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  1. Sounds like a good piece for the ending indeed, and also to celebrate DJP's return. MQ has a lot of remixable music if you ask me; I can only be happy to see another here. As said above, simply well done. A relaxed, calm remix. *Looks above* One minute late eh?
  2. I really dig this one. Plenty of justice to the original. To describe it, the first half of the song is like a standard denizen in a vaguely medieval world. Nice. Now, the second half is that same denizen, but given heavy weaponry and armor. With spikes. Lots of spikes, that are on fire. Oh, and the weaponry is on fire too. Also dripping with acid, while chasing around orcs and trolls that are also on fire. In summary, just plain awesome all around.
  3. Possibly my favorite OC Remix (Well, I've said that to a lot of them now, ranging from DJPretzel's FF9 "Dubnofantasyaloneman" to Hermit's Link's Awakening "Seaside Lullaby"...) I'm surprised Sal has only one submission! For this is some remixin'/arrangin' done right. Real right. I actually like the first half of the remix better, but not due to any downfalls on the second half; just personal taste... Very well done! I want to hear more from Sal! =)
  4. Unexpected Awesomeness. I'm currently listening to it as much as possible to see if it is indeed possible to get tired of it.
  5. So relaxing. I put this on along with my headphones and almost drifted off and fell asleep. Before originally listening I had thought the waves would of been poorly used, perhaps disrupting the song. I could not of been more wrong. One of my favorites of all time. Get it. Twice. Just incase. =)
  6. Really like the intro of this one. Really like all of it. You can never have too much Link's Awakening, right? Not exactly what I was expecting, I thought it would have even more of a battle-theme-esque feel to it, but it could be just me. Reminds me of battle music from an RPG, although I'm not sure why. Also, as Flare4War said, pairs up very well with Disco Dan's Braving Tal Tal Heights. Both are awesome. Both highly recommended!
  7. Terrific! Really captures the feel of a huge, barely climbable mountain. With Keese, I'm sure. Man, I hate those keese. And moblins. I'd note a particularly awesome part of the remix, but it's all awesome.
  8. Man, Keiseth needs a pair of headphones. Surprisingly, I found this remix rather relaxing. You can *never* have too many remixes for golden axe. It's just too catchy. And it brings back memories of bonking enemies over the head and kicking them off bridges. That's always good. Never expected to hear the wilderness song be this quiet, but it worked well... Also: Even the death adder can't take fifteen hundred dwarf bodyslams to the back.
  9. Very relaxing remix. Nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, actually. After listening to this, for the first time in a while I actually want to take a long car ride. That's saying something for me; as I've recently taken a few long trips from Connecticut to Pennsylvania, and vice versa. Bravo, excellent, etc!
  10. Just awesome. Let it be known I typically stay away from remixes with lyrics. This, among a few others, would be an exception. Insanely catchy, well made with purposely cheesy lyrics that surprisingly aren't as cheesy when you love the remix. I highly suggest grabbing this one.
  11. Haha, Awesome! Now this is something unique. This will be one of the remixs I remember for a long time. So catchy! And I'm not just saying that because I'm Irish. =) *Claps* Excellent job!
  12. Never thought I'd see Jeremy Soule on OC Remix. I t would be really tough to review this remix without overwhelming bias. Being on OC Remix automatically makes a person awesome, if you ask me, though. Hmm... very nice remix. Perfectly epic, Good stuff!
  13. Bloody amazing remix. It is the sort of music you can listen to easily. It just reeks of style, I think. Easily one of the best remixs I've ever heard!
  14. You can certainly hear the quality and effort put into this. It manages to give the battle theme a fresh feel without altering what is generally liked about it, in my opinion. I like it, very much so!
  15. This is a great, great mix. Generally, the music in Mystical Ninja is great, so it takes a lot to improve upon it. Palpable demonstrates that it is indeed possible.