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  1. Trying my hand at Electronica with possible my favorite S&K song of all time... Lava Reef / Hidden Palace Zone! S3&K was my favorite game and first game I ever owned (Yes I had both the S&K lock-on cartige and Sonic 3) growing up so I figured why not tip my hat to the game that made me love video games. Keep doing Great things SEGA!
  2. 1. work-in-progress

    Its a good foundation but there are few things that stand out for me right now. 1. the sixtieths (eighths ?) sound out of time to me. I don't if you have a delay on or they are out of sync but I sounds off to me after listening to the original. 2. I can't tell what style your going for here. I want to say either minimal house but the chiptune stuff on top the drum kit going into your piano / melody section doesn't seem to match to me. Like I said, these are just my opinions but hey keep up the good work
  3. The track is 65% there just need an ending and some EQing issues but let me know what you guys think!
  4. 2. ready for review

    Source material for eval purposes
  5. Kind of an older song a mode awhile ago but what the heck.A remix of a great song from an underrated gem on the SEGA Genesis: Sonic Spinball Enjoy! An source material for eval purposes
  6. Source material for evaluation
  7. 1. work-in-progress

    Here is the source material for the eval before i forget again.
  8. Thank you all for the feedback. I don't know why i never received emails about people commenting on here...i guess i forgot to set the notifications. This was kind of a experiment / humor track and I am glad that @Gario and @Darkeco got the inside joke on this one. I was going for a glitch trap kinda feel as i have never done either or before. Don't worry @Rozovian not all of my music sounds like this hahaha. Anyway, thanks again for the feedback
  9. I am not sure what genre this would be to be completely honest but screw it. One of my least favorite Sonic levels of all time...Carnival *******Night Zone. The music is cool but that STUPID BARREL I SWEAR TO GOD..... sorry. Just remember ...UP and DOWN....UP and Down.
  10. Thank you to everyone who left some feedback. I am hard at work on the new version but I have no idea when it will get done.
  11. Going back to my original roots and trying my hand at house music again. This time i thought should give some love to one of the must overlooked Sonic games of all time, Sonic CD! So who is the real hedgehog here?
  12. @M_Blacki thanks alot! And yeah that lead is getting changed once I find a new instrument(s) for it which should fix the build. I am debating on trashing the Brinstar depths part and just use the super Metriod prologue to fill the bridge. That song is easier to drop right back in the main theme because Brinstar depths is in a different key from the main theme and in 6/8. The prologue is in a key that surprisingly works with the main theme but idk yet. I am also looking at making the kick and snare more pronounced during the dubstep parts so it has a brostep kinda feel to it. I am thinking about adding the Samus cheer from melee as well during the bridge as well. Anyway, I am glad you like it!
  13. I have to say this is actually pretty damn cool I am not going to lie! I wish there was more of the original melody but I can dig it! This is actually giving me some inspiration for my Brinstar remix but anyway good job!
  14. Samus Aran: the prolific bad-ass from the Metroid series and my personal favorite Nintendo character. I recently started replaying the older Metriod games and forgot how awesome this theme and level was. Watch out Ridley and Kraid there is a new bad-ass on this planet now. This very much a work in progress!! I am still not happy with the transition from Brinstar Depths back in to the regular Brinstar theme I am also still looking for a better space lead for the main theme and a way to work in the main theme during the dubstep parts. I am also considering adding the Super Metriod prologue intro to the beginning and possibly the during the transition from Brinstar Depths into the regular Brinstar theme. Anyway, I appropriate any feedback.
  15. All the spiders gather around and clap along to the beat. You try to struggle and escape...but nothing happens Muffet approaches you... " Would you like something to drink? We have water, milk, juice, spiders, Dr. Pepper...?" "Spiders?" "Spiders it is, then!" "No! That's not what---" But she was already pouring a brimming cup of spiders