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  1. I think my confusion came in because before I heard "Q1 2013" and now it's "Spring 2013".
  2. Well, yesterdays' Nintendo Direct was a little of a let-down. Did the Pikmin 3 release get silently pushed? I was under the impression that it was going to be sometime in February, and now it's "Spring 2013".
  3. I'd agree on most points with Bleck, but I wouldn't say it's one of the best Mario sidescrollers. It's a solid experience, but not one of the best for me. I wish the music was more lasting. Granted, I've only really played it together with buddies so I didn't have much time to listen to the music, but it sounded kind of generic to me. The levels are much more spacious, and longer as well. However, for me, bosses are pretty simple (only played up until just after Iggy, so if they get harder, I wouldn't know). The levels are challenging enough for me though. I did notice that they used 16 bit Yoshi sounds in lieu of Yoshi's Story stuff, which was surprising given that the GBA port of Yoshi's Island did the opposite.
  4. I would've loved for Nintendo to make NSMBU with online multiplayer. If that was the case, I would have actually bought it. I have a couple friends that I'd love to play through with, but they live roughly an hour away from me so it's not like I can drop by there often enough to make it matter. I get the feeling that the programmers at Nintendo don't have enough experience in programming online games so they avoid it at all costs. The only thing I'm not liking about the Wii U is that the gamepad has lessened my excitement for 3DS games that I was previously excited for. (firstworldproblems). Oh well. I'm totally getting Zombii U in the next week or so. Do we have a Pikmin 3 release date yet?
  5. I'm getting a little sick of listening to what all these sites are saying about how bad the ports are. I keep trying to look up videos that compare Wii U to the other 2, and cannot see the differences between the three. They need to do the Pepsi Challenge on these reviewers because I would be willing to bet they wouldn't be able to tell them apart. I haven't even noticed these so-called fps drops, and doing that is actually part of my job. Occasionally going down to 40 from 60 fps is par for the course in game development. I know that a small population of gamers do care about those issues, but it feels like we're now caring way too much about differences that are too small to notice without squinting at a side-by-side comparison video.
  6. I'm excited for Pier Solar, and also Two Brothers. They both look like great games for the eShop. I also picked up Nano Assault. It looks great on both the TV and gamepad. Too bad I suck at it.
  7. Anyone play around with the Youtube app? I think it's a pretty lazy port of the PS3 app, with almost no touchscreen integration to speak of. Why do these companies keep making half assed experiences? I mean, the Netflix app is better than YT but still runs terribly and breaks easily.
  8. I did the $1 tier, as nothing in the $10 excited me, or I didn't know what it was. Thanks though, I'll enjoy the music.
  9. Sent it from the friends list. Do you need me to do it from Miiverse as well?
  10. I got it now. Had to set up my friends list before it would let me do anything. I sent both you a request.
  11. I'm pretty sure... is there anywhere I can double check?
  12. Does the system need to be turned on? It's not at the moment.
  13. Forgot to post my Nintendo ID, so here it is: famicomboy
  14. Picked mine up last night. I was gonna try to wait a week for a check to come through, but Gamestop was gonna give mine away if I didn't do it before the end of the day. Either way, so far I like NintendoLand a lot more than I thought I was going to. It's much more of a deep experience than they gave in Wii Sports, without being any less approachable. After setting up the system, updating the firmware, and installing Netflix and playing with that for a while, I only really had time to play with the ninja star game. It's pretty dang fun, and I can see myself constantly trying to get high scores. I'm excited to go home tonight and play some more. I'm actually thinking about buying NSMBU as well. Not for a couple weeks probably, but just to say how much I'm loving the gamepad. As an addition, the TV controls are interesting and what's there works well, but it's limited as to what it'll let me do. i.e. I can't set my DVR to record, or even access my DVR recordings, I can't control my TV volume because it's hooked into a stereo system, but I assume that'll be fixed once they release the TVii U stuff? I haven't really been keeping up on that news.
  15. In the end, money speaks volumes. As much as I enjoyed Other M's playstyle over the Prime series, it sells for a measly $7 at my local Gamestop. NEW. It's pretty obvious that Nintendo is aware of how badly it performed and it's safe to assume that they won't give Sakamoto another chance at the same role. I mean hell, Gunpei Yokoi contributed a lot to Nintendo but was essentially publicly shamed after the Virtual Boy fiasco.
  16. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it sounds to me like Brushfire is basing his general opinion of the system based on one almost-DOA gamepad. If this was a widespread thing, I'd agree with him. It's silly to think that all the gamepads will break so easily though.
  17. Heiankyo Alien? It was short, but I loved playing that game.
  18. I love how people take Team Meat's games way too seriously. I love them all. Especially The C Word.
  19. So against my own initial judgement, I ordered Code of Princess. It came in yesterday and I got to play it for 30 minutes or so before going to bed. I played the tutorial, 5 campaign stages, and tried a couple free stages. Sorry to say, but I don't like this game at all. It runs really choppy, it doesn't make the controls very clear (possibly because of the bad frame rate), and I'm not big on the style of narrative anyway. I'm not here just to hate on the game, but I want other people out there to know that not everyone thinks it's a great game. I'll be returning it to get a Moba controller for my phone instead.
  20. Ultima? That must take awhile to grind. I just do either genji glove + Illumina and Atma Weapon or offering + Illumina. Do that with one/two character(s) at a time and you'll do just fine. Or you could just do auto battles on the Lete River (low level enemies, but earlier in the game) or burning house in the infinite enemy room. I prefer the latter because you level up faster.
  21. You're right. I just get annoyed that every site posts everything he says.
  22. That's what's confusing. You can't say "a handful" and then "nobody" directly after that.
  23. Not according to Michael Pachter
  24. I still need to play that game. Seems like most people liked it.
  25. I'm not exactly reading it that way. But, even if that's what he implied, what difference does it make? I'm not sure what kind of sense "The Wii U is like the DS except that it's hard to focus on the two screens on the Wii U and also the DS third party games didn't 'do well' despite a handful that I personally can name off the top of my head so that's why the Wii U will fail" makes. I personally thought that lots of developers made a lot of great games for the DS, even if they didn't utilize the two screens to their maximum creative potential. See: the DS Castlevanias.
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