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  1. It's not like someone held a gun a to her head and said make a shitty record. It was probably the garbage truck full of money that they drove up her house. Also, she does nothing. She makes nothing. She is nothing. She's not an actress, she's not even like a real model, what does she do? She runs around in front of E! cameras in front of her and typical reality show bullshit ensues. And for some reason, enough brainless twits tune every week to keep her going.
  2. I sir, will be coming to move in with you and live in your wonderful world. A world where Kim Kardashian does not exist, is a world one step closer to perfection.
  3. Sounds good. Thanks for all your input! I think when YT first started and for its initial few years, you had a lot of people and few quality videos, so if you had a decent Halo montage, for example, you get a lot of views fast, but now you have to compete with virtually everything out there. Nutshot videos, to $200 Million dollar movies, or at least trailers for $200 Million dollar movies. You could have the greatest video in the world, but if no one can discover it, because it doesn't tag into a popular topic or you don't get the blessing of a popular forum determined to built it into some sort of meme, or a widely-read blog, there's a good chance that few people will ever discover you outright. You say yourself, and I'm sure you're not alone in this, that you skip over videos with few views, so it's kind of a catch 22. How does a video ever get popular if no one watches something with few views? BTW, I'm not faulting you in this view, it probably spares you from a lot of crap, but still, how does one stand out from billions of other uploads or get noticed? With the advertising, you may be able to at least build some solid views and get word of mouth going among people who'd never discover it otherwise. I don't think anyone here is aiming to be the next Fred Figglehorn, but where is there a better place/way to potentially build a wide audience, get exposure for your work, and get feedback?
  4. Thanks for posting. One thing I'm not following though, if your avg. CPC is $.04, then it should've cost you approximately $200, for 5,000 views right? I'm just asking, because I'm trying to understand how this works. I have some friends whose videos might benefit from a push. Sorry to keep asking questions.
  5. Interesting. Modus, if you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost you per click?
  6. I was looking up a new band a few weeks ago on YT. I got a 4 minute advertisement of a video from some other band instead before the video started. To be fair, I could skip it (I think), but if I didn't know what I was looking for and didn't pay attention to it being an advertisement, I would've thought it was what I was searching for (and hated it). But this actually isn't my point. It felt like until maybe a few years back, the internet was more democratic and people were still interested in new, independent stuff. I guess there's still an audience, but it's a lot harder to stand out as a lot of blogs, which are in some ways, taste makers, are just interested in recycling the same types of posts of the same recycled story types, or just interested in trying to create the same stupid meme, with a different face, or just servicing corporate media. "Here's an exciting post about DLC, before the game ships!" And it's not editorializing the absurdity of such an event, but rather reads like a press release. *cough* *cough* Kotaku *cough*... Also, I feel like we're stuck in the Bob Saget Twilight Zone. How many fucking nutshots, stupid babies, or Jackass ripoffs, do people need to see before they people get tired and want something fresher? BTW, TC, not trying to hijack your thread, or anything. Nice song! I guess in the end with a billion voices crying for attention, it can be hard to really stick out, and seems like it gets harder every day, because there's so much competition. That doesn't mean you should give up, and there's some solid suggestions here to consider.
  7. Glad I'm not the only one who noticed. Actually the whole internet is starting to feel this way.
  8. True, and it's also in training mode, so it may not be so easy to replicate in live action. However, other videos I've seen show that it may be relatively easy to really slap together some 50%-75% damage combos together, by just doing an Air Combo then OTG, back into an air combo, and then maybe a super or two. I haven't played it yet like most people so I can't really judge, but I gotta say, the OTG stuff is really starting to look like a point of concern, if only because the I really don't want the game to be about making one mistake and then having to watch a 7-8 second combo over and over.
  9. I know it's not really fair to judge the game yet, since it hasn't been officially released, but the one thing that seems to concern me is the on the ground hit stuff. From the videos I've seen posted online, it seems like where the combos should end, you just bounce someone and then get them back up for more easy punishment. I can't recall any other big Capcom fighting title where this was so apparently easy and common. I think it's premature to call any characters broken, but it doesn't look good, when someone is already getting 100% damage combos (at least for some characters) for Sentinel in training mode. Go to the 1:40 mark:
  10. Yeah, HTDA is a new band/side project, but to me just kind of sounded like a shallow echo of NIN. Needless to say, I wasn't crazy about it. But the 6 song album is a free download, so at least it's got that going for it. The Social Network Soundtrack was pretty awesome though... It would be pretty neat to see it get an Oscar nom or something, but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.
  11. Just imagine, if someone 'summoned' Bahamut, and a beat-up Mazda with a Dragon head mounted on the hood and papercraft wings appeared. Also, the police reports would've been hilarious...
  12. I think the only that would've made me happier is if the nerds got violent and bludgeoned the churchies with stacks of cardboard and ornamental weapons.
  13. There hasn't been a good videogame ad campaign since the mid to late 90's.
  14. Heh, watch them. Besides, we're all looking at their commercial now, so for them = win/win.
  15. Anyone else see it yet? It's an animated show about online gaming. Saw it today and lol'd a bit. Poor Kentucky Goblin... Looks promising... Youtube trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XD5W9aKMMGI Website: http://cosmicradicals.com
  16. Haha, at people getting banned... Sorry, but it's pretty funny. I'm always kinda amazed people fall so hard for this stuff as everyone else on net seems to take advantage of the day as well. Isn't Topeka'ing stuff, a bit a of clue? Anyway, Bravo OCR! Another fine April Fool's day prank! You guys should seriously consider keeping an archive of these fine efforts with the front pages/announcements and accompanying reaction threads from previous April Fool's. And maybe even a casualty list of all those who got banned. This stuff is too fun to disappear after April 1st of every year.
  17. I don't get it. Why are people still upset? Don't people like it when their food is pre-chewed for them, or like how many modern videogames hold their hands instead of challenging them? This it just like that, except 10 times better, because now, there's no challenge or danger at all. Everyone can create the music they've always wanted and we won't need to suffer arrogant musicians anymore to compose and enjoy new music. Now we're all potentially the greatest musicians in the universe, with just a few mouse clicks. This is truly a liberating day. The future has finally arrived! Get excited people!
  18. I have a request for Remixanator. Can the next song to be added, be Marvel Vs. Capcom 2's classic track, "I wanna take your 4 a ride?" I really want to remix that song ASS-style!
  19. This is the best innovation on OCR since EA bought it. Stop whining about it guys, Total Electronic Assisted Remixes (TEAR's) are the wave of the future. Now get in shallow end and swim!
  20. Yeah, it's not clear if that $20 will be for IMAX or just standard theater 3-d. But I'm thinking IMAX. Still, taking a family of 5 to the movies for $15 a pop becomes the standard? That's still $75. Factor in a $5 price reduction for 3 children? That's still $60 for a family of 5. So yeah, your family can get a couple hours of enjoyment for a $60 movie, or possibly weeks with a new $50/$60 Wii/360/PS3 title. Hmmm... Where will people go in a depressed economy? Hollywood will soon be is strangling itself with it's own film. Worse, I have seen nothing yet to suggest 3-D is anything more than a gimmick. Sorry, but Up and Avatar didn't sell me on it being the future. And of course, what 3-D really is about is: 1) Jacking up ticket prices for no real legit reason. It's not like most 3-D movies costs tens and tens of millions more to make in 3-D. Even though it adds to the cost, it's assumed as more adapt it, costs will go down for the process. 2) Closing out independent film makers from the marquee. Let's face it, with cheap and effective CGI for films becoming more and accessible to the general public, it's the best way to trump them at the theaters. Are theater owners gonna want to run a small, well-told, well produced sci-fi story, or drama for $10 or less ticket prices, or some bombastic Michael Bay 3-D mess at $15/ticket and a monster marketing budget to boot? When you see a movie like District 9 get made for $30-ish million, it's only a matter of time (less than 10 years) before some guys on the internet can whip-up CGI that convincing, if not already. 3) Anti-Piracy. This is might actually be a fair enough reason to get people back into theaters, but not at those backbreaking prices. Remember now you're trying to sell 2 hours of escape, at more than double minimum wage.
  21. A real re-make of FF4 for (PS3, 360, PC), not a PS1 quality overhaul, is what I really desire. When people talk an FF7 re-make, they're not saying PS2-level polish, they want the game split-shined and graphically rebuilt with the best technology available. Don't know if the bit about the belts part was directed at my comments, but to be clear, pre-PS1 FF titles had better characters and stories that didn't generally center exclusively on spikey haired, pissy orphan teenagers, and rather played host to a diverse set of characters and complex stories (especially FF6).
  22. I'm always disappointed when FF6, FF4, and maybe FF5 don't get serious remake talk. Except from some of you here. FF6 beats the hell out of every FF that followed it (to be fair I haven't played FF13 yet, but it doesn't sound like it). Anyone that thinks FF7 is the best needs to go back to FF6, get over the lack of CGI, settle in, and enjoy what MAY be the best all-round JRPG in history.
  23. Real Locke's mother a nutjob too. Wouldn't it be something if Locke somehow was the Smoke Monster now as Locke? I doubt that'd make any sense though... I wouldn't go quite that far yet, but it certainly has its pitfalls. I still think somewhere between Season 2 and 3 are the worst of the show, where they were really spinning their wheels, but if the final 8 or so eps don't kick it into high gear soon, it may very well end as a disappointment.
  24. I thought this was one of the few episodes where the off-island stuff was actually compelling for a change. For some reasons I'm finding Season 6's episodes less enthralling than the last couple. I used to go back and re-watch them, but not this year. It just doesn't feel like there's much going on, even though things are being slowly revealed. I think the most notable point of interest in last night's episode is that Kate is apparently the only one who WASN'T CHANGED by Jacob's intervention. Since her flashback episode was early in the season, it wasn't readily apparent from the start. Although, it's possible you could argue the same for Claire as well, but we don't know enough about her. But anyway, Jack, Ben, Sawyer, Locke, Sayid, etc., all had different trajectories in life because of Jacob's intervention, pre-island, but apparently Kate was still on the same path. Also, I know it's 'just a show', but anyone else getting tired of the seemingly too heavy-handed meshing of characters off-island? I mean, Kate/Claire is one thing, but Ben/Alex? Danielle was from France and she came to LA to settle in Ben's school district...? Sayid/Jin/Keamey, Jack/Dogen, Miles/Sawyer/Charlotte are all pretty big leaps to buy into to, unless there's some underlying reason for this...
  25. Yeah. I've never even played the game, but I love that soundtrack. I can't imagine anyone but Vrenna trying to tackle one for the sequel. That being said, I'd probably wager that anyone who liked the first game probably won't be fully satisfied with a sequel that doesn't somehow have a comparable soundtrack.
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