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  1. I understand some of the concerns people have listed regarding the legality of this project. I don't have the time to wade through the 9 pages of the subject so far. It's SUMMER! Anyway, I do want to say if OCR didn't have 10+ years of being a non-for-profit organization, if it didn't have the silent endorsement of so many organizations and artists whose music is remixed and remembered here, this project would probably be cut down with a legal notice like so many other fan attempts at reviving or remaking videogames have been over the years. For over a decade, OCR has been producing and exhibiting some quality work that lets us remember, re-experience, and re-discover music that would've been discarded and forgotten long ago by most. It has also been an outlet to let talented musicians show off their work and build some fans. I'm thrilled that with this project OCR is not only producing what may be its most ambitious project to date, it's also doing it with the Final Fantasy that is still the most epic and amazing, IMHO. If you don't like the project, don't worry, it'll cost you nothing to hear it. I'm happy to have the opportunity to play a very small role in this project by contributing via Kickstarter, and wish nothing but luck to all those involved. Thanks OCR!
  2. You're right. I wouldn't expect miracles either, but hey, maybe something will finally click... If they're taking the outpouring for the return of Toonami at all seriously, it's at least a small step in the right direction. But I know, we shouldn't get our hopes up. Cool link. Thanks!
  3. What, giving Tim and Eric multiple shows and a movie isn't filling the coffers at Turner Broadcasting? And Andrew W.K. isn't killing it with his live, kids pretend to do stuff, but really the adults do everything, show? Don't get me wrong, I like a few AS shows, but they have practically abandoned almost everything that was cool and "cartoon-y" about the network. The return of Toonami, might be the best move they've made in half a decade. Aside from keeping Venture Bros on the air.
  4. Nice! I think this is finally OCR's year to finally bring home a Grammy!
  5. No problem, and hope I didn't come off too anal about it.
  6. Not to be a dick here, but the PS1 launched in the US at $300 in Fall'95. N64 launched a year later at $200 in the US. N64 had 4 kb of texture memory. In terms of Graphics, N64 was far better for rendering real-time 3D environments, which is evident if you compare the top racing, FPS, and 3-D games, in terms of sheer graphics and real-time performance. The lone exception MIGHT be Gran Turismo. Also evident in how the N64 could support 4-player multiplay in a lot of its games, whereas most of the time the PS1 could barely cover two (not that there weren't exceptions). And it the N64 also got a boost from 4mb ram expander later on. Where PS1 really shone though, was the CD media size allowed for storage of big CGI clips which really helped in the promotion of the system when you saw something like a Final Fantasy game in a commercial or still, rendered beautifully by Square's artists, that really made the PS1 look like something new and superior. It probably also helped that Playstation got Square to be an exclusive 3rd party supporter and openly advertised that the CD format was the only way games like FF7 were possible. Also sound was markedly better on the PS1 as well as it didn't suffer from some compression issues some N64 titles had. And of course, the cheap CD format helped over the expensive chip based cartridges too. Further, that translated to savings to the consumer, where as most PS1 titles were $50 or $40 for many of SCEA's titles, N64 titles started typically at $50 mostly Nintendo titles, and $60-$80 for third party titles. The $80 was more from vendors who gouged people at launch year (I know, I worked at one). It didn't hurt Sony that a lot of their titles were more adult oriented, Gran Turismo, Resident Evil, MGS, etc., as well, since Nintendo was previously reluctant to enter that fray (and still pretty much is), and that appeal probably helped attract a lot of gamers who were looking for something a little more mature than Nintendo's candy coated offerings (not that I'm knocking them), after graduating from the NES/SNES/GENESIS.
  7. Great game! Rough and unpolished in some areas, but a lot of fun and really let you get creative. Really deserved more recognition.
  8. Alright. Much appreciated. Thanks for the input!
  9. Ok, um, one dumb question though, would a 'recording interface/sound card' be an effective card for playback as well? I imagine it would, but don't want any unfortunate surprises.
  10. Let me elaborate, I'm doing mostly video editing, but I may need to record clean audio for voice overs, etc. I also need something that can give me a clean output (no computer noise), for mastering the audio and getting a accurate sense of the mix. Everyone says stay away from Creative, some say avoid others, and since Zircon's initial post was from 2007, I was wondering if there was anything else recommended in terms of Sound Cards.
  11. Just wondering since, Zircon's initial post is from 2007, and a lot of the last few pages have been talking about pre-amps, and external devices, would any one recommend any other sound cards today? I see the EMU 1212M is still available. Forgive me, I know next to nothing about sound cards, but are the cards being discussed here basically for input? I'm not looking to remix, but maybe record non-musical audio, and I definitely need something that has clean playback.
  12. I just can't contain my excitement over this EPIC, groundbreaking project! I it will be so successful and so popular EA will buy the site again!
  13. Oregon Trail: You Have Died of Dysentery It's about damn time OT got some love! I haven't been this excited about an OCR project since Uematsu himself started making mixes of his own work!
  14. Actually, that's not a bad list, if it's legit. Which, I can't help but think can't be true. I highly doubt Capcom would reach to Godhand or Dino Crisis. This list really just sounds like a compilation of all (or most) of the things the fans have been begging for. But it would be cool if it was true.
  15. "I am not a crook! I am an archeologist! I am not a crook! I am an archeologist! I am not a crook! I am an archeologist!"
  16. So this video now has over 60 million views... Thank you internet, for making crap the new gold.
  17. For some reason, this one always stuck out to me: "Matoya's Hot With Destiny" http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00561/ then there's always this: "The Legend of Zelda 'The Music of My Groin'" http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00209/
  18. No arguing with the Materia or Soundtrack. I just felt FF6 was so much more dynamic with a huge cast, that all got some play time, and the story just felt so much more cohesive and epic. Again, emphasis on FF7 as a follow-up to FF6 being a bit of a let down, but not a bad game. Although, it also seemed to set the standard for most FF titles to follow to allow you to use only 3 characters in Battle at a time, which is/was always a let down for me at least. That was me. And I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  19. I'm kind of surprised no one's said FF 13 yet. To be fair, I've yet to play through myself, but after the first two hours of playing, it seemed like such a mess, and I know it wasn't generally received well, by just about any one. Also, not trying to start a riot (or flame-baiting), but as a follow-up to FF6, FF7 was a huge let down, at least story and character-wise. Re: FFX-2, didn't hate it, didn't love it. Really just meh on the whole thing and didn't take it too seriously.
  20. I agree Mario Kart 64 was a huge disappointment after Mario Kart. The battle mode sucked too. Mario Sunshine was an epic let down after Mario 64. It's like they took out all the fun in Mario 64 and replaced it with linear quests, and chore based gameplay. Gears of War 2 sucked pretty hard too. Broken Multiplayer, with horrid "additions", the campaign was pretty boring with too many on-rail moments, and the storytelling was laughably amateur, even for a shooter.
  21. Also why does she suddenly look like the chick from Glee?
  22. In a nutshell, because she's like Paris Hilton. But, attractive. Famous for... doing nothing. You can at least argue that a celebrity who acts, plays a sport, music, etc., does something of arguable merit (or even talent) to get famous in the first place. What made her? A sex tape? Having a dad who helped OJ escape a murder conviction? Having a stepdad who looks like Bruce Jenner's butch grandma? (OK, NOW I'll shut up!)
  23. If only it was that simple. I hope you have a bunk bed. I doubt it. Even if this was the case why would she put a song out she's not happy with? P.S. I'll shut up now. You started this thread to discuss the song, and I let it dredge up my malice about her vacuous existence. Hope it didn't come off as a hijacking.
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