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  1. Just curious, doesn't it bother anyone here, that while you can still find good music on the internet, it's no longer anywhere near mainstream. Which isn't the worst thing in the world, although it sucks for the musicians, who deserve better. But, perhaps even moreso, from a cultural point of view, what passes for "popular music" today will now be echoed in the future at parties, weddings, social gatherings, etc., as it becomes a defacto touchstone of a generation, because it was there, rather than it was any good. Elevator music in stores across the country will be recycling this shit, for decades to come. It feels a bit quaint to just discount the continuous degradation of "popular music" as something we can just ignore. I have no solutions, or expectations, but I wish there was something that could be done.
  2. Got my $100 in. Still looks like 14 left of the $100.
  3. So, 7 days to go and counting. Predictions? If the remaining 59 slots at $250.00 sell out alone, it would put the current tally over $130,000.
  4. That's actually a really good idea. Two physicals, extras, and you can request a remix too. Wish I had the cash...
  5. Wow, it's gone. I'd be even more impressed if the $250-$500 ones go before the KS is over. I'm thinking $250 has a fair shot as it's the cheapest option for physicals now.
  6. Quoted for truth! This was such a baffling step backwards after Mario 64. It's like they sat around and said, "How can we Mario 64, but totally not fun?" RE: SMB 2, I've always been kind of disappointed most of the enemies never returned in future Mario games.
  7. Haha, I guess we know who's doing it now... Anyway, Congrats to you and everyone else on 100K! Also, the 18th anniversary of the U.S. FF3/6 release (10/11/94) is almost upon us. I feel old.
  8. Alright glad to see this is back! Donated again! Just a question or two, I recall something about Jake Kaufmann doing the Opera Suite in the style of Queen in first Kickstarter. Is that still going to happen? Or did I just imagine that?
  9. Well the good news is that after litigation, Anamanaguchi will own the Avengers! (on DVD)
  10. Wasn't Motorstorm done by Evolution Studios on PS3?
  11. Seems pretty lazy to throw a bunch of PS1, PS2, PS3 disks and a UMD in a box and sell it for $450. At the very least, they could've put them on all PS3 disks so you can play them all in one place. Hell, you could probably stuff FF 1-12 on a single 50GB blu-ray, which would be pretty awesome. No more swapping out disks for FF 7-9. Can't get enthused about the PS1 versions of 4,5,6, with slow loading either. They should've re-ported optimized SNES versions. I mean, it's $450, and the vast majority of the games are over a decade old to boot.
  12. At the very least, they should've sent a message to every donor that there was an issue with the campaign, and that it was on indefinite hold pending resolution, OR that the campaign would be cancelled, and no charges would be incurred, etc, etc. Instead, nothing. It's really pathetic, especially considering Kickstarter is taking 5% of the fees of every project. http://www.kickstarter.com/help/faq/creators#WhatFeesDoesKickChar I'd almost like to see OCRemix use someone else, just so Kickstarter doesn't get 5% of what's raised, after all this.
  13. Don't forget the KI tease at the end. That reminds me, I gotta see if I can find that Sega Saturn Promo Tape with all the theater of the mind commercials, somewhere. Videogame promotions, like videogame commercials, used to be so much more awesome.
  14. Man, I can't believe they're still in print (or were). While I have some fond memories of the magazine, it's quickly overcome by the rage that was most blantantly biased reviews, pre-Game Informer. It wasn't so bad that Nintendo titles were getting sky-high scores, it was more like other titles from non-Nintendo companies never scored nearly as high. I stopped reading it way before the 16-bit gen was over, so maybe things changed a little, but anyone who gives Zelda II for NES higher marks than Mega Man 3 is smoking crack (or just printing lies).
  15. Cheers to OCRemix and Square Enix! Jeers to Kickstarter. It's Kickstarter's site, and they don't have a contingency for situations like this?! And they kept you guys in the dark for weeks about not being able to restore it?! Anyway, you'll have my pledge again when it's back!
  16. I'll see your Dead Leaves, and raise you this: NSFW or for the prude! Perhaps, not true Japanese anime, but in the spirit. You'll be saying WTF, I promise. Apologies if it's old, but I only discovered it last week.
  17. You're forgetting the fact that Bane could've detonated the device at any time. It wasn't until Batman returned and had Gordon plant the signal jammer, was anyone able to make a move without risking the bomb going off.
  18. Fair enough, although, I bet someone could do the cape thing, and a few others. I think it's unfair to say it couldn't happen in reality, but let's agree to disagree. Although a more clever way of hiding the explosives in the ships would probably be necessary. Would it have made more sense for Batman to just use some device to incapacitate Bane (since he doesn't kill, and he needed info out of Bane), to save time, instead of brawling with him? It's a movie I get it, it wouldn't have felt as rewarding to see Batman shoot him. But again, Joker's words... Also, Batman thought he could get Bane to reveal who had the detonator by just yelling at him after beating him up. Kind of like his failed interrogation scene with the Joker in TDK... Torture doesn't always work. Now that you mention it, I couldn't buy into the whole getting people off the island ploy. There simply wasn't enough time to get clear of something that had an estimated 5-6 mile blast radius, and then there's subsequent fallout. Getting across the bridge or few thousand people into tunnels in time is a pittance compared to the millions who would die. Better than nothing yes, but not exactly worthy of Batman, IMHO. Yeah, this was semi-ambiguous at the end of TDK. Even with Dent's funeral, it wasn't 100% clear if in the next Batman we'd see Dent wake up in Arkham or something. But the start of TDKR affirmed it.
  19. I would argue, are all these things, really impossible? Yes, for the average person, this tech is not doable, for now, but neither was flying until the Wright Bros did it. Ok, the resistance to injury is a bit of a stretch, but he did have some protective gear on. Although, I still think as I previously mentioned, the Rachel drop rescue didn't actually work well. What is so logistically impossible about the Joker's attack? All throughout the movie, we see he's able to manipulate and employ various people and methods to get what he wants. And he's got tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars that he stole from the mob to buy practically anything or anyone (as we saw in the opening heist). Can any one do it? No. He's pretty much an evil genius and I think we buy that. People who did impossible things in real life often are crazy enough to think, "This could work." I never said Batman Begins or TDK were perfect, but TDKR does it much more frequently and flagrantly. Why go even go to the bother of showing us how badly Wayne was debilitated, if you're going to give the illusion of a believable remedy? What more can I say, other than to point out another half-dozen things which just felt sloppy? For starters, why didn't the villains just shoot the truck with the nuclear device on it, with the tumblers? Afraid the nuke might go off? One of the great moments of TDK was when the Joker laughed at Batman about leaving the fate of Gotham up the outcome of a "fist fight with you." That really drove home the fact that you can't stop crime by just beating the shit out of criminals. It's much more complicated, and Batman never saw the turn coming. But the fact that Batman has to beat the shit out of Bane to get redeemed really made it feel like we're going backwards.
  20. This is all good and fine within the context of the film, as these things are somewhat feasible, especially if you're a billionaire with his own private weapons R&D Dept. But one knee brace doesn't fix everything. If they showed like an exosuit or something, well that kind of makes sense. A knee brace doesn't fix your elbows. This doesn't put cartilage back on the rest of your destroyed joints! I'm not sure what you mean by the Joker screwing everything. I agree, there are a bazillion other offenders who fail with similar problems. Their failure do not make it acceptable for everyone else to fail, does it? It's not rocket science, it's consistent storytelling.
  21. There's something about the TDKR that just feels out of step with the previous two. And I know there's moments that aren't exactly realistic in TDK, like when Batman saves Rachael after the Joker pushes her out the window, by just cradling her as they drop 20 stories, and land on a cab and walk away. Which is maybe possible, but not a risk one would want to take. But those moments are fewer and far between. On the other hand, TDKR feels like it has 10x more of those bends in reality and logic, and that just became highly dissatisfying.
  22. "They" as in the Filmmaker. What can I say, other than it felt like a cheap trick. In contrast, take Nolan's The Prestige, *SPOILERS* which told us the answer to the film's biggest mystery early on, yet we never believe it until we see it. That was awesome, that was clever, that was a genuine surprise. If this was the only thing in the film that felt cheap, or lazy, or just an abandonment of the commitment to reality (mostly) that the first two films set up, I really wouldn't be complaining. For example, the film goes to great length to show us Bruce Wayne's debilitating injuries, yet with a fancy knee brace, Batman hasn't lost a step except when it comes to fighting Bane for the first time. Or, later, after he's imprisoned with a broken back, it just takes a little medieval PT, and a few months of pullups and situps, to bring him back better than ever. And I get it, he had to embrace fear, but fear doesn't put cartilage back between your bones. And how do 3,000 cops survive underground for months, and then emerge healthy, and ready to fight in clean uniforms? The logistics of feeding 3,000 people for months with a limited food supply in Gotham is exhausting. And Bane's army didn't seem sympathetic to anyone who aided them. Also, if anything, the first thing an evil mastermind with half a brain would do, would be to exterminate the captive cops, so there'd be no chance of revolt. Just spray some Scarecrow gas down there and be done with it. I know this is a comic book movie, but the commitment prior was to ground it in reality (again, mostly), and I found it ultimately diminishing to just throw it all away for cheap thrills.
  23. But Bain said he was "bornn en Darknes!" I know this can mean a lot of things, but c'mon! I'm sure if I see it again, I could point to other moments where they pretty much lie to us, instead just ambiguously mislead us. At least that's the impression I'm coming away with right now. Ugh. A lot of mixed feelings about this one. Can't tell if I'll accept it and like it, or just end up despising it. A friend also pointed out how strange it was when they fled the stock market, it was still day, but literally like 5-10 minutes later, it was pitch black night when Batman showed up. We had the timer on the computer to prove it wasn't the world's longest police chase too. It's things like this that just made it feel more sloppy and comic book-y than the other films. Which is fine, for a comic book film, except this film goes the extra mile to stay grounded in some sort of plausible realism, until it decides it flippantly doesn't, which the first two films rarely did (for the most part).
  24. Top 10 Suggestions For What To Do With Excess Funding: 10) Buy foreign sports cars for OC Remix Staff. 9) Purchase Broadcast Radio Station to create world's first all Broadcast VGM Remix Radio. 8 ) Hire Nobuo Uematsu to do a FF6 Remix for the album. 7) The first of every month will be treated like April 1st at OCRemix.org. 6) Purchase minor league baseball team, rename the team "The DJ Pretzels". Every player's entrance song will be an OC Remix. Classic baseball tunes will be remixed as chiptunes. If there's enough money left over, pay Charlie Sheen to pitch team into the playoffs! 5) Create new gameshow, "Name that VGM". Potential spinoff show, "Sing that VGM". 4) Buy the rights to Chrono Trigger! Create new kickstarter to fund a sequel millions have been pining for! 3) Assemble the ultimate OC Remix ghetto blaster. 2) Every one who donated $50 or more will get a vial containing a drop of blood from every one who worked on the FF6 Remix album. That way, once cloning technology is up to snuff, we will be able to remix the remixes at the level of DNA! 1) Send prostitutes with hidden cameras to Square-Enix corporate board. Record compromising video. Blackmail board into dissolving Square-Enix into two separate companies, and make games that are actually about story and character and less about appealing to the fashion sensibilities of Japanese "tweens".
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