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  1. I think this succinctly sums up Jack in this thread.
  2. With this and Random Encounters on the way, will this be Final Fantasy year or something? Not that I'm complaining. Your mixes are slick as hell dude.
  3. It also has nothing to do with the topic of game economics. Way to miss the point! Insulting people =/= counter-argument. "I'm going to ignore everyone destroying my argument piecemeal and continue to rant on my soapbox and deluding myself into thinking I'm right!" You can't have a proper discussion and debate on this if you keep yelling on like you do. Maybe it works in whatever circle you normally hang out in, but in REAL LIFE you are so horribly wrong it's hilarious. People have pointed this out, numerous times already, and yet you still don't get it. They're laughing at you because you're too dense and self-deluded to possibly see otherwise. This topic has devolved so bad so quickly it may as well be locked at this point.
  4. Oh man. There's a tarot deck. DO WANT.
  5. And aside from Cecil, he's the only one that wears something close to functional, protective armor.
  6. It really looks like a knock-off of Kingdom Hearts in terms of combat system. Which may or may not be good--I enjoyed the KH fighting system, so perhaps they refined it. GOD they need to insert some color into that game. And whoever designed the character outfits needs to be shot; they are the most uninspired shit I've seen in a long while. Black on black with a Cinema Snob sport's jacket does not a hero make.
  7. The best thing Cloud ever did was leave the party so Cid could be team leader. Ahem.
  8. That's Zan's Mini Map mod, which is all but mandatory I feel. http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=77497 As for my usual skin pack... http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=99951 Mind you, I've modded it a bit here and there--namely, the mobs and the moon, as well as LoZ armor--but mostly running just that.
  9. Funny you mentioned that... http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=16966 Replaces the monster skins. It doesn't do it for spiders unfortunately, but we get zombie ReDeads and creeper Poe's.
  10. http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=16962 The way I did it was opening up minecraft.jar with winRAR and finding the terrain folder, replacing moon.png with the one in that thread (just move the file into there, delete the old image). Alternately you can do the same with whatever texture pack you prefer, if you'd rather not mess with the .jar file.
  11. So I decided to do some exploring. Karak is burning... Might do something with this. It just seemed prime for potential. My eventual base of operations. There's not one, but THREE pools of lava around here. So much burning wood. And of course, seeing THIS every time I died was...comforting.
  12. Hey Schwaltzvald old buddy old pal...
  13. I sent you a PM but you never responded :'<
  14. It's to keep griefers and random jackasses from carpet-bombing the server and forcing a Dwarf Fortress-level spiral of chaos. The last part happens anyway, but at least the cause is usually internal.
  15. Shalebridge Cradle theme from Thief: Deadly Shadows. I can't really EXPLAIN how uncomprehendingly creepy that whole part of the game is to people who've never played the game. You're one man, lightly armed, entering a burned-out husk of what was once an insane asylum and orphanage at the same time. You spend much of it sneaking around and hiding, fearful of every single noise and scared out of your whits. I mean, just LOOK at the place.
  16. The SC4 let me make Captain Maximum, surf board included. I fail to see how that is bad.
  17. Oh I've already taken a few trips into the Nether. Not a single valuable thing goes with me, because I'm not THAT dumb. Unfortunately the portal opens up into a high area that, if I want to actually explore, I gotta fall down pretty far (leaving me limping afterwards). Kind of a pain in the ass. I did have an excellent accident while trying to make glass tubes with falling lava. Broke the roof and water came pouring down--so I decided to make the water flow to cover as much lava as possible, netting me...well, a lot of obsidian.
  18. Been playing for the past few days. As I trudge along, delving deeper into the earth's crust in search of ever more rare materials, I find myself writing little snippets. A journal, if you will, of what it must be like for this one man in a world full of monsters and cows. It helps to pass the time between crafting and cooking large blocks of materials. "I have gathered everything. Several of these dark stones, this obsidian, sits clattering in my bags, weighty with promise. The old books told of a shortcut, a dimension far removed from time and space, running on euclidean geometry. Tonight I will burn the oak sitting atop my tower, and then I will build this gate and venture into the unknown--into this 'Nether'..."
  19. This is the HOTTEST remix on OCR in a long time. No joke. We need more hip-hop style mixes up in here.
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