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  1. Thanks. This isn't necessarily all old. The lead melody and instrument are new, the drums are brand new (in the old one they were terrible), and strings part is brand new. So it's mostly just the backing tracks (bass, pads, running synth) that are super old =P And yes, I plan on finishing this.
  2. Just made my votes. I think Audix's track is by far the best in the category. A lot of the stuff in that channel hurt my ears. D=
  3. That's what rules are for. In Brawl, you can just turn off the overpowered items. You can also modify the weapons in this game too to make it more balanced for more serious races. Personally, I love the addition of the overpowered stuff because it makes the game a lot more accessible. It always sucks playing with more inexperienced players and winning all the time. It makes both parties want to do something else.
  4. Hello all! I have another WIP, so I'll go ahead and post it in this thread. This is actually a super old WIP that I just picked back up and made a whole lot better. Downtempo chillout
  5. I enjoyed this a lot. I love it when the beat comes in, though I'm not wild about the first half's snare, I feel that it could have more presence. Great work.
  6. This is a very good hobby and I approve of it.
  7. I definitely disagree with him on most of his points. It's not a button masher. In fact, unlike most fighting games, there's only two attack buttons with very unique attacks linked to them. You need to understand the idea of smash attacks as well to actually be able to KO someone. Second, it can still very well be a party game. There's plenty of stage hazards and items that can wreck a veteran's day. Sure, no newbie will beat me in 1 vs 1; but I'm a veteran and I'll still get my ass handed to me on 4 way brawls with items and whatnot.
  8. While I understand that he's not really into games like SSBB, this weeks review generally wasn't very funny =/
  9. There's been too much speculation on a new Golden Sun. It better come... The Golden Sun games were some of the best games on the GBA. They had great graphics, an amazing soundtrack, and really fun gameplay. The character development was my only gripe with the game, but the sense of adventure and exploring new, interesting lands always kept me going. Camelot needs to do something anyway. It's been quite some time since I've heard anything from them.
  10. PC is pretty much always the superior option when it comes to PC/Xbox 360 games. Keyboard and mouse is a superior control scheme, graphics are better on the PC, server based gameplay is superior, most servers are secure, cheating isn't too much of a worry.
  11. Yamaho, I hope you get banned. Making secret accounts because you don't like someone? Pretty low. I haven't gotten a chance to listen yet, but I'll take a listen later today. Look forward to listening to it!
  12. =D Look forward to listening to this while doing my homework tonight.
  13. Snare attack was reduced by a slight amount. I gave it a listen on some other pairs of headphones and it had a bit too much bite.
  14. New update, not a ton of new stuff. Added some more effects, changed some balancing, new content at the end (like a whole 30 seconds of it!). I did make some progress on the intro and stuff, but I'm not sure if I like it yet so I left it out. The Wii excitement is wearing off and I can get back into a more normal scheme of things. This will probably be near done in a week or two. I also made some progress on Fractured Mechanics, and some other random WIPs that I haven't posted here.
  15. Fighting games are so gimmicky these days. It's a shame.
  16. Going into my 5th year as an undergrad Mechanical Engineer. Only got one quarter though. After that, I finally get to make money!
  17. True, what Miyamoto did with Super Mario Galaxy was simply incredible. I can only imagine something nuts like that in the Sonic universe.
  18. Thank you guys very much. I'll drop the snare volume down a bit for the next WIP. I think the reason why I'm having trouble writing right now is because I went out and bought a Wii and it's kind of been taking up a lot of my time. And it's distracting. I'll probably get around to working on this more in a few weeks, when the new console excitement wears down.
  19. Way too much negativity in here. SA1 and SA2 weren't bad. They were actually pretty darn good games whose primary flaws were the slow levels. Sonic Rush 1 and 2 were excellent, and all the Advance games were good as well.
  20. I'm not entirely sure of what you're talking about. There's only hats (3), a cymbal, a snare, a bass drum, and a rain effect. Looking at the waveform, nothing really stands out as being that loud, and the higher frequencies are fairly subdued. Things sound fine to me on both my speakers and headphones.
  21. So here's a new WIP I've been working on. It hasn't made much progress in the last few weeks, so any feedback would be appreciated. Specifically, I can't decide where to go with it. Anyway, I guess you could call it atmospheric breakbeat if you like. Enjoy!