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  1. OCR03670 - Deus Ex "God from the Machine"

    I loves me some Linkin Park, and these guys absolutely nailed the style
  2. Flexstyle's OCR Showcase set at MAGFest -- recording here!

    Was a great set!
  3. OverClocked ReTreat

    So with Texas being Texas, I'm thinking either spring or fall would be a better time to do this. This spring is too soon, this fall conflicts with MAGLabs, so I'm thinking spring of 2019 in Fayetteville, Texas. That work for everybody? Also, if all goes according to plan, I'll be spending the next six months or so building a house, which means I will have neither the money for the initial deposit nor the time to get this put together. If somebody else can take the lead, that would be awesome.
  4. OverClocked ReTreat

    If we do Texas, This is the one I have in mind
  5. OverClocked ReTreat

    Two reasons I like this place in Texas: 1) It's cheap 2) I'm hoping hosting in Texas will make @Sixto more likely to show up
  6. OverClocked ReTreat

    Ok, sent messages to several places requesting details; I won't know for sure until I hear back, but it seems likely that we'll be able to keep the price under $270/person for the weekend (not counting food) EDIT: I found a 10-bedroom farm in Fayetteville, TX that's uber-cheap; if we manage to fill all 10 rooms, it would come to about $50/room/night. My guess is that's about the best deal we'd be likely to get.
  7. OverClocked ReTreat

    Depending on interest, I'll research other possible locations to try to keep the price down. It would be a bit difficult, because I don't know how many people will share rooms and how many people will get their own rooms. Goal is to keep it under $100/night/person, but obviously that can't be guaranteed. Depending on numbers and location, it could be cheaper than that -- possibly a LOT cheaper (for example, I found one in Boone NC that -- if we filled every bedroom -- would be about $175/room for the entire weekend).
  8. OverClocked ReTreat

    So after this past MAGFest, I was left feeling like we need a different focal point for an annual community meeting. A chance for people of the OCR tribe to get together and hang/game/rock the fuck out, without being hampered by an inability to get hotel rooms at the Gaylord. The overall impression I got from talking to other people is that I would not be the only one interested in such a thing. SO If, hypothetically, I were to rent a bigass mansion (say, something like this) for a weekend in the summer (say, July 6-8), and distribute the cost among participants (ie, the more people sign up to come, the less it would cost per person, but if we had enough to fill up all 37 rooms it would be something like $264/room for the weekend not counting travel, food, etc) how many people would realistically be likely to sign up? Keeping a list of people interested, just so I can keep count: Taucer (and probably S) Bahamut Nabeel Ansari Earth Kid Dyne zyko Theory of N +1 Sixto Shaggy Hemo Arrow Gario Prophetik Phonetic Hero Liontamer Mazedude JohnStacy Garpocalypse DA + OA Flexstyle DarkeSword EDIT: IF SOMEBODY ELSE CAN STEP IN AND TAKE LEAD, I THINK THIS WILL HAPPEN. IF NOT, IT WON'T. I don't have the time or organizational skills to run this, and I don't have the money to make the up front deposit. I can provide contact info for what looks like a great place to hold it, if somebody else wants to step in and take over.
  9. Super MAGFest 2018

    RFB I didn't see you at all this year
  10. Building a house with a studio

    Recording and production. It's where I'll be making remixes. (and also where I'll be doing my PC gaming) Will take a look, thanks!
  11. So my fiance and I are preparing to buy land and have a house built. The house will not be huge, but it will have a space set aside specifically for use as a recording studio. The room will be 8' wide, by up to 13' long (I was thinking 10' room with a 3' deep closet, but that's flexible). The ceiling will be somewhere around 9'. Anyway, given that I have this opportunity to build a studio literally from the ground up, what advice can you give me? Obviously the space is fairly small, but I can do pretty much whatever I want as far as building materials, wiring, windows, etc -- basically, the structural planning of the room can be whatever the hell I want as long as it fits within 8' x 10' by 9'. Either advice or links to useful resources would be awesome.
  12. Super MAGFest 2018

    Sarah and I will be there
  13. HAHAHA holy shit a 55-minute mix? Some time when I have more time, I'm definitely going to give this a listen. Got a long drive this weekend; that will be the perfect opportunity
  14. Ads on OC ReMix YouTube Channel

    Consent given to monetize my mixes
  15. 3. completed Street Fighter II Ken's Theme Remix

    Submit as in submit to OCR for judging? This is a fun cover, and some good work after only a couple months of remixing, but this is very unlikely to make it past the judges' panel. The arrangement is far too conservative, and the instruments sound very midi-ish. Don't get me wrong; it's a fun listen. But it won't make it past the panel.