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  1. Dark Words - MP3 Version Dark Words - OGG Version I've been working on this mix for the past half a year and it's gotten to the stage in which I need to incorporate lyrics from my lyricist - but unlucky for me drama erupted and I now no longer have a lyricist. So I thought i'd post it all for you all to hear, and if you think you'd be suitable to be a lyricist for it (it's more of a rap style, that's what the original lyricist wanted) give me a buzz on the forums or on IRC (under the nick of Snooper, in #vgdj). Hope you all enjoy it.
  2. Great show, I haven't even finished listening and it's awesome already. ;D
  3. Mmm, same kind of response here. I'm checking out some of his stuff now, it's pretty good. Pixie-chan, omedetou. BigGiant-kun, omedetou.
  4. Hrm, any suggestions on effects I should use? It's supposed to be a rap based song, and i'm not really familiar with the kind of effects and approaches I can use to make it sound better, or at least fit in.
  5. Hey guys, i'm going to be making a mix soon that has vocals in it and I want to know if there would be a better way to incorporate the vocals into Reason other then loading it up in ReDrum and then mixing each .wav independently in a seperate mixer. Cheers.
  6. SHOW'S RELEASED VGDJ Website EDIT: Pixie cheated =(
  7. This remix is better then sex with the speakers up loud. 10/10
  8. *Dances with his new VGDJ shirt on* Remind me to get those action shots I promised you Jill. Heh.
  9. I like the arrangement of the song, but major gripes to the backround accompaniment, other then that - good song.
  10. As to be expected, a wise choice in co-hosts there.
  11. On first listen when it came out on SGX's site I thought of the song as horrible and destructive. Since then I have recieved new speakers with a hell of a lot more bass which has balanced the song out to make one hell of a remix. See in your stuff in a record store soon SGX and sephire.
  12. Excellent work Rueben and Jill, i've been waiting for this one to come up onto OCRemix ever since I heard it on the Chrono Symphonic soundtrack.
  13. Good job with the remix guys, I specifically loved the live guitars, gave it a good feel to it.
  14. This piece is awesome Christian, and now i'm inspired to go and make some piano pieces of my own, somehow they don't always turn out as good as I want them to know...
  15. This song is so awesome it is beyond the normal extent of the word awesome. Weird thing is - I play WoW but i've never heard the Stormwind theme because i've never been there... Horde for the win?
  16. I myself am a level 22 troll mage on Smolderthorn, though I haven't been playing that long, I think i've accumulated about 48 hours of total playing time - and most of that time was spent using guild members gold and stuff to get up to master enchanting and master tailoring so I could make stuff for the guild...
  17. This is right up with my favs of the Earthbound: Bound Together remix project, along with Prophecy's - Sweet Dream Lullaby, Cromkrayer's - Paula want a cracked bat? and Mustin's - Flying Man. This mix is has the perfect beat, breaks at the right time, has the right feel to it and the last "verse" or whatever you want to call it is just so random that it makes me crack up everytime, you just have to love this song - even if you do hate rap. I'm going to give it a 100/10 because it is the best rap song I have heard, ever.
  18. Hey just a general question about a ReFill that aparently you used to be able to get - but can't anymore. I believe it was the AKAI clear mountain drums, aparently it was really good - just wondering if there is somewhere where you can still get it from that would be appreciated. Also i've been mucking around with Reason 3 for a bit and started to use the synths which I had previously not used in 2.5 and i'm just wondering the pro's and con's or differences between using a Malstrom and a Subtractor, I find using Malstrom to be easy but my synths all sound basically the same no matter how much I alter them.
  19. Is it possible to just record a message on your computer and send it via email? Seeing that I live in Australia... <.<
  20. This is an awesome remix, though i'm trying to find the source of the original song... I can't find it.
  21. That's another one to my favourite lists, it's awesome but some parts kind of jarred me from the feel of the song temporarily. The begining strings were suited for the drums but felt a little weird when they first started and same with chorus when it came in... I'm not sure if it was a chorus or not but it all evened out eventually. It got to the end it all faded out and I was like fantastic! But then there was a second or so with strings right after the fade and it kind of made angry, not at you though... I just loved the ending it was perfected with style and then that there was just... Jarring or something... All in all, it was awesome and I love it. 9 / 10
  22. TO; good work, it's a good mix. Although I know you think you could've done better, it's awesome. =)
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