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  1. Medieval folk style.... fuck yes! Conceptually, I love what you have going here! Instruments sound a bit mechanical! This sounds like it could be a track from a PS-era game with Mitsuda writing the soundtrack. Compositionally, I love it, but as far as production.... iunno, the guitar/whatever sort of plucked string that is sounds a bit mechanical. Also, the low percussive hit (not quite sure what it is) could use a bit more dynamic variation. The higher hits aren't too bad, the but the bass hit sounds too mechanical. As far as arrangement goes, I love it! Really cool and creative direction to take this track!
  2. Fuuuuuuck those strings are nice in the intro. Guitars are.... I mean, they're not going to fool anybody into thinking they're real, but they sound nice enough. They do their job. Brass at 0:55 is a bit mechanical. Once the beat comes in, again, you're not going to make anybody think the instruments are real, but they work well enough together, and the beat is compelling. Throughout this whole section, though, I keep waiting for a main melody come in, and the whole thing just feels like accompaniment. I feel like the stage is set, but nobody's on it... hopefully that makes sense? I mean, nothing here sounds like a lead, and I'm not sure what instrument is supposed to have my attention. Lead synth is nice, but I feel like you took too long to build up to it. Ending is a bit lacking. Percussion is a bit repetitive. Best way I can describe this is that it feels like a good backing track which is still waiting for a lead. Some cool stuff going on, but no central part to really hold my attention.
  3. So I'm sorry I can't find a more diplomatic way of saying this, but.... The percussion is so distractingly repetitive that my ears feel exhausted by 30 seconds in, and it's difficult to actually listen critically past that. The unchanging powerchords on rythm guitar don't help. Having said that, the lead work is pretty nicely done. You're clearly both technically proficient on your instruments. But.... I'm sorry, the percussion is just so repetitive it distracts from the rest of the performance.
  4. 3. completed FFVI Devil’s Lab Rock version!

    Ok, so as an ocremix, this definitely wouldn't make it because it's way too straight forward/cover-ish (not to mention too short), but outside of that, here are my thoughts: I feel like all of the guitars have exactly the same stereo effect on them, rather than each one occupying it's own space in the stereo field. That complaint aside, it sounds pretty awesome. Some really cool original soloing, excellent tone on the lead guitar (though, again, I feel like it would be better if it were more centered; whatever stereo effect you're using on it makes the center feel sort of empty, and the lead is just at the extreme sides). As far as quality of performance, it's top-notch. Great guitar playing.
  5. I've been on a 90's pop kick lately, so I decided to do a Shawn Mullins-inspired arrangement of Star-Stealing Girl Stuff I still need to do: -Re-record most of the guitars (the clean rhythm guitar will be replaced by an acoustic) -Add vocals/lyrics (ya rly) -Spice up the bass and percussion -Spice up (and hopefully live-record) the piano -Write an ending -EQ, compression, general production stuff (at which I'm WAAAAAY out of practice)
  6. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Regarding how much stuff there is to do on the map: Yeah, there's a LOT OF FUCKING SHIT TO BE DONE. This game has zero wasted space. Every tree, every rock, every bush has a purpose. Complaints about audio aside, the game is a masterpiece, the benchmark against which future open world games will be compared (most of them unfavorably, I suspect)
  7. OCR03533 - Mega Man X2 & X6 "Laser Power"

    Usa's back! This mix oozes the 80s out of every pore, in the best possible way
  8. Taucer on Patreon

    Much appreciated! My posting-of-videos has been greatly slowed down by extremely poor quality internet, but I'm hoping to get the first tutorial video up in the next week or two. I also have enough material filmed for another highlight reel, but I haven't had a chance to edit it together yet. @bustatunez: donate and I'll juggle torches topless in my next highlight reel
  9. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Don't think I've run into Molduga yet
  10. Taucer on Patreon

    Funny you should mention these things. One of my rewards tiers includes request-a-trick (juggling torches while shirtless, for example, would be a fine request). One of my goals if I make enough money is to buy a set of chainsaws. Dead serious, not kidding: if I make enough money from this, I will buy chainsaws and juggle them.
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I love how rewarding exploration is in this game. I've spent hours just exploring Hyrule for exploration's sake. The shrines are clever, the battles are delightfully punishing, and the physics allow for creative solutions to many of the puzzles. BUT The audio is awful. Most of the music is unremarkable at best and irritating at worst, the sound effects (especially when approaching a shrine) are annoying, and the voice acting is downright painful. The game is dramatically improved by turning the sound off, which is a really sad thing to be saying about a Zelda game.
  12. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I love everything about this game. I love the gameplay, I love the audio (though Aloy's voice acting is certainly not perfect), I love the story, I love the characters, I love the visuals. Definitely one of my top 5 games.
  13. OCR03502 - Super Smash Bros. Brawl "Bramble Blaster"

    Love it! Fun, rockin' stuff! My one complaint is that the percussion is a bit bland at some points. Also, I wish it was longer!
  14. Taucer on Patreon

    Aaaand my first video is up! This training highlight reel includes some 3- and 4-ball freestyling, flashes of various patterns with 7, 8, and 9 balls, and the first 5-club flash I've ever caught!
  15. Taucer on Patreon I have a Patreon! This has nothing whatsoever to do with games or music; I'll be making juggling videos. These will be highlight reels, tutorials, and blooper reels. So if you want to watch me play with my balls and perhaps learn to play with your own balls, swing by, check it out, and possibly throw me a few bucks. My first video (a highlight reel of some of my recent practice sessions) should be going up in the next day or two.