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  1. HoboKa
    07-24-2014 07:35 AM
    I guess it also depends on who does the reviewing, I swear that there is a certain, particular J (who shant be named here) who will do his best to rain on my parade - but that's just me being paranoid. I hope. The wait is just making my anxiety a little worse is all. I'll try not to worry about it any longer.
  2. HoboKa
    07-24-2014 02:18 AM
    Hmm...that is strange about the PM issue, might wanna contact admin about that. Anyhoo, thanks for the quick response. Hopefully TTempest will get posted >.<
  3. Cosmic Sounds
    03-02-2014 11:25 AM
    Cosmic Sounds
    Hey Superior, Thanks for posting in my Visitors Messages, it helped me see the information when I was busy and a lot was going on at once.

    I know I sent you a PM about the track was coming along, but I wanted to thank you here .
  4. AMT
    02-25-2014 10:47 PM
    Dang, I missed that message until just now; shoot me an email or IM next time and I'll definitely join!
  5. Main Finger
    02-14-2014 06:03 AM
    Main Finger
    I meant to reply to this a million years ago, but forgot! I would have joined the compo but holy crap I've been crazy busy. Thanks for the invite. Maybe next time!
  6. Damashii!!
    02-09-2014 04:12 PM
    oooh shiii---

    was too hyped about voting before it closes, dunno why I'd miss that one. :D

    No BPanther this time =(?
  7. BlackPanther
    02-08-2014 11:28 PM
    No promises, but I'll try to have it done by noon your time. At the very least, I'll still have enough done for people to enjoy it =D.
  8. TheVideoGame
    02-05-2014 03:37 PM
    Sorry if i am last minuting but i only just found out this Remix Competition was on. I am really sorry for being so late but i really want to send a submission. I understand that you are busy with the voting and listening so i do apologize. Anyways Here is the link to it:

    The song is a Remix of Windmill Isle (The Act 2 Version) in the daytime section from Sonic Unleashed.

    What's good about it is that this song has a lot of bongos to spruce it up. Like i said i am really sorry for interrupting you and for being late but i kind of feel desperate to to enter. Enjoy this late submission.

    Thanks So Much

  9. urdailywater
    02-01-2014 05:22 AM
    Thank you my friend! I'll try and put out a kick-ass song this week!
  10. timaeus222
    02-01-2014 12:50 AM
    Man, I wish I could, but my college schedule is so bad this semester. Sorry!

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