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  1. Beating Ghosts n' Goblins on the NES. Twice. In one sitting. I very nearly chewed my controller apart to vent my sheer frustration and anger. I've only been this physically ANGRY at a game once before, and that was Super Mario Galaxy 2. With that, I literally smashed my wiimote in rage over trying to get the purple coins in the Rolling Coaster galaxy.
  2. Reading the comments, all I see is "abloobloobloo" from self-entitled fans who apparently want to actively prevent Konami from making money off their own series. This is a GREAT idea.
  3. Hey, for me, the news is good for my wallet. I now have 0 reason to pick up a 3DS.
  4. No, that's Capcom dropping a fat steaming load on your chest.
  5. http://www.capcom-unity.com/gregaman/blog/2011/07/18/a_message_from_capcom
  6. In video game terms, she's flat as a board. Remember, Triple-E breasts or bust.
  7. I don't think most people have encountered that problem, is the thing.
  8. I managed to 1cc Battletoads when I was 10. I have no idea how to repeat it.
  9. Lufia 1&2, Illusion of Gaia, Earthbound, Seiken Densetsu 2&3, Breath of Fire 1&2, Tales of Phantasia, Romancing Saga 3, Terranigma, and of course the unsung masterpiece of the system, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.
  10. http://www.lordkat.com/bill-s978-criminalizing-streaming.html Despite his admitted trolling, LK explains it best: THIS WILL CHANGE NOTHING. EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE. Christ on a cracker, people.
  11. In NoA terms anyway. EU is getting it, which if you have a region-free Wii then it isn't a huge problem.
  12. The soundtrack is bitchin', though, I'll give it that.
  13. Ain't THAT the truth. I put that time period ending around their foray into the PS2. The Bouncer was more a tech demo for their facial animations, and FFX...well, there's been enough said about THAT game that I need not get into it. And yet despite all that I was willing to keep my hopes up, figuring "It's still new technology to them, they just need to iron out the kinks; after all, FF7 looked like crap when it was released, but FF9 was gorgeous for its time. Surely they'll put out a quality product!" And then we got Unlimited Saga.
  14. From a technical standpoint Other M did just fine, barring the rather shoddy FPS segments. Could have used another month or two of polish and working out all the kinks. We know where to put the blame on Other M being a terrible game, and it isn't with Team Ninja.
  15. The man hit the nose on the head here though. At least, in a roundabout way. Basically, if you let your kid go off and buy GTA 4 and then get butthurt over how violent and shocking it is, don't go blaming the company for it. Its the responsibility of the parents to decide what is appropriate for their kids to buy and play, and if you don't police it then its your own damn fault. I very much support this ruling wholeheartedly, and while a part of me is hoping it'll force parents to take a closer look at what their children buy, I very much doubt it.
  16. I don't think anyone is going to bother putting up a proper counter-argument against someone who's too smug in their own sense of superiority to listen. You're *just* smart enough to come off as incredibly stupid in everything you write, which is the most damning and insufferable kind of person. To bring up a point you made, This also applies to you. Nothing you ever say or do will have an impact on anyone here, or outside of the internet. You won't change the world. You won't change the minds of people on this forum. You will never contribute anything of great meaning to this world. At this point you're just trolling people for kicks, written in a wordy and verbose manner to hide your true internet orientation. You know it, I know it, and I think people would be better off with you if you just went and admitted it. Don't stay in the closet, Jack, this is 2011 and it's okay to come out.
  17. In the same vein, where's The Last Story? The game sold INCREDIBLY well in Japan and...no word of a localization for the states.
  18. I'd rather they sit and do nothing with it beyond porting it to various consoles than them managing to muck it up. As a perfect example, look at the Mana series and Crystal Chronicles; two series they've managed to completely lose the point of after a certain point. Obsidian's credentials are good, I will give you that. Perhaps SE's best choice right now is to outsource some of their titles to companies like Obsidian, ones who can do it justice. Most of the people who worked on the previous Chrono games aren't even in the company anymore, and well...SE lost their spark a while ago. The only thing I would require from a new title is Mitsuda on music. In fact, I'd DEMAND it, as he practically made the games for me.
  19. This. Trying to release another Chrono game would just be a disaster on all fronts; Cross didn't fair well, despite being a very solid title and one of the best-looking games on the PSX. But, because it wasn't Chrono Trigger 2: Electric Boogaloo, it was lambasted by die-hards. Assuming this is even a possibility, I'm extremely wary of its execution. The current retro-rehash/sequel/revival craze from developers has been a mixed bag at best, so if this isn't absolutely amazing they better expect people to hate on it. Hard.
  20. That is entirely due to you being a smarmy asshole who can't prove his point without grossly insulting anyone and everyone around you. A soap box would be more fitting.
  21. Will I get a drawing done in 3 days after so long out of practice?
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