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  1. Sam Jackson used to be pretty awesome, but after around 2000, most of the films he's done have been junk. Going back to Shia Lebouf, I originally mentioned him cast as Ed as a cynical joke, because that's the typical Hollywood casting move. Take a hot young actor and squeeze them into a role in a film you're trying to force into a blockbuster, regardless of appropriate casting (you know, cause Ed's actually a girl...)
  2. That cast was for the worst imaginable of likely casting, since Keanu is such a poor start. I left off Nicolas Cage. He should probably play Jett instead of Stallone, to assure the film is 100% awful.
  3. Yeah, I'd really like to see Ted "Theodore" Logan back in action again along with Bill S. Preston, Esquire. He says "Woah..." better too.
  4. Keanu is OK for some roles, but Spike is a charismatic, subtly deep character, something Keanu has never really pulled off. Also, Spike is like 27, Keanu's almost 45. Spike practices Jeet Kune Do, and let's face it Keanu will never be that fluid or dynamic. I'm hoping for a miracle, because that's really all we can do right now. Still if I'm casting for in the worst in the tradition of Hollywood I'd think it'd look like this: Jett: Sylvestor Stallone Fey: Paris Hilton Ed: Shia LeBeouf Ein: Gilbert Gottfried Vicious: Ice Cube Julia: Renee Zellweger
  5. Ever see with the Fast-Forward parts slowed down? It's even sicker. Also, can't believe this game is getting a sequel. Great news. I'm really surprised though. I thought the game tanked in Japan. I just hope they find a way to take the tedium out of the non-assassination missions part of the game. And please, ditch the overworld!
  6. If you guys haven't already tried, you should post this over at Colbertnation.com. If you catch Colbert's interest and he promotes you on the show, you'll win.
  7. Out of morbid curiosity, I really want to see the exchange between these guys online that lead to this. And talk about an unnecessary tragedy.
  8. So they expect us to pay another $20, $30, $60(?), to "Finish the Fight" again? No thanks...
  9. Ogre Battle (SNES). Not really a straight-up RPG, almost like an RTS meets tactics kinda game, but still pretty awesome, especially if you're looking for something a bit different. Actraiser (SNES) - sidescrawler/rpg/sim. A lot of fun, and pretty unique. Epic soundtrack. FYI, Actraiser 2, however is pure sidescrawler. Legend of Zelda (NES) and A Link to the Past (SNES) - Has anyone suggested these yet? (apologies, if they have) Crystalis (NES) - Plays in the vein of Zelda, Soulblazer, etc.. An under appreciated NES gem, with some great music. Also: Soul Blazer Secret of Mana Chrono Trigger
  10. Personally, I would've expected cars to be armored up and/or have some type of anti-missile guidance device. Or you could just use rockets, which aren't as accurate. Mounted machine guns would pretty much be standard operating procedure, and you could throw in things like flamethrowers, grenades and molitov's, and whatever else you feeling like hurling at a car. Check out "Road Warrior"... Vehicles would essentially be designed for, and to endure combat. Again with $1,000, not exactly something that's easy to present. But you could also capitalize in other areas that the game is afraid to go, such as pedestrian crossfire slaughter, if you really want to get gruesome...
  11. Pocketman, I think part of the problem is that you created some expectation with your initial post by exaggerating the scope of your experience and abilities. You admit you're still in film school, but you want to make a movie that would be almost impossible to live up to anyone's expectations for $1000, unless something miraculous happened, or you happen to have access to a bunch of dune buggies with machine guns on them already (which if you lived in a junkyard and were good with parts, might've been the case). Announcing you won awards, had actors listed on IMDB, and had a top special effects team; while showing your enthusiasm for your project, probably didn't help shape people's expectations, to what you could realistically accomplish. It especially didn't help that you said you wanted to generate some interest in the film, because that makes it sound almost like you're more experienced beyond film school. If you're serious as a filmmaker, you should take this thread as a learning experience(and I'm not saying it's that easy), on how or how not to promote a project. You say you don't feel the trailer is representative of the final project, so don't release it. But at the same time, you're enthusiastic and want to share your work with people, which is great, but you got to understand when and how to do it. If you presented this project as just a 'film student' project with a $1,000 budget, and "yeah, it ain't perfect", you might've had a somewhat warmer response. Sure you'll still get the haters or the ambivalent, but with the bar not set so high, you might find a few more people who appreciate the effort for what is, and the criticism will maybe be more understood as more constructive, than angry. On top of that, I hope you've learned how futile is to get into protracted arguments on message boards. But hey, Dennis Dyack and slew of other game developers and directors have yet to learn that...
  12. I didn't see Speed Racer, so I'll keep that discussion aside. Calling us "overly critical of something you have nearly no information about" is ignoring the fact that better than 90% of the time, Hollywood adaptations of anime, comic books, videogames, etc.-- pretty much anything but books, ends up being a total waste of time, an embarrassment to the fans, and a denigration to the original property. Is it cynical? Perhaps, but it's based on a sadly predictable track record, and formulas most film makers never seem wiling to stray from, so we end up with the same old tired collection of cliches, climaxes, and conclusions, with our property sewed on top. For every Dark Knight or Iron Man, we get 50 Elektras, Catwomans, and Batman & Robins. It's even worse for videogame movies. MK and maybe Silent Hill, and the rest is total crap, with no sign of improving unless, say Sony got serious about making MGS. Bebop is so unique unto its mold, that even the movie (Knocking of Heaven's Door) fell short of replicating what made the show great. Should we really expect a Hollywood flick with Keanu Reeves (to be fair, still a rumor) as the star, to really hit on the unique mix of themes and spirit that made the show great, with nothing to suggest otherwise? Or should we just line up at the box office now to give movie studios no motivation to change how they make crappy films?
  13. I really feel the only weak link at all in the Batman cast was Maggie Gylennthal, and that's more because she looks like she's 40-ish. She was a much better presence than Holmes though. The rest of the cast is pretty dead-on. Caine's Alfred is a different Alfred, more of a father figure. Michael Gough was good in the role he played though. I don't think too many people would argue that Bale isn't the best Wayne/Batman combination on screen to date. Keaton was the best Batman of the earlier films, but I never bought him as Wayne. For G.I. Joe, I can't help but dread it will be a disaster. Marlon Wayans is in it for crying out loud. The early pics released make it look like a serious flick for sure, and everyone is practically decked out in black Matrix/X-Men 1 outfits. How inspired. Oh yeah, and the kid from 3rd Rock from the Sun is Cobra Commander, and it's from the ADHD mind of the director of Van Helsing. Then again, I really hated the Transformers movie. In a nutshell, I wanted a movie about giant fighting robots, not some kid trying to get laid for 2 hours and made some robot friends along the way. Incidentally, the big battle scene at the end was a fucking mess. You couldn't tell who was fighting who half the time, because of the scatterbrained editing, and we only got an abrupt intro to the majority of the Decepticons, only in vehicle form, like 3 seconds before the fight started. Also, and how did robots that live in an atmosphereless planet (Cybertron) and travel through space (see Starscream) cease to function in the relative warmth of Antarctica or liquid nitro? /rant
  14. I think between Iron Man and the Dark Knight, we've definitely been spoiled this year. Both pics had 3 key elements: 1) Directors and scripts committed to faithfully bringing source material to the big screen, while making intelligent and agreeable tweaks where necessary. 2) Apparent full co-operation from studios when it came to appropriate budgeting and production values. 3) Arguably perfect (or close to perfect) casting of actors and performances that did justice to their roles. Of films projected to come out next year, I highly doubt we'll see this combination in just about all of them. Star Trek probably has the best chance of being worthwhile, but the rest will likely be unnecessary (Escape from NY, Akira, Bebop) or an embarrassment (Castlevania, DBZ, maybe Wolverine, definitely G.I. Joe and TF2).
  15. First they rape and pillage Transformers and G.I. Joe. Now they move on to GITS and Bebop. Thanks again Hollywood! Unless something miraculous happens and we get a Christopher Nolan-like screenwriter/director, committed to respecting and faithfully re-interpreting source material, 10 to 1, this Bebop film will be all about Kung-Fu and Bullet-time yawning effects, a likely uninspired spacejet chase, and by-the-numbers movie plot points, while completely missing what really made the series great. To assure total suckage: Jet: Michael Clarke Duncan Spike: Paul Walker Faye: Milla Jovovich Ed: Mary Kate or Ashley Olson Ein: Replaced with dog with pieces of metal sticking out of his head and a robotic "woof " Vicious: Jet Li
  16. I'd sign it, if Hayter agreed to wear the Solid Eye for all interviews related to, and events promoting the movie.
  17. MGS 1 is great. However, if you're a newcomer to the series, you should be warned that aiming can actually be a bit awkward, since there's no FPS zoom (for most weapons), which they added later on to the series. It's worth sticking out. But this is better than the Twin Snakes. Graphics may not be, but you get better music, and no stupid Matrix-y cut scenes, that were added later on. You still get good cut scenes, they just don't involve Snake kicking rockets. Plus, this has arguably the best set of bosses in the series. Although MGS3's group might offer you better battles, this group is probably cooler. And the story is among the best of the series.
  18. -EXOSQUAD. It desperately deserves a DVD release. I'm always kinda disappointed that no one re-runs to this day, because I think it would find an audience pretty easily, because it has some Anime-ish elements but at the same time, none of the cliched failings (including, moody teenage kids!). -G.I. Joe (80's) was a lot of fun. They don't make cartoons for kids this violent anymore. It's saying a lot considering how pasturized the violence was too. Needs a DVD re-issue. -Transformers (Generation 1) was great for its time, but in retrospect, the writing gets terrible pretty fast. It has still has some fun episodes, especially anything with Grimlock, or the episode where they try to institutionalize Galvatron. But man, it's a weird, bizarre series, and gets even weirder at the end. -TMNT (80's) my fondness for this show seemed validated after seeing the first 5 episodes again (which are still awesome), but there's way, way too many cookie-cutter episodes that are pretty terrible now that I'm older. They also toned the violence way down, by reducing the use of weapons and dismembering of foot-soldiers.
  19. A lot of good stuff already mentioned, but stay away from Total Recall! Anyway, I'll try to only bring up stuff that hasn't been... -Ice Hockey. Play it with a friend! Even if you don't like hockey, it's a blast. -Batman Return of the Joker. Suprisingly good graphics with large characters for an NES game and a decent side scrawler. -Battletoads and Double Dragon. If you want a Battletoads game you can actually beat! -Battle of Olympus. Kind of similar to Zelda II. Might be a bit difficult by today's standards. Neat music too. -Bionic Commando. 'Nuff said. -Crystallis. It's already been mentioned, but it's worth repeating again. -G.I. Joe 1 + 2. Ain't half bad. Had more fun with 1 though. -Ikari Warriors 1 + 2. A,B,B,A! -Jackal. Kind of like Commando except with Jeeps and supports two players. -Maniac Mansion. Awesome game from LucasArts. The archaic controls by today's standards might be a bit taxing though. -Skate or Die 2. Worth it for the opening movie alone. -Super C. Don't remember if anyone mentioned this yet, but it's Contra 2. 30 Lives code DOESN'T WORK for this. -Spy Hunter. But only if you remember it. -Strider. Doesn't know how well this holds up, though. Maybe not too well, but I used to love it. Agreeing that that the music in Silver Surfer is pretty interesting as well. The game, not really.
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