If you were in band in school, what do you wish your band director would have done differently?

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I am a band director at a small town somewhere in Texas (there are about 30 kids in band there).

The title sums it up pretty well.  If you were in band in middle/high school, etc, what do you wish your director would have done differently?  Yelled less, been more strict, played more, anything. 

I'm just curious, and figured this would be a good thought experiment.  If you have a story you connect with your thought, feel free to share.

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@JohnStacy We had a strict band director in high school, but you could ALWAYS, always, always tell that he cared about the music, about the band, about what he was doing, and about what we were all doing. For this role especially, I think, any scent of apathy is absolutely toxic.

He'd occasionally provide some background on a given piece, or its composer, but I wish he'd done a little bit more of that, actually... not sure if most students would be interested in that, but I was.

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