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Originally Posted by SuperSlacker View Post
Woo-hoo! Nice to see that this handy little plugin pack hasn't been forgotten. djp, you spoil us all.

However, I did notice that the included vgmstream isn't the most recent version. r659, the version included, is the most recent on the sourceforge page, but at hcs' site ( they have the most recent versions compiled. Right now, it looks like r898 is the newest version they have.
Interesting, missed that. Although, I'd sort of like to know why SourceForge is out of date... what's the purpose of it being there if it's not updated? We can include this in v1.1 along with any other feedback/suggestions we get between now and then (v1.1 will almost certainly be a matter of weeks, not months or <cough> years), but it'd be great to have an official comment on why the discrepancy exists...

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