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  1. Actually FINDING everything is an absolute and total pain in the ass. Light Arrows? If you visit the sick old man with the ghost hovering around him early, when you come back he's dead and gone. And you cannot get the Light Arrows. In no way does the game indicate this, nor do you have any idea that doing this out of sequence (which is hilariously easy to do, mind) will have major repercussions later on. Same thing with the Goron side-quest; if you do a kinstone unlock before another one, you'll be short one Goron and thus, never get that 4th bottle. And if you don't have the right kinstones for the King and his adviser before a certain point in time, you can't do the kinstone unlocks with them either. If you don't have some sort of prescient knowledge before playing the game you'll never figure this out and skip a number of treasures and side-quests. Otherwise the game isn't very difficult at all, though Vaati is rather annoying.
  2. You did NOT just equate revealing serial keys on the internet with child-fucking.
  3. Well Sheik IS a ninja. Not being seen means she's doing her job right.
  4. I'm not taking sides in this, I just find the whole situation hilarious. Hotz is an idiot for blabbing as much as he has and thinking he can go against a giant corporation for his illegal activities. Sony is an idiot for hilariously poor security measures and removing OtherOS. Both are going to get the piss taken out of them when all is said and done.
  5. So hey guys, I think shit just got real. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/107899-PS3-Hacker-Raised-All-the-Legal-Funds-Needed-to-Beat-Sony-in-a-Weekend
  6. What's hilarious is that Sony won't even be able to ban hackers from PSN soon. http://www.techradar.com/news/gaming/hackers-now-unbanning-themselves-on-ps3-929898
  7. Malon is just chillin' by her horse and cart, bobbing her head from side to side, saying "wanna buy some milk :3? " And you're like "Yes. Yes I will buy all the milk, you disgustingly adorable redhead."
  8. I just lost an entire day to Minish Cap. Why is this game so disgustingly adorable. WHY.
  9. God DAMMIT Jeremy Soule, why are you so goddamn good? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2H7kjsRQG-k Just...he must have done this on purpose, guys.
  10. Maybe, y'know, the Zelda series isn't for you? You clearly enjoy parts of it but not the whole, which is all fine and dandy, but having it churned out by a western developer just to appeal to your specific gaming needs won't really help. It's better to keep it in the hands of people who know what they're doing. As examples of games given to western developers who proceeded to muck it up, I need only point to Silent Hill: Homecomings and the as-yet unreleased DMC remake. This isn't to say they can't make it great (see: Retro Studios) but there isn't a great track record here. - - - Meanwhile,THIS made me shit bricks a little.
  11. Much of what made Rare the gem it was left during the development of PD on the N64 to form Free Radical...which is now Crytek UK (who had Crysis 2 leaked recently, creating some sort of bizarre "6 degrees of separation" deal). Tim and Chris Stamper, the people who founded it, left in 2007. Rare hasn't been 'Rare' for a long time now, and I highly doubt the creative minds behind some of the biggest games are in that company any more. If they close down, it'd be a shame, but few would lament their loss overtly much.
  12. My GOD those people are annoying. Anyway. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_Y4IwMc87I
  13. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-monsterhunt-v0-3-1-make-players-hunt-monsters.2808/ ...well, this looks interesting.
  14. So I'm free to clock it as "generic as shit," then.
  15. ...so is the game any GOOD? I mean, that's ultimately my question here. Official release or not, does it bother to address the issues from the first game, or is it just a shiny sequel?
  16. You can have your 'attractive' ladies, I'll take the MILF with all that junk inside her trunk.
  17. I'm in love with the graphics, BECAUSE it's bright and cheerful. Fuck this brown n' bloom realistic bullshit. I'm tired of it. Let's have more COLOR in the gaming world. I'd still hit it.
  18. Brutal Legend had that. You could switch it to a 'censored' mode that bleeped out the swear words (which actually made it funnier). Same thing with blood/gore. Honestly, THIS would be something I think should be mandatory in games with questionable language. Not that I find it offensive personally (I swear like a goddamn sailor) but for those that actually do. It'd also probably take a little bit of the heat off the gaming industry if they show that sort of consideration. More food for thought, really...
  19. Honestly, I think it has more to do with the rapid spread of online functionality. Why bother programming split-screen multi when it can be done as a purely online experience? It's not that they couldn't get it to work, they probably just don't want to bother coding in something the majority of users nowadays probably won't even use. One could argue that they deliberately do this to force more sales out of people, but that's treading into conspiracy territory.
  20. I wonder who's going to throw down a challenge next.
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