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  1. As for the controlls, there's plenty of Joy to Key programs that totaly render that issue non-existant. Works a treet for playing Stinkoman too.
  2. Couse, if you can't get out of the way of the baseball bat, that's your problem.
  3. I have a feeling that a Metal Gear will be an AT.
  4. You know what I find ironic? That almost always "killing god" quates to something that thinks it's god. IE: Xenogears. Fighting god? Nope, your fighting a massive bio weapon and his "angels" are mutated humans. I'll bet you anything the same aplies here.
  5. Little bit of a confession here, when I saw the media blitzkrig for the movie, I had no idea it was the adapation of "The northen lights". And from what I'm reading, this is basicly Xenogears times JoJo's Bizzare Adventure minus epic manly punching minus mechs?
  6. Gruntilda in Banjo-Kazooie can be the hardest thing in B-K or the Easyst thing in B-K depending upon if you item grinded or not (and by that I meen if you got all the Notes, I belive it was 1000 Notes to open the infinate Gold Feather Door) and hence if you ignore that bloody last Golden Piece from the Harbor (the one with the roter blades and the timed switch, now THAT is an epic last boss). Anyway, yeah, you have all the infanite items and Gruntilda becomes a total joke.
  7. There seems to be an error in my copy for some reasion, that realy crap SMB remix that somehow won the new intro song comp. played as the intro again.
  8. Went back to the previous episdoe and heard the real opening.It sounds so much better. I swear, if they actualy go and USE that opening wiht the SMB as the new podcast opening, they'll be laughed off the face of the earth.
  9. WTF was that introduction (ep 35)? I thought I downloaded some kiddy podcast for a second. And that won 1st place? man, the entries must have been horid...
  10. I freaking hate Monster X in Cave Stroy and from what I see, the core ain't going to be any more fun once I get to it. Monster X is a freaking cheap ass bastard that just seems to conveniantly hit you dead just before his HP Is due to run out.
  11. Edit:Up, nevermind. Keep up the good work.
  12. How about doing a bit of song on an MSF and then peacing it all together in a Wave editing program?
  13. You go to die now, mister.Anyway, Remix, TOP and TOS, woot, and let's not have delays to make "emeralds of chaos" blush, plz. Emeralds of Chaos? I'd assume you mean Hedgehog Heaven? Yeah, delay heaven. That one But my point still stands.
  14. You go to die now, mister.Anyway, Remix, TOP and TOS, woot, and let's not have delays to make "emeralds of chaos" blush, plz.
  15. You're right. This work is much better than the first version (For the front part). Wow! That's really good. Why am I reaminded of Perfect Kirby?
  16. I know this is going to sound realy dumb but how did you print out everything? (Via word or-?)
  17. The last fight in team battle kicked my ass a few times...until I figured out you could use items . You can use items against the three earlier Tales Series people? Wow. That would help. I'm just at the watter Ranch (Rodyle) and I've read up on his HP (30,000) that doesn't seem an awful lot concidering... Betcha he has some realy cheap ploy though. I also think I've somehow stunted my Skill learning (I inaventertnly slaped a good few people towords the "S" side of the T/S scale. But I did learn a nice little trick in comboing "Sword Rain Alpha" and "Raging beast". If you prefom Raging Beast just before Lloyd does the vertiacl jump slash that finishes SRA, he'll pull off Raging Beast. It takes a good bit of TP but the damage is great
  18. Dyne (Final Fantasy 7) was a pig-fucker to beat.
  19. Volt (Tales of Symponia) was a bitch. Infact, the begining of Tales of Symphonia was very hard if you had no idea of how important guarding was.
  20. This topic: man, you can flame it to high hell and it still won't go down!
  21. As long as there's a remix of the final boss music I could be less content.
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