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  1. Some would say this is what happens when nerds have too much time on their hands. We call it motivated genius. Rock on, man. Rock on.
  2. Can't say I'm surprised. It would have been interesting to see how this would have played out in court, but at this point I think Sony is just trying to keep this out of the public light and save some face.
  3. Finish the fucking book George. Oh wait you're too busy clogging your arteries with cheese pizza and talking about Football. Nevermind.
  4. You're getting away on a technicality there, you jerksock. And while I don't MIND SA2, it was a schizophrenic mess that needed some serious mechanical polish and a more refined level design. Also no racing levels, goddamn they were terrible.
  5. I daresay its the best Sonic game in a decade. It does what they failed to do for so long: be FUN.
  6. I reserve 100% playthroughs for Castlevania and Metroid, all but exclusively. Derivative clones from time to time, but for the most part just those two.
  7. I don't really have words for this. Mostly I'm just amazed that someone could get upset over two bars from a tune older than the band members who 'copied' from it, on a song that came out 28 years ago. Just...who cares? Who really cares enough to DO that? Ugh.
  8. And, if you're playing on a hardcore server, it allows you to see where other people are hiding their stuff. Using transparent textures kind of makes you a jerksock though. It's akin to cheating.
  9. It's on Netflix instant streaming, if you have that. If not, well...
  10. It's like I'm really playing Dwarf Fortress!
  11. You know what *wasn't* scary? Silent Hill Homecoming. Aside from some rather excellent monster designs there was no psychological horror to it; it just seemed like bad copy/paste from previous games to give it some sort of legitimacy (oh look, Pyramid Head! FOR NO REASON). The storyline wasn't engaging by any stretch of the imagination, and Alex was...well...boring. Just...avoid that one. It's more the Black Sheep of the series than SH4, and at least 4 could seriously creep you out (ohgodthatdollwhydidIpickitup).
  12. Go and put gargamel in as a world seed. BE AMAZED.
  13. I just I didn't like the epilogue. There, I said it. I felt it almost completely invalidated everything he worked towards, everything he fought against and hated so much. The twist came out of absolutely nowhere and made no sense within the frame of the game itself. Sure, the DLC will address this and explain HOW he came to that point, but...well, I felt it left itself off on a better note BEFORE the credit-roll. It held so much more weight to it, and you really FELT for him then. It just seemed an almost throwaway twist. I'll still likely play the DLC and everything, but it won't remove that bad taste in my mouth.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kelS_Wgp3W0 And of course, making it 800% slower suddenly turns it to quality listening material.
  15. She probably smells like rotten bacon and warm flat beer.
  16. Friend of a friend scared the other one to hell and back by putting his hair down and 'floating' after her in the middle of the night, much like the ghosts in SH4. This has proven to be the greatest means of scaring the ever-loving piss out of her every single time. The biggest weakness of SH4 was Henry (who had nothing for a personality and was bland as hell) and going back through the same levels a second time around. Had they done something about that early on I think it would have been received a lot better.
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