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  1. This is an instant classic. Like Salzman's "Pillar of Salt" proved, the lyrics of the vocals don't have to be understood (for most of us, anyway) to be loved. I was pretty dissapointed that the OCR judging panel rejected the Italian remix of FF6's opera theme known as "Amor Mio, Caro Bene," but this one just makes up for it tenfold. 10/10 One of the best songs you'll ever download on this site
  2. Someone really needs to remix this theme. Enough Frog Theme, Main Theme, and Zeal remixes, gimme some Magus remixes. There is so much potential with it, and I hate to see it being wasted on weird songs like this that don't even take advantage of the amazing atmosphere of Magus Theme.
  3. I've been looping this a lot lately, it's really hit a chord with my emotions these past few days. So imagine how surprised I was when I came here to comment and saw that the lyrical version of the song was done. The lyrics are clearly very inspired and fit well with the tone of the song. The vocal performance however, is fairly average. I think I would have liked an even slower delivery, kind of like what Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails does with his slower paced songs. The best part of this song is clearly the solo at 1:58, which is far more enjoyable now when standing alone. Overall, I'll probably be listening to the original more, but this one is definetly still a keeper. Both the original and the lyrical version make "From Within" one of the most inspired remixes ever made.
  4. Akagi hit it on the head. I suppose some of the dissatisfaction here is due to the continual anticipation of the big grand melody of Frog's Theme we're all familiar of, but it just never comes. Which is a GREAT thing, GL stays consistent here in presenting a fresh new interpretation of one of the most recognizable themes in gaming. I marvel over how he managed to fit so many different sounds into this song, it's all transitioned beautifully. My favorite GrayLightning mix ever. The best remix of Frog's Theme ever created. To top it all off, the best song to appear on this site in months. Hats off.
  5. I just about creamed myself when I heard the theme come in at 0:45. It's just a shame the rest of the song doesn't play out like that, or this would have been one of the all time greats.
  6. I haven't heard the original, but if it is actually prevalent in this remix, this is quite the feat. Not something I'd walk around listening to, but something I can sit here and admire on a technical level. Thanks for posting this.
  7. I can't believe how awesome the vocals are. It reminds me a little bit of Johnny Reznik, but more versatile. Keep making awesome stuff like this. <3 this remix.
  8. The VGmix version of this song is a top 20 remix for me, my favorite Destiny song. Seeing that zyko did the guitar for this song, I was excited by the possibility of this song being even greater. The synth section of the original is awesome, but real guitar could have been even better. However, and I'm gonna be brutally honest here, I think zyko's guitar just doesn't fit very well here. Juxtaposition works well only when you have two parts put in equal comparison, the guitar just seems to interrupt everything Destiny builds up in this song. The way it's used here, I never get the impression of juxtaposition, rather, I feel the guitar should be a complement of the rest of the song. Meh. I'll just stick with the original.
  9. Been waiting for a Binstar mix since Icon, and this one delivers. Every bit as slick as that classic was. Nice job.
  10. Totally sublime. To be honest, GL's more recent work has alienated me, but this one has such a unique, organic feel that I cannot ignore. I'll be listening to this one for a while.
  11. I'm still relatively new to video game remixes, having only been listening for about 7 months, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is by far the best one I've ever heard. It's not the first remix I've downloaded, but it's the first one I've fallen in love with, and I must have listened to this at least 300 times already. I can honestly call this a perfect song, there is not one thing I can think of that would improve it. This is the song that made me fall in love with trance and video game remixes, and I've since gone on to become an avid listener of both. Still, I've yet to hear anything from either field that surpasses this one. For that I am eternally in SGX's debt.
  12. One of the most definitive video game remixes ever made.
  13. This is such an underrated remix. I burned it onto a CD before I even listened to it, and when I finally did listen to it, I was in an absolute daze. I was in a introspective mood and when this came on, my face became an absolute blank stare, watching the rain fall outside my window. Highly recommended, remixes like these don't come around often.
  14. This has instantly become one of my favorite all time remixes after just a few listens. The use of the cameos is subtle and not overpowering, and I had to go back and search for them. I just love this piece so much. Best jazz mix I've ever heard, that's for sure.
  15. I was on the beach a couple days ago on a full moon night, and was listening to this song on an mp3 player as I stared out at the moon's reflection on the sea. It was one of those moments of pure beauty where I fell in love with everything around me. The moment Aurora's vocals came in, I cried. It was the most non-sexual orgasmic moment of my life, I'm not sure if I cried because of the sadness of the song, or just the pure beauty of it coupled with my surroundings. Whatever the reason is, this song has achieved a feeling inside of me that has never been evoked before. I thank everyone who worked on this song.
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