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  1. Great Remix, very well put together with excellent drums. I liked the beginning of this mix very much. 9/10 First section 8.5/10 Middle Section (3:02)- kinda repetitive 8/10 Last section (5:16) - Ending didn't really do it for me though...
  2. Beginning 12/10 Middle 8/10 Ending 8/10 The way this song leads into main theme is pretty neat. It's like echoing in, but then again, echos are going the the entire song. I cannot recongize the original song at all, but maybe it's just me. I do like the song alot though, Good Job. Ending didn't quite fade out the way it could have been done. But great job none the less =)
  3. It's pretty decent... it was pretty hard to get into the groove in the beginning. But that is probably because I played countless hours on FF and the actual battle song is rather slower then this and more technoy, (duh this is metal). Pretty good though once you get into it 8.5/10
  4. The X-treme G N64 game was freakin awesome. I danced to the beats of the game itself. This remix is a very good remix of it, and I would personally like to congradulate the one who made this great song.
  5. I Like it, even though it caught me off guard in the part after the piano intermission. By the way, I like the piano intermission. Well done, a nice mix of techno and trance
  6. Good song, maybe a little too much bass and not enough melody. But a very very good song to dance to. gets a B- in my book
  7. im sorry to say that this song got me in a trance. I will have to take back my previous rating and give this song an "A". It just stuck with me all week and then i came back to play it again and now i kinda like it. wow, good job beatbox. The type of somg (trance) is real. you successfully preformed a great song, my hat off to you.
  8. Ahhhhhhhh, yeas. A good song. Wow this sounds so good compared to "Da Pipes". Try listenin to that first, then listen to this. You'll feel like a fat man on a beanbag chair.
  9. I might be the only one thinkin this but, I don't like one bit. It hurtz mia ears too much for me to even listen to it in da first place. I liked the original way better then this thingy. Maybe cuz the original dosen't hurt me like the sound of bees stinging me in the ear over and over again. Dunno, not dissin the artist or anything. Just think that he coulda tried something less painful.
  10. Hmm, this is a hard one. I play FF sooooooo freakin much and i loved this song. When i saw it here i was like yes... yes... yes yes YES ! Then I listened to it and I was like Yes!!!!.... no .. no NOOOOOOO ! Im sorry, I just don't like it. It was way way way too much high pitched for my liking, and some things were way way way out of tune. Until... It got to the ending. And i was happy. until it got to the very ending, and then (you guessed it) I said no once more. I like the remixer, just not the song. I ASK YOU! SOMEONE! MAKE ANOTHER REMIX OF THIS SONG! IT NEEDS A GOOD REMIX!
  11. I love this song, I just can't enough of it! I think i'll play it in da car and amp up the volume. Oh Ya! this is a lookin good, and i give it a 9+/10
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