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  1. It wasn't a total failure, but I always like playing the original Link's Awakening than the GBC port. They don't let you skip text with B in the GBC version.
  2. I haven't gotten the chance to read every single post in the thread, but it seems a lot of talk is going on about the Zelda series in general. The problem with that series relating to the DiD trope is that they're already got the story arc set up as a DiD game. The Triforce necessitates that one character has the Piece of Wisdom, and it's a one player game, so there's always got to be a Damsel in Distress, or at least a Damsel running from Distress. When I think back to when I first played a Zelda game, I always thought the point was to stop Ganon from completing the Triforce. The princess was just the way he accomplishes that. I think that alone debunks any validity to her being objectified, even if she still is a DiD, to whatever degree. There's been varying levels of disempowerment of Zelda throughout the series but I'd argue that it's a lot better now compared to where the series started. All this talk has really got me thinking that a co-op Link and Zelda game could be a lot of fun. In the end, I think sexism in videogames is more of a reflection of current societal norms rather than something completely unique to the videogame industry. I showed the video to my wife and she thought this was a terrible use of time when there are so many other - much larger - women's issues that could've been addressed with the money she received.
  3. I can see your point that comments aren't exactly the cream of the crop, but it's also kind of annoying that ratings are disabled too. Is it an all or nothing thing or can you choose to disable them separately? I don't really have anything on-topic to say so I guess I'll bow out now.
  4. Unless the threats were real or had a reason to consider them credible (letters sent to her house, a phone call, etc) how is a rape comment not trolling? Unless it was credible, it's still just a troll wanting to get a rise out of her. Freaking out and calling more attention to it gives them what they want. Disabling comments doesn't filter out real threats. If the majority of the comments really are just inflammatory, I can agree it's good to shut it down - at that point. But closing it from the get-go seems a little defeatist. (I could see it from the other side that closing the comments feels empowering, but I disagree)
  5. That's a good point, but (somewhat agreeing and disagreeing with TJ) I think that closing the comments section says something about how this person is reacting to opposite points of view, rather than trolls. It doesn't shut down discourse but makes it easier for her to ignore trolls, but at the same time makes it easy to ignore other opinions. That might not be her desired effect, but it is an outcome of her actions. It's the same feeling that I get when (for example) pro-creationist videos close comments and ratings. They just want to be able to ignore opposing views. Due to the amount of trolling she got, I think it might've been a more bold statement to keep the comment section open. So I sympathize with her in controlling her platform, but it looks more cowardly to it in this way. Every video on YT gets troll comments, even though I recognize that she may have gotten a lot more than usual, they're still troll comments that just need to be ignored. It doesn't excuse the behavior, but the fact that she was making such a big deal about it made it worse.
  6. Hm. I hadn't considered that. I don't want to seem like I'm making a Catch 22 here, but it makes me wonder if she already had a bunch of videos up like this, what made her decide to make a Kickstarter for these videos. I guess possibly she wanted to raise more awareness? Either way, I felt like the content was a little lacking. Hopefully it'll pick up in the following videos.
  7. The difference is that Extra Credits started off on YouTube with no Kickstarter or Escapist/PA money coming in. I think she should've had to prove that her content is worthy before doing a Kickstarter.
  8. I'm not taking a side on this, but I think TAA has a good point about Anita in general in his latest video: (Yes, I already know that he's known as an anti-feminist.) For me, I can see her points to a degree. I think she kind of goes overboard to a level of almost hyper-sensitivity at times though. Also, I agree that she didn't need Kickstarter money to make these videos. Lots of people put out the same level of quality without that kind of money.
  9. I'll pay $15 for the Megaman X figure. How big is it?
  10. Anyone else disappointed with the Castlevania demo? The game feels slow with low fps and it's a little hard to make out enemies from the background sometimes.
  11. Anyone else play the The Cave demo? I really want to buy it now, the narrator was awesome.
  12. I liked the Oracle games, but the pacing felt really disjointed on Seasons for me. Either way, I'm totally buying both.
  13. No waggle to roll on a version of DKC:R makes me a happy camper.
  14. I added everyone to my 3DS and only got 3 people back in return, I'll add you guys tonight.
  15. I'd be willing to bet that the PAL 50hz thing has some legal BS associated with it. Something like that version has already been approved to be released in that region.
  16. It definitely looks similar to the same shader effects they're using on Nintendoland. That kind of makes me excited. Not to mention just the fact that they're doing an HD port of Wind Waker in and of itself is exciting enough. New Xenoblade looks pretty incredible as well. Kind of makes me think Nintendo really doubled down on it because it seems to have been in development for a good while.
  17. Okay I've gotta say, I haven't played any Fire Emblem game to any sort of length until this 3DS Demo, and I'm sold. Day 1 buy for me. As long as they keep the option to turn off the story voices, I'm buying it.
  18. I'm gonna echo To the Moon as well, just because I recently played through it for the first time. I also teared up a little when Cid died in FF6. Saving him takes a lot of effort, so the first time you play through, you're most likely gonna kill him.
  19. .bat files with command line switches to direct-load the roms, convert to an exe with a free program, add that to Steam. For the PSX games, I used ePSXe with a frontloader program called epsxecutor to be able to customize the plugins used per-game. The hardest and most time consuming was making .ico and Steam custom .png files for each game. I've actually got it set up to load it all from a relative directory, so it's portable.
  20. This sounds really cool, especially because I just got done with a project adding all my SNES and PSX emulator games to my Steam library, getting ready to do the same to a new HTPC for my TV. This would be a really awesome thing to do it with, however the only part I don't like is that it's Linux based and I'm totally not part of that world right now and don't want to learn it either. I'm keeping my eye on this though. Looks interesting either way.
  21. Thanks for the info Ocre. Gonna be goin' to Target tomorrow after work.
  22. Man, I really wanna get Trine 2 for the Wii U, but now the Steam version is at $7.49. Is there any Wii U exclusive content that'd make the deal sweeter?
  23. I was thinking something more along these lines:
  24. Is Germany to Europe as Canada is to the Americas?
  25. Shigesato Itoi actually already said that if a Mother 4 game is made, he won't be involved with it. He said something about wanting to see the series made by someone else. EDIT: Don't wanna double-post, but I wanted to share this: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/12/05/wii-u-revolutionizes-social-gaming Really awesome article. I personally don't care for trophies/achievements so I think that's why I like the Miiverse system. It's not annoying, and I actually use it of my own free will because it's as non-intrusive as it can get.
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