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  1. As much as I want to agree with Megadave, reality gets in the way of it. Iwata has said in the past that if the Wii didn't outsell the Gamecube, then they'd have considered it a failure. Maybe it's good enough for you, but if it's not good enough for their stockholders, then they won't be able to continue down that path.
  2. It's hard to justify the $50 WW price tag for me, even though I adore the original. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure the remake won't be as terribly done as the Silent Hill 2&3 HD releases.
  3. Looks promising. I don't usually do this for Indie games but, I backed.
  4. Anyone else download the demo for The Wonderful 101? It's all kinds of awesome. Steep learning curve though.
  5. Did you just make that up? You can take almost any stereotype and find positive aspects to it.
  6. Why can you not have two stereotypes existing in the same universe? They're not mutually exclusive because they're describing the different roles.
  7. Gotta call bullshit on this one. There is a stereotype that men are expected to save the damsel. Whether we're talking about a princess locked in a tower, or that girl in the bar that's getting treated like shit by some guy. If you don't save her, you're less of a man/a pussy.
  8. I see your point. I would say that context helps. The way she worded it makes it seem like all jokes about women, or at least, women damsels are inappropriate while the protagonist is open game. The actual joke needs to be taken into account, however. The joke in two of the games she mentioned there were about the damsels' looks, so I guess a similar joke about males would possibly be about penis size, or how handsome he is. It would've been better if she had said that in this specific case, it's okay to make a joke at the hero's expense as opposed to that specific joke at the damsels' expense. But she didn't.
  9. A little late, but I wanted to post my thoughts on the third video: Overall, her examples seem to be grasping at straws. The Princess Peach game seems pretty bad when you hear her explanation. It wasn't until I heard the context of the Vibe system that somebody posted earlier that I changed my mind. It's still essentially a hit at the stereotype of women being emotional but when the context is revealed, it turns around and becomes the parody of sexism that Anita praised later in the video. This seems to be the most common complaint about the series. If she didn't really play the games, she doesn't understand or probably care about the context. If she did, and is ignoring it, or skipped over it, she's disingenuous. Context doesn't always make good with the trope, but it sometimes can, and she usually doesn't mention it at all which makes me wonder. The criticism of Spelunky starts off with her mentioning the "boob jiggle" in the HD remake, rather than the bruise on her eye. This comes off as a mistake in prioritization. I can understand critique of violence against people, but this is one example of many of her hypersensitivity to any sexualization of women. I can't take her seriously because of it. As far as the damsel goes in the game, it seems to be a pretty integral part of the mechanics. I don't see what the 'solution' to this particular game would be, if there is one. Turning the damsel into an inanimate object changes the mechanics too much, and making it an non-living object (such as a gem or something) that does move seems like sterilization of an artistic choice. She goes on about ROM hacking retro games to switch the character sprites so that the damsel is now the hero and praises it with "...can directly challenge the status quo and interrupt the established male-dominated pattern in gaming". This came right after she mentioned that giving multiple options for the damsel in Spelunky was bad because if you can just swap out the damsel for a dog, then 'something is wrong'. I can't remember which video, but she's mentioned previously that giving an option for the main hero's gender isn't good enough. How is that any different than ROM hacking and in addition, how exactly does gender swapping ROM hacks 'challenge the status quo', especially considering her disregarding male/female character choices built-in by the developer. This is her bad habit of making assertions with no explanation, proof, or citations, as well as making her arguments inconsistent cropping up again. The suggestion about homages to games with damsels around 10:16 is particularly annoying to me. Again, she gives an example of something that happened, and then states her opinion why she think they did it without proof or even just explaining why she thinks that to be the case. Her example of Fat Princess also doesn't make sense to me. She mostly focuses the arguments around the mechanic of making the princess fat so I don't see how that relates to gender. How is the game "one big sexist fat joke"? Again, no explanation. So the formula is: - find something that would offend feminists - ignore all context that might explain it - find a Let's Play video of the game - use it without asking permission, or accreditation - explain said offensive material steeped in as many biased adjectives as she can fit into a sentence - come to a conclusion about game developers using: ??? - pass this off as "well-researched, in-depth analysis" - $160k on Kickstarter Moving on to Secret of Monkey Island. She specifically states at 18:32 "The joke ends up being directed at the protagonist, rather than making fun of the damsel'd woman". More consistency issues. Why is it okay to make fun of the protagonist and not okay to make jokes about the damsel? I see that as pretty damn sexist, especially when this comment directly followed her scorn on Earthworm Jim/Eversion/Castle Crashers on the same topic. As a general note, I still think that she could've done a lot more with the money she got than this video series. She could've used it to go an interview game developers about the issue, their process, and if there's a better way to tackle the issues of women in games. She could've gone and talked to some of the women that were part of the #1reasonwhy campaign to get their take. Again, I understand that she initially asked for $6k but in my mind, if she really cared about the issue of women representation in games, she could've switched gears and did something a lot more positive. However, she did get the conversation started. It's still possible that something great will happen, even if it's just vicariously through Anita so I guess that's something.
  10. I believe it's fixed to your Nintendo ID now. If it's not implemented yet, then it's coming soon. On the same note, I found that doing the system transfer from Wii to Wii U makes it impossible to use your Brawl save data on the Wii again unless you transfer (everything) back. That's pretty balls. It was really disappointing to have friends come over and find that we could only play with the starter characters because my Brawl data was moved over to the Wii U.
  11. Ouch. I think I might have to agree with Crowbar on this one. I absolutely adore Wind Waker, but $60 is way too much. I would think that $40 is pushing it for me, let alone $60. In other news, I'm totally pumped for Pikmin 3, and have been making my way through EarthBound lately. Did anyone else buy it?
  12. The chart means almost nothing. It doesn't account for the number of their games available for each system, the length of time the system has been out, or the install base, as Megadave mentioned. Just as with Pikmin 3, each big release will see a gradual increase in the userbase. Even so, I don't forsee the Wii U selling at original Wii numbers but nothing will change that. The Wii popularity boom was a one-time thing. However, I think it's gonna be real interesting to see how the next generation pans out. Big budget games are being released less frequent than before, and the indie game craze is picking up steam. Every day, I see more and more indie devs announced to be Wii U-licensed and that'll be good for all of us.
  13. To be honest, I'm also really bored with the NSMB style of aesthetics, but I'm wondering why you think the Wii U isn't capable of achieving the level of detail in Ni no Kuni. I didn't finish the game yet, but the game's detail seems to be more attributed to animation quality rather than how many polygons/horsepower of the system.
  14. I don't have much time to say all that much but I do want to say congrats to all the remixers and coordinators on this project. Seriously incredible work, and even though I know this game inside and out, this album has breathed new life into the whole soundtrack for me. Most of the tracks really reminded me of how it felt to play the game when I was 10 years old. I'll also send out a special shout out to Mr. Strader. That Mog mix really surprised me how much I enjoy listening to it.
  15. In addition to the previous suggestions, I'll throw in the PixelJunk series (especially Shooters), Flower, Fat Princess, Mushroom Wars, Scott Pilgrim, and maybe Metal Gear Revengence. I'm not sure which, if any of those are multiplatform though.
  16. Has anyone bought the new Game & Wario? I want to buy it because I love WarioWare games, but it's unclear to me if this is actually a WarioWare game or not. Can anyone confirm?
  17. Kotaku just posted this article. I know, I know: nobody likes them anymore. However, it's got an interesting quote from Fils-Aime in there regarding the gap between Wii and Wii U sales: I tend to believe that the Wii U doom and gloom theorists are blowing things out of proportion, so this helps that out a little bit. Any thoughts?
  18. I'm with Megadave. I really would've liked online multiplayer because all my gaming friends are too far away/assholes who don't want to hang out in-person anymore. You don't want the possibility of a laggy multiplayer experience? Play local multiplayer. For the rest of us, it's the only multiplayer possibility anymore. I get the feeling Nintendo uses that same "We really like the in-person multiplayer experience" excuse to get out of putting in the time and effort it takes to make that portion of the game.
  19. The first viewing of the Direct video left me kind of disappointed. The games didn't look as good as I thought they would. Then I went home and watched it in 1080p on my 60" tv and felt a lot better. Wind Waker HD looks incredible on a large tv. If you haven't yet, I suggest watching the Nintendo Direct on your Wii U from the videos in the eShop. They didn't compress them as bad as the nintendo.e3.com or YouTube videos are. All in all, it feels like Nintendo is playing it too safe. They want to get more games out asap, so it makes sense but I was kinda hoping for footage of something really exciting. However, so far I'll be buying Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Mario Kart 8, Wind Waker HD, Smash Brothers (hopefully there'll be a 3DS+Wii U combo pack), and probably the new DKC, so I guess I can't complain too much.
  20. I want a Mario that pushes boundaries, like SMWorld, Yoshi's Island, and Mario 64 did. I'd at least welcome a change in aesthetic. I liked SM3DLand and might buy the Wii U one, but you gotta admit it's a little stale.
  21. I agree with Malaki. My wife is native Japanese. We live in the US but frequently visit her family and friends in Japan. I've watched many Japanese movies and tv shows, all across the board (subbed, dubbed, Japanese language only). Neither of us can stand the recent moe-moe bullshit character types and nonsensical over-complicated and convoluted storylines as seen in FF13. I understand the cultural meaning behind it all and it always just comes off as shallow and uninspired. Sure, Derrit is right as that means we're not the target audience. But that alone doesn't make it a good game. On-topic: I'm not holding my breath for any new FF game. It's gonna take a lot of convincing to get me back on board.
  22. Don't worry. The amount of ads on your dash will make up for that.
  23. Years ago, I was addicted to drinking Calpis soda. I didn't know it at the time, but it's also slang for 'semen' in Japanese because of how close the soda resembles it.
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