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  1. I'll echo rama's statements. You saying something is a fact doesn't make it so. Also, I've looked up common core stuff before because I stumbled upon it in the past. I couldn't understand what the fuss was about. But that's neither here or there. I don't really share your view of the level of privacy concerns with the always-on Kinect, but I'll agree it's something that I dint like about the system, to a lesser degree. Afaik, Kinect menu controls are finicky and I wouldn't want that to be the only, or required way to navigate menus.
  2. I think it does her argument a disservice by citing games that use parody or tongue-in-cheek as examples of Tropes vs. Women.
  3. I thought I read something yesterday that said once the game registers to a new account, it'll get de-registered from the old one. That may have just been an earlier report and redacted by now, however. There seems to be a bit of that going on.
  4. Don't think this has been brought up, but what happens if I want to lend a game to a friend? Is it the same deal where he/she has to pay an activation fee, and then in order for me to play it when I get it back, I have to pay the fee also? That's terrible.
  5. I agree with your statements, but I'm curious as to what the bold part entails. Just to clarify, I've haven't ever owned either of the Xboxes, and this one doesn't seem any different until I see exclusives in the future. However, out of the PS4/XB1, I'll probably buy the one with the better media server capabilities. I've hated fighting with the PS3/PS Media Server BS lately and my coworkers tell me the 360 was a lot better in that regard. Had I known that before I bought the PS3, I would've reconsidered. On the other hand, I really enjoyed the PS3's exclusive downloadable games like Flower, Journey, PixelJunk and so on.
  6. I will say that while I did enjoy FFIX up until the end. The last boss made no sense and kinda turned me off to the whole game. I finished the game once with no play-throughs. Might go back to it some day. Regarding FFXIII, I'm glad that my friend brought it over before I was about to buy it. The characters were annoying and I didn't like the lack of open areas to explore. I've been kinda off the FF bandwagon ever since they removed world maps in FFX. I played XII a bit. Liked it but lost interest a little more than halfway through.
  7. Thanks Ocre. That deal + a $5 off coupon I had nailed me Paper Mario for about $20 off the normal price.
  8. Playing Chrono Trigger, I always keep the power/speed/magic tabs until the end of the game and then divvy them up before the last boss.
  9. http://youtu.be/7vAo7KgUYpk?t=13s He's hilarious, but harder than Hell to beat.
  10. I agree with The Derrit. I've found myself looking forward to Nintendo Directs lately, and they're probably way cheaper to produce than a conference at E3, not to mention more frequent. I just wish they'd dub Iwata's english in rather than his slow pronunciation. It kinda makes them drag on too long.
  11. Technically, it has been fan-translated. The guy actually offered to let Nintendo use it as well. Not to say that they'd actually consider it or not, I just think the translation argument doesn't make sense. Maybe an argument regarding localization, sure, but not translation.
  12. I don't know about taking it so seriously, but I love to do Super Metroid speedruns. My current route is dangerous though and if we were to race I'd likely lose because of it.
  13. If she finished the first video before her Kickstarter was finished, how do you account for the 9 month delay in releasing it?
  14. I've been married for almost 7 years now. No kids, but maybe in the future.
  15. Very good points made there that I was trying to explain earlier, mentioning how shoehorning character types into positions in the game doesn't work. I think though there's room for any type of game out there and we shouldn't demonize any character or storyline or "trope" just because there's a chance some part of it might offend. In fact, in terms of entertainment as a whole, I feel the more likely it is to offend (minus the more extreme shock-value types) the more likely it is to be interesting or thought-provoking.
  16. DJP said much better what I wanted to say but couldn't.
  17. Okay. I'll reserve judgement on the next video until it comes out then. I'm saying that in general, by itself, a woman being saved by a man isn't offensive, while blackface is, so it's a little bit of a false equivalency. I can point to examples like the new Tomb Raider game. (woman saving a woman), Skyward Sword (Zelda made the choice to sacrifice herself - showing courage and strength. Even though she was an NPC, I felt she exemplified more bravery and strength than Link). I actually just played a cool little game called Thomas was Alone that focused on a group of characters - all having their own unique attributes - male and female. But that's really just anecdotal evidence. The closest I can get is a Wikipedia article about gender representation in games. They say that women as an optional playable character was at 45%, and exclusive women as playable characters is at 4%. That's not really my argument as it doesn't mention role reversals, or the DiD hook at all. The cited article is a pretty good read though. The data given was from a talk in 2011, but I couldn't find the span of time the games they played were from. So I can't back up that statement with evidence. I suppose I was just speaking about my personal opinion based on the games I've been playing lately.
  18. I didn't mean to imply that. I think it was my mistake when I said "his point", I meant Thunderf00t, not you. First point taken. I shouldn't have said that she proposed anything. My point still stands even without that assertion though. Most of her examples are from games made 20-30 years ago. Developers don't make a game trying to forsee what society will be like 3 decades from today. If this trope was still such a problem then she should've used more recent examples, and retro remakes don't count because they have to stay true to the original. They're not immune from criticism, no. Where I disagree is your use of the word "problematic". Blackface was more problematic because it portrayed something objectively false and offensive. There's nothing innately offensive or false about portraying a woman that gets kidnapped and needs to be saved. Regarding the bolded part, I think you're completely wrong. Yes, the trope is still used, but it's a lot closer to equal now. Men get captured, women as main characters get captured and are able to escape, Women save men, men save women, etc. I think that games are much better now and your assertion isn't descriptive enough. How "well" should developers be "adapting"?
  19. My point isn't that Ash was totally incorrect. My point is that the points (s)he made don't totally refute the video, as Bleck asserted. For me, his main point is that games aren't made the way Anita proposes they should be. It's backwards to make a story, and then say "this story doesn't empower women/makes women look weak, so we should shoehorn a strong female into it." This goes back to my earlier point in that (in this case) these changes start at the societal level. In order for games like that to be made and be effective in delivering a positive example of a woman, it has to start at the initial conceptual level, just as it does for a positive male character. Unless there's a market for it, that game won't be profitable and therefore unlikely to be made. Thunderf00t is saying that he believes that there isn't enough of a market for a feminist-centered games to be profitable, and that's why they don't get made. Could there be more positive examples of women characters in games? Absolutely. But I don't think content creators should be coerced to do so, and I don't believe that using Peach or Zelda (Anita's main examples) are negative examples of women in games via the DiD "trope" as there are multitudes of examples already brought up in this thread showing that they're not the weak and frail characters that Anita frames them to be.
  20. Thanks for being civil, Bleck. If you have a specific example to make that proves me wrong, then make it rather than calling me stupid for disagreeing with you. I personally thought Ash made some good points but missed the main arguments in the video.
  21. Some people still agree with Thunderf00t's video, despite your disagreements with it. What's there to not understand? I hope you don't think I was one that's talking past you because I did reply to your initial reply, I'm just not that interested in arguing for pages over something we'll just never agree on. I said my piece, you said yours.
  22. I'll try to stick to the topic, so if I don't address an issue, it's because I don't want to derail. His main point is that the argument that the DiD trope is objectification of women is subjective and that you can see it any way you want to twist it. Hence, him reversing the argument to the side of men. I'll agree almost completely here. The disagreement is off-topic though. I can agree to a certain point. However, since she went way above and beyond her asked Kickstarter amount, it would've been great to see her in turn, raise the amount of rewards or promises in a similar way Extra Credits did when they did the KS for Allison's surgery, in the form of investing in a pro-feminine focused indie game. He can really only go off of what she's already made, not to mention it's a critique of this video specifically.
  23. So ThunderF00t just made a response video critiquing The first Tropes video here: http://youtu.be/QJeX6F-Q63I I think this is where I come from. It's just not well-researched despite the huge amount of money she got, and totally biased towards feminism. He loses me at some points, but I'm mostly on board with his opinions.
  24. I'm usually able to not care about their play style but that combined with their comments, I cannot watch them play CV3 anymore.
  25. Yoshi's Story voices in Yoshi's Island GBA is an unforgivable sin.
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