates: I will be updating the tracklist to reflect the new narrative schedule soon, and posting an article about the narrative component - I'll hopefully do something on this in the next few days. @Katamari sent me an update of his remix for SF SNES's Title Theme! ...and after a long absence, @CrimsonCobalt submitted a new WIP for Can't Let You Do That! which is sounding awesome. Give it a listen - He'll be looking for performers soon! @The Imposter never got back to me, so yes, I have released the claim on The Awesome Black Hole. @CrimsonCobalt has decided to release his claim on Katina, but will be keeping his original arrangement if anyone is interested in taking over from where he started. Please keep the updates coming. Keep up the great work, everyone!
  7. Seconded! You got one. Sorry for being slow on this. Please do not post non-LSC related info on this thread. The thread is for project-related discussion only.
  8. I think the first minute or so is rather underwhelming. I do like it better when it picks up at 1:26 - that part feels more appropriate.
  9. Welcome to OCR, @MikeyA18! Just wanted to say I really enjoyed listening to this. I really like the harmonies and I hear a lot of passion in those lyrics! Keep on singing, man.
  10. @TheChargingRhino Kew is the planet Fox finds Krystal on when she becomes the bounty hunter 'Kursed' in SF Command's ending 'Star Wolf Returns.' The Japanese version of SF Command implies this planet is in another galaxy; either way, it is not on any map. The Sargasso Space Zone is the area where Star Wolf's base exists in SF Assault. It is described as 'somewhere within the Meteo Asteroid Belt,' likely somewhere in the direction of Fichina. Papetoon is a desert planet (implied to be similar to Tatooine), likely somewhere near Titania, given the hints implied in SF Command and the fact that both planets have a similar climate. Building a map of the Lylat System is a subjective activity. Even the maps of different Star Fox games make little or no sense when compared.
  11. I can't access the link - permission denied. Could you please send the updated link to me via PM? My guy (Mike Ramanauskas) is only doing the cover, the back cover, and the CD covers. He is only doing this as a favor to me; anything beyond this scope would start to cost some fairly serious coin. A map is a good idea, though. Personally, I'd like to see a map of the entire Lylat System - There are 12-16 planets (depending on who you ask), 3-4 nebulae, at least one orbiting meteor (Meteor Base) and one single blue giant star named Lylat (Solar is a planet, not a star). There are also lots of little-known locations such as Papetoon, Eladard, Kew, and Sargasso to consider, or the theory that Solar is the way it is because of its relative proximity to the three sectors. Also, the tracklist will be changing slightly with the development of the narratives, so this may impact the flight path. I can ask if Geo-Dragon or @Etzaen are interested in building on your design, once you have a final draft.
  12. So, another deadline has come and gone - now it's time for our July update! I have updates from the following folks (thank you!): @DS394 for all tracks. @YoshiBlade (first WIP, but he got it in ) @Slimy (Ode to Star Fox only) @Etzaen @TheChargingRhino @Siolfor the Jackal @Ronald Poe After confirming with me last month, I'll be expecting updates from the following folks this month: @Slimy (Surprise! and Krazoa Palace) @Your_Face @JulienMulard @Cole Train @Starphoenix @M_Blacki @Thirdkoopa @Pichu's Dad @bLiNd @Trev @Katamari @HankTheSpankTankJankerson @The Nikanoru I have not heard from the following folks at all in at least two months: @CrimsonCobalt @The Imposter I will send out one final PM to each of you - please get in touch with me before July 14th if you wish to keep your claim(s). If I do not hear from you before then, I will release the claim; you will have to submit a new WIP (or an update of existing WIP) to reclaim. ---- Now that school's over, no more excuses! Please keep the updates coming and the tracks moving towards completion! We're almost halfway through our timeline now. Unless you have made arrangements regarding your timeline with me, I'm going to be putting more pressure to get updates before deadlines moving forward - I'd still like to have the project completed early if possible and I'll need everyone's help to get there! I'll be reworking the thread's details a bit to reflect some of the changes in the project. Big component on the narratives is coming - stay tuned! Reviews are coming for the updates I have this week. Thanks for your patience and feel free to keep working on your track while you're waiting. Happy remixing!
  13. Out of This Dimension is the area music. Here's the boss music for the Slot Machine, which is the one the saints go marching into.
  14. Another shameless triple-post: @YoshiBlade has claimed Boss A from SF64! He just sent me an awesome drumstep/dubstep WIP - another outstanding addition to our project! Wow, just one claim left on the regular album - so close!
  15. 1. work-in-progress

    Very nice. I'm no expert, but I can give a bit of feedback: Definitely a fan of the arrangement and structure of this. Production-wise: The loud spots are quite loud IMO. I think some compression would do this piece some good. I'm hearing a bit of mud on the low end, especially when the drums and bass pick up at 0:24. Check EQ. I also think the choir that starts at 0:47 is drowning out the rest of the soundscape. Maybe bring the volume of this down a bit. I also think the choir is 'too close' to the leads in the soundscape. I would stereo-pan the choir with a bit more reverb myself, but that's just me. I hope this helps. Great work for your first time!