Michiru Yamane

Artist: Michiru Yamane 山根ミチル


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  • Name: Michiru Yamane (山根ミチル) female
  • Roles/Credits: Composer (16)
  • Aliases: Chiru Chiru Yamane, Chiru-Chiru Yamane, Chiruchiru Yamane (チルチル山根), Ciru2 yamane, Tozan Yamane (山根登山), Y.Yamane, とざん やまね
  • Born: 1963-09-23 (Kawaga Prefecture, Japan)
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Hometown Heroes: Town Themes ArrangedSmash The Record: The RecordCandy CornVampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to CastlevaniaVampire Variations: Volume IIBadAss: Boss ThemesCastlevania: Sonata of the DamnedSpring Break DJ SetVampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania (KNGI)Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Resurrection
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