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  1. PRC359 - The Fire Of Music (Fire Emblem)

  2. Discord seems pretty active, though it kinda seems hard for newbies to actually become integrated and recognized til you get some recognition (not trying to start a debate here, but that's the feeling i got after joining few months ago, though i didn't really try hard to integrate myself). Guess it's our work to actually keep the boards alive, and I suppose participating in the competitions as much as possible might be the way to do it. I will myself try to be around more and participate in every round from now on (i'm passing this one though), even if I'm not really in my comfort zone with the music, though i might have some projects on the side in the future and procrastination usually kicks in way too much for me (looking at you PUBG).
  3. Hello, thanks a lot for the feedback ! This piece was fun and interesting to mess around with, and definetely quite different from what i'm used to do though i wish I spent more time on the mixing side of things. But as usual I have this bad habbit of stopping short from finishing it up 100% (thank god I don't do this in every single area of my life... oh wait !). Jokes aside, thanks for the critiques, it's always nice to know what people think of your work and it's even better when someone takes a liking to it PS: My vote to Kat since i forgot to vote myself. Love the atmosphere and sound you went with, even tho i'm not really fond of the vocals (but that's just my opinion)
  4. PRC354 - In The Battle Area (Zelda 2)

    I'll be cooking something up for this one too Edit: Bleh i don't think i'll have time for this one actually, have been quite busy these days. Sorry guys
  5. MnP 77: FFX - Someday The Dream Will End

    Yes, it plays toward the end of the game, when you think your journey is at end and the female protagonist will sacrifice herself to give the world and era of peace, only for a while, since the results are only provisional. (tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible)
  6. MnP 77: FFX - Someday The Dream Will End

    I'm gonna submit my version too don't worry
  7. PRC352 - The Song of Piece (Warsong)

    Thank you Bundeslang, Would not have been mad tho if it hadn't been accepted since i posted it so late, I knew it wouldn't have been fair. Still happy you accepted it anyway, thanks a lot
  8. MnP 77: FFX - Someday The Dream Will End

    Interesting piece, it definitely isn't the most popular song on FFX, but it carries deep meaning in the story. It will be interesting to keep the meaning and mood of the song while working on it. Gl to everyone
  9. PRC352 - The Song of Piece (Warsong)

    Sorry 'im quite late, didn't have much time to work on this piece and I wish I had more, but i joined late so... Anyway here's my version:
  10. Hey guys, So following the advice of mighty Gario here, I've been cleaning up and adding variety to my work, trying to make it less muddy and boring. I think i'm getting the hang of it but i'm not happy yet with the ending, it sounds strange at times (not sure if it's the melody or the mixing tho) and its still quite muddy. Still wanted to share it though so feel free to comment ! Thanks for listening
  11. Okay, first of all, thank you for taking the time to review my work, I was craving for feedback and I'm not disapointed ! The points you bring I agree with, and I can see those problems. That's a lot of things to change and work on, but that's okay since i have new guidelines to follow while fixing this piece. You can be sure i'll be back with a new fixed and improved version. Btw, that's the first track i'm getting feedback on, and i'm really grateful you guys do this ! Back to work then ! Have a nice day/evening/night/whatever
  12. Updated some mixing and parts Edit: Ready for review.
  13. Hello, Decided to give a try to Opening Stage theme from Megaman X, which is one of my favorite piece ever. I planned to go with an old funky 80's series vibe. Doesn't sound too bad as of now, though there's still a lot of work to do. What do you guys think ?
  14. Have been working on this piece a bit more, and improved production value. What do you guys think ?
  15. Hello, Here I am to present to you my new piece "Heat of Battle", a theme I hope is fitting for some oldschool RPG monster slaying ! Its not yet where I want it to be mixing-wise, as im pretty much learning the ropes, and I hope i can receive some advice from you guys to improve myself. In advance, thank you ! Here we go: