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  1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Being John Malkovich
  2. YESS!! THANK YOUU HAL, this lineup for new characters is beautiful already.
  3. Oh my god, fuck yes. Congrats on the amazing progress you've made; this is utterly fantastic.
  4. Jaw-droppingly good stuff from a musician that never ceases to impress. A must-download.
  5. This song simply hits the spot no matter what mood I'm in. The first song that comes to mind when I think of McVaffe.
  6. Just fabulous. I'm so very pleased by how this turned out after following it periodically over the entire process. I can remember listening to early versions of several of the songs, and I am very satisfied with how everything turned out. It works better than projects before it because it really feels cohesive as a whole while remaining at a very high level of quality. Reading the goals of each song while listening through it the first time enriches the experience so much, and the artists have succeeded in fulfilling Claado's vision through the music. I also really like how certain themes pop
  7. Holy shit. This is one of those remixes that come out of nowhere from a newcomer that just ends up kicking your ass. I freaking love this.
  8. Comparison to Pillar of Salt alone made me believe I was in for a treat. I turned my speakers up extra loud for this one, knowing that this could potentially be one of those creations with an unforgettable first experience. And boy, I wasn't dissapointed. Simply wonderful, this is a masterpiece that all remixers wish they could make. I could go on and on breaking down every aspect of this, but I'd rather not try to explain this magic in words. A must listen.
  9. Just finished listening to it all. Still unsure what to really think of it. Many of my opinions will sound like nit-picking, but I still feel I should voice them. First off, I acknowledge that this may be the boldest and riskiest arrangment project possible. The Doom soundtrack forced you guys to stick to basically the same tone throughout every song, which in my opinion bogged down the lengthy 1.5 hours of listening. I'm thinking "Damn, this is awesome" after the first 5 tracks, but then it starts to get tiresome after 10 more tracks that are all built around the same ideas: distortion, a fe
  10. Go with the orchestrated version. I've already listened to the original 50+ times, and this new one still managed to give me chills. I'll definetly keep both, but I can't see myself really listening to the piano-only version aside from comparison reasons in the future. The added orchestration doesn't really detract the song anywhere and only improves it.
  11. Some immediate comments while listening to each track: Drops of Dreamriver - A nice, fairly simple opener to the album. It felt like it dragged on a bit by the end, but overall pretty good and does its job of setting up things to come. Free Breezin' - Some uber slick guitar work from Darangen. I'm loving this one a lot, I think it's some of the best work I've ever heard from him. Lots of energy, wondefully fills the pivotal track 2 spot. Cosmic Transformations - The project's first single, so to say. Love that intro, builds up the mood perfectly. Some wonderful effects every here and there,
  12. Excuse my ignorance, but what's the point of these .flac files I'm getting from the torrent? Each of these are several MB larger than the actual song file, and are making my download about four times longer than it should be.
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