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  1. The swing is a good idea I also agree about the lack of humanisation, and I will try to implement it next time. (I only started to learn about techniques for it recently, and haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet!)
  2. Many thanks to HoboKa and the other entrants for all the hard work, and to everyone else for their constructive comments! Looking forward to seeing what's up for the next round.
  3. Looking forward to it being fixed! (Just tried, still no luck.)
  4. No confirmation email for ThaSauce

    I'll drop them a message. Thanks!
  5. Not sure what the best place to post this is, but... I want to upload a submission for a competition at ThaSauce listed on the OCR forums: But I can't register for an account, because I am not getting the confirmation email. Any help for this?
  6. I have a remix... but I'm not able to get the confirmation email at ThaSauce, so I can't upload it there. (I've registered with the same username.) Any help?