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  1. I have a Wii myself. Occasionally I drag it over and we play some NSMBwii (which she usually trolls the hell out of me in), but it's usually a hassle to unhook it from my TV station. Having played the new Kirby, I know she'll love it--as will her mother, I wager. Maybe I can get them to play more games together. As for Harvest Moon, I think she actually has that for the DS. I'd have to check tonight when I go over there. I'm treating her to ice cream for her good grades at school, but she doesn't know it yet. Getting her the royal sundae banana split, so massive it's as big as her head. Sometimes, I think I spoil her too much.
  2. I prefer to just go play video games and not bother with thinking of this generation gap, since it's a silly thing, but there are times where I can't avoid it. I'm 26. I have an 8 year old god-daughter who plays on a DS. Her idea of good games were Tinkerbell's Adventure and Bratz Doll-me-up-like-a-hooker throwaway games. It wasn't until I gave her a copy of the GBA Super Mario World that I think she really started to understand what a 'game' could be like. She's swiftly gotten into Phantom Hourglass and Children of Mana--games I thought may have been too complicated for her, but which she's tearing through with a ravenous hunger. She talked my ear off the other day about facing off and beating a dragon in CoM with an excitement I only dimly remember from my youth. Their household will be getting a Wii soon. We plan to play a lot of co-op games together, because joining in the fun with a younger generation should be our mission. We were pioneers of gaming, explorers and masters of a strange new market that no one could understand, and now that it has become a social norm we should embrace that and teach these youngin's what it means to really play games.
  3. What. This isn't fucking SSX. Where the fuck is my insane combo system, bright and eye-catching graphics, and catchy-as-hell music? Where the hell is my Hybrid - Finished Symphony? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGwhlw4olsg God dammit EA. I hope you choke on a barrel of dicks. You sound EXACTLY like Tycho and its kind of terrifying.
  4. It's a combination of modern-day Square and an MMO. Both of which are terrible things. The problem is SE in general. To quote Lordkat: "They've become too Japanese for the Japanese market." They're hopelessly out of touch with the current gaming market and are horribly inefficient when it comes to designing games; building an engine solely for one game is both expensive and time-consuming, and could stand to use pre-established engines to work off of. It would cut down on development time by a great deal, no longer needing the 3-5 years to develop ONE game that ends up being fairly lackluster and underwhelming (see FF13). FF 14 was a train wreck before it got started, and I don't foresee it staying around for more than a year, two at most. It will be unsurprising if it goes the way of Age of Conan. But hey, maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part. I kind of WANT to see SE do badly and do a total restructuring, getting new blood in there and trying different styles and tactics like they did in the PSX era. Bringing back that grand, sweeping style of excellent fantasy games, instead of The Breakfast Club: Now With Swords.
  5. tbh, they did that in the first DKC, so I think it's supposed to be a throwback. A lazy one, admittedly.
  6. I'm surprised no one mentioned Rotting Christ yet! Nemecic Athanati Este (personal favorite) Sorrowful Farewell My Sacred Path Aeternatus Thy Wings Thy Horns Thy Sin (aka final boss music) Daemons http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r8QDT8yM7I Gaia Tellus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJtDZXFKNP4 Their newest album, AEALO, is a departure from their previous work; its very much different, and it took me several listens before I could really enjoy it. I don't consider this a bad thing, though--a band needs to experiment, not stagnate. Demonon Vrosis Noctis Era Fire, Death, and Fear Eon Aenaos
  7. As it is, you need to have your Wii modded in order to do it, and it only works via a usbloader program AND you have an ISO of it. It *could* potentially work via something like say Neogamma and launching it via the disc, but I wouldn't know how to do that. In other words, its not legal by any stretch, and thus I should probably not talk any further about this.
  8. I read that in Palpatine's voice. Dammit.
  9. It is. I was playing it yesterday on a friend's system and we quickly got sick of the 'shake the baby' motion and mapped it to the B button. It fixed EVERYTHING.
  10. Yeah uh, about that... http://www.blisteredthumbs.net/2010/11/sonic-free-riders-angry-review/
  11. What. What. WHAT. Is the current generation of gamers THAT LAZY? --also I want to know only if this glorious bastard is in it. Can't be Goldeneye without'em.
  12. http://www.charitygameathons.com/ Playing SotN for 48 hours straight, multiple playthroughs, for Child's Play. I may have played through SotN about a dozen times now, but watching someone else play through it is kind of a treat.
  13. Super Mario Galaxy 2 actually filled me with so much frothing rage I whipped my wiimote against the floor until it shattered.
  14. Your posts cause me physical pain. Look, you're not even bringing up any solid points here. Developers SHOULD listen to fans--that is the entire problem with a lot of games nowadays--but they need to do so selectively. If they listened to every single fan and tried to implement everything we'd get a horrible chaos spawn of a mess. Fans wanted classic gameplay. They failed to deliver what they promised. The whole team needs to think this over very, very thoroughly and implement changes to the next few episodes by listening to the fans and figuring out what did and did not work. If episode 2 is just a carbon copy of 1, without any engine updates, then they clearly don't give a damn. It is the fans and fans alone that make a series, and without them there wouldn't BE a game at all. Continuing this progressive insult towards them will only sink the Sonic franchise further into a miring pile of shit.
  15. That said, I'm reminded of the D1 rogue here. Ranged combat out the ass and spamming arrows all over the place. This is not a bad thing, as it at least livens things up. Wonder what the male design will look like, as the BATTLE HEELS there are hilariously impractical.
  16. Oh god. http://www.pcgamer.com/2010/10/22/minecraft-halloween-update-preview-meet-the-ghasts/
  17. I don't think they've been relevant for a good 5 years now. This game just so happens to smack of nostalgia-cashing and failed poorly at it.
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