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  1. Or just go to View > Text Size and click Normal in Firefox, or Medium in IE6. In IE7 it's Page > Text Size.
  2. Smoke

    Nintendo Wii

    It wouldn't really surprise me. While delays in development could be a reason, there's also the possibility that they just don't wanna release all the heavy-hitters at once so they don't eat eachother's sales. Besides, if they delay, they can add in more content . Sidenote: Wii officially goes online with gaming on June 25th, with the release of Pokemon Battle Revolution.
  3. Alternatively, you can let XP fix its own missing parts. Go to Start > Run and enter "sfc /scannow" without the quotes. Windows will now scan all system files, and replace the ones that are missing or changed. This can result in some updates being removed, and in most cases your original installation CD is required as a file source.
  4. That's pretty much my exact point . Kanthos seems like he was looking purely at MHz, which doesn't matter much, only in similar architectures. The main issue with the P4 is not only heat, it's also a lack of optimization while pushing purely for a faster clock(Resulting in a lot of heat) Doesn't help that they were pretty damn expensive when new, especially when compared to other architectures with similar performance. At least Intel got their shit together and now they make some pretty good CPUs.
  5. Explain to me why my 2GHz Athlon XP 2400+(2 GHz) can outperform a P4 running at 2.4GHz, if both have the same FSB speed, same amount of RAM and similar other hardware surrounding it(Basically reducing the difference down to the CPU as much as possible) Clockspeed is about as meaningful as the amount of bits a current-gen videogame console has, as it refers to a single variable in a system where a lot of variables can influence performance. The only time you can use clockspeed as a measurement is when comparing CPUs from the same line and manufacturer. For everything else, you're better off benchmarking while keeping most of the variables the same. Also, dualcore's only useful if the software you're running supports it well enough, otherwise you might as well be using a single core machine. So they don't add up there .
  6. Upgrading your processor is possible, although there are limitations to what you can install. First of all, it needs to be of the same socket type as your motherboard. Socket types vary between manufacturers as well as processor lines(IE: You can't swap an Athlon with a Pentium, or an Athlon with a Turion 64 since they all use different socket types) Second, your motherboard needs to support the speed at which the new processor works. Some motherboards can handle only part of a processor line, even if the faster and newer ones have the same socket. Third, you'll need to remove the old CPU and cooler, and install the new CPU and a new cooler. The reason for this is that most coolers can only handle a specific range of processors before you run the risk of the system running too hot or it sounding like it's about to take off. Alternatively, you can replace motherboard and CPU at the same time. This sometimes also means having to replace your RAM(If you use DDR for example, since DDR2 is getting pretty common) and your videocard(AGP to PCI-Express, although some boards have both) In a worst-case scenario, you'd also have to replace your system case, and possibly the harddisks because newer boards tend to have only one IDE connector(Supporting a max of 2 devices) Replacing your motherboard pretty much guarantees that you'll have to reinstall your OS as well, since WinXP doesn't like motherboard swaps. If you've got an OEM system with matching license, you might also have to get a new license for the OS. Finally: Clockspeed doesn't mean much anymore(And hasn't for the past couple of years) You'll notice that there's 2GHz CPUs outperforming 3GHz CPUs.
  7. It could also be a driver issue. Might wanna try updating your videocard's drivers.
  8. There are some you can find during the day though .
  9. You're not looking very hard if you can't see Poes by day. Their light gives them away.
  10. You could just use a PS(2) > USB adapter dealie to get the pad to be recognized as a standard controller, from which the inputs can be converted to MIDI. http://vellocet.com/software/VMIDIJoY.html Quick google finds me this, which should help. Also this might be of help too: http://createdigitalnoise.com/viewtopic.php?t=147 There's some suggestions for alternative software to achieve a similar goal.
  11. I'd like to keep my hearing please. I can't stand the voice acting in that game. Also, higher difficulty level(hay let's make enemies have more HP) != adaptation to your own skills and abilities to continue providing a constant challenge.
  12. Which is why an RPG should be made where actual skill and strategy is required to win, not just leveling up to the max and killing everything just by blinking at it. Enemy stats being based on your own stats would be a good start, along with actual AI(And not just random one-hit kill attacks)
  13. .MOD isn't a weird format at all. Also, if you're looking for a player, Winamp supports them by default but there are better plugins available for Winamp, as well as separate programs, to handle them. Just wait until OverCoat gets here.
  14. Smoke

    Nintendo Wii

    You mean like Battalion Wars 2?
  15. http://www.ocremix.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=24 We have an Announcements forum for a reason. Unmod's been deleted, and Off Topic came in its place.
  16. Smoke

    Nintendo Wii

    The Classic Controller doesn't have the room or the motors for rumble. If the Wii controller vibrated as a substitute it'd feel weird to have in my lap though.
  17. This is kinda in the wrong topic, but I'll answer it anyway. What file format is your mix in? You'll need to compress it to an MP3 with reasonable quality(between 128 and 192kbps) before you can upload it. There are plenty of free MP3 encoders out there, but the best one is LAME. It's commandline-based, so you're probably gonna want a frontend like RazorLAME for it. Both can be found with some Googling. Alternatively, iTunes can encode MP3s as well. EDIT: Thread split off.
  18. Smoke

    Nintendo Wii

    If the emulator supports it, yes. Also, it's gonna feel really weird to play Starfox 64. Although I still have a bit of hope that it'll be added in a future update.
  19. Smoke

    Nintendo Wii

    Today's VC update for Europe: Kid Icarus(500 points) Zelda: Ocarina of Time(1000 points) Since I already have two copies of Ocarina of Time that I can play on my Wii I'm not downloading the new one, so I dunno if it has Rumble Pak support or not. EDIT: Some other reports on other forums indicate a lack of Rumble.
  20. I think you kinda misread my comment there. I've seen a lot of messages along the lines of "Games should take longer to develop so they'll be better", while there's plenty of proof that this is not always the case(And there are also games that took a short time to develop but are pretty great) That's what I was going for.
  21. Smoke

    Nintendo DS

    BN5DTDS is pretty much just a remake of BN5 with both versions in one cart(And you can pick which one you play, with two saves). There's no real gameplay additions, and the stylus tends to be used in a somewhat gimmicky way(For the NaviCust for example, as well as chip/folder management and menu navigation) Still, worth checking out if you haven't played BN5 yet, especially for the turn-based strategy stuff. There's a few added voice samples that are pretty decent, as well as maps for all areas, and compatibility with the older BN titles for alternate battle music and stuff.
  22. Please introduce yourself in the correct thread, as already linked by Suzy there. Also, it's not a good idea to post in huge blue text, since it's rather annoying to read.
  23. You might wanna take a closer look in this forum section: http://www.ocremix.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=24
  24. Yet there's nothing about rushing to meet a deadline mentioned, just that they had less time(And compensated for it). In fact, here's the full quote: http://spong.com/feature/10109514?cb=478
  25. If the stages are large and varied enough, with missions taking place in different sections of each stage(Or different paths through stages, with overlap on some points), there's not much to worry about. So, time spent on creating a game determines if it's good or bad? Duke Nukem Forever will be fucking awesome then.
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