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  1. That's all it takes to claim police brutality. I'm not sure if this really is an example of that though, so much as it is a video of a cop who snapped and some teenagers who don't know when to back off.
  2. I think it's kind of pointless to speculate about how many movies there "should" have been. It's just not going to happen. This will probably be the last direct spider-man movie done with this cast and crew. Anything else will be a completely new revision. Why not simply concentrate on what's there? You can go on and on about how you "would" have done it, but come on. We all would have done it pretty much the same way given a chance. As far as the battle within: they did show that several times and NOT with the women or Mary Jane. That was just a side effect put in for laughs and some much needed comedic relief. If you pay attention you would have perhaps noticed that he attacks and "kills" two enemies he might have other wise taken mercy upon. I'm not sure many of you were looking though. Too busy rolling your eyes to see what was there.
  3. I'm pretty excited at the idea of it. The in-game video seemed to lag a bit during special attacks, though. That's unfortunate. If the PSP's price drops between now and October, then I'm totally getting it.
  4. Well, I was going to nominate Morrowind for Xbox, but you guys are beginning to really take the fun out of this... Also, Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation.
  5. I watched the episode again and noticed that. Hilarious.
  6. I actually really enjoyed it as a parody of zombie movies. They perfectly captured homeless people though... Change?
  7. I don't suppose any of you have any suggestions on places of employment in the Memphis, Tennessee area? I'm thinking of moving out there for the summer with a friend and getting a job that will support me for about three months. Of course, I'm mostly looking at either retail or food possibilities, but I'm open to other ideas. Any suggestions?
  8. Those bastards... Well, looks I'm going to be paying a friendly visit to my local game store sometime soon. Assuming there's an American release in the works.
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  10. I've just started playing Shadow of the Colossus and I have to say, it's already passed my expectations more than once. Very good game.
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    I plan on seeing it tomorrow. Really looking forward to it myself. *Crosses fingers*
  12. That was easily one of the best episodes I've seen in a long time.
  13. Jesse Jackson told my dad he was...
  14. Old. No not really, but I did see it earlier. It does, in fact, look sweet.
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